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Ahmed Shuja 2013 A Visual Career Review


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Charismatic, entrepreneurial leader involvement ranging from F100 to early stage company, with success in developing new products.Extensive breadth of expertise in the areas of solid state lighting, semiconductor packaging, and thermal management.Experience in strategic business development, venture fundraising, competitive analysis.Resourceful engineering manager quality management, reliability engineering, product evaluation.Registered six US Patents with multiple pending.

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Ahmed Shuja 2013 A Visual Career Review

  2. 2. EarlyCareer2000 Materials Science Engineering Polymers/Composites Metals Biomedical Chemical ManufacturingCo-op, which had its world-wide founding at the University ofCincinnati more than 100 years ago
  3. 3. GraduateStudies2007 PhD Electrical Engineering 2007 Early technical leader MEMS Fabrication Semi Packaging Micro Loop Heat Pipe Rebuilt/Retooled Equipment LPCVD, Oxidation, Bonding,Electrochemical Etching
  4. 4. MacroporousSiliconHuman Hair D=150 Micron Ultra high aspect ratio silicon A.R. 60-1 to 200-1, 2-5 micron pores Light Activated Electrochemistry Developed Fast Etching / Passivation
  5. 5. MicroLoop HeatPipe Vision: Hybrid packaging scheme forelectronics Uses silicon membrane as “wick”or hydraulic lock Move closer to Tj to cutpackaging resistanceNASA Demo 2004
  6. 6. ProgressiveCoolingSolutions 2006 Founder Business plan development Lead MBA team Won $25K in competition Presented in six cites in northAmerica Attracted >$1MM ventureinvestment“Even before he enrolled in the PhD program,he knew that he wanted to start a company,”says Frank Gerner, College of Engineeringassociate dean for undergraduate andadministrative affairs.
  7. 7. TTB:“Outside-In” RadicalInnovation!Berkeley &Shanghai•Scientists•Entrepreneurs•Incubated Start-ups•Core Team ofVenture TechnologistsEntrepreneursUniversitiesFounding Sponsors:A&D, CTOther Partners:COM, SVRadicalInnovations• Financing,• DomainExpertiseBusiness UnitsInnovativeNew ProductsInnovativeNew SolutionsSpin-offsandStart-upsResearch LabsLead Customers
  8. 8. Innovator–2006 to2008 Business planning + strategic marketanalysis International business development Venture fundraising Patent prosecution Thermo- mechanical design analysis Semiconductor packaging MEMS R&D Berkeley microlab Team building
  9. 9. CompanySpinOffJuly2008 SIEMENS Spins Out of Progressive Cooling Strategic Decision :Focus on LED Lighting Evaluated Various Lighting Verticals Thesis: Lighting market needs high photondensity LED sources enabled by two phasecooling platform~0.15C/WEvaporative ThermalResistanceOptical SensorASIC ControlBlue/Green LED Red LEDESD DiodesLiquidVaporPassive Pump
  10. 10. TheIdea2009 Vertically Integrate loop heat pipe Direct E39 bulb replacement Less then 5lbs applied to E39 socket 15,000 lumen target Integrated power supply “Competitive advantage is extremelight output in small area”
  11. 11. BritePointeInc.–2009400 W HID Lamp Replacement with LED Corporate Name Change to BritePointe Inc. 1st Prototype – Garage Style Development A worlds fist 15,000 lumens in 1 square emitter area
  12. 12. BritePointeInc Summer2009 Performance Comparison(in my backyard) Gathered Lux measurements to get FC at 18 feetLED Lamp400 W MH
  13. 13. IndustrialDesign 2010 Cover existing equipment Coil sit outside reflector Installation ease Power Supply Placement Below Reflector for betterthermal performance Use Vac Formed Housing Low Cost quick turn around Wooden Dies
  14. 14. HyBeemProductLine2011 BP 400 15,000 Lumens BP 600 23,000 Lumens ESCO – Dimming, IR Sensor Retail – 4000K w/ Uplight E39, Hook +Plug, Conduit
  15. 15. LighitingSystemModelingExperience Light Fixture Sizing Models LED/Power Supply Comparison Photogoniometer – radiation pattern Reliability Model MTTF + TM 21 Convection/Heat Pipe/ Loop Heat Pipe Modeling Econometric Modeling Transient Light Degradation – Manufacturing Test AiG 32 Lighting Layouts Corrosion Rate Modeling
  16. 16. LightingProductOptimizations Cost per Lumen Lumens per Watt Manufacturing Cost Total Cost Ownership Product Lifetime Lumens per Kilogram Photon Density
  17. 17. OverviewofCredentials Early Stage Startup Experience Expertise in corporate strategy,innovation management Patent prosecution and patent strategy Venture financing, business plandevelopment Engineering skills in MEMS fabrication,materials science, thermo mechanicaldesign, LED Lighting
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