Public health with an english flavour


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Public Health with an English Flavour

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Public health with an english flavour

  1. 1. ‫موقع رائع للصـحة العـامة لمحبي المدرسة االنجليزية‬ Public Health with an English Flavour ‫د. / أحمد رفعت عبد الغفار‬ ‫إهداء‬HealthKnowledge was initially created to support the revisionprocess for Public Health Specialist Registrars andMultidisciplinary Specialists, who were taking the Faculty ofPublic Health Medicine Diploma and Part 1 MembershipExamination...but it has now changed dramatically into anholistic public health learning platform.In 2005 HealthKnowledge became an integral part of theDepartment of Healths Informing Healthier Choices strategy,resulting in a fully developed learning forum, using differenttypes of learning styles. It supports the continuing andprofessional development of those working in the fields ofhealth and social care, voluntary organisations and others whowish to increase their public health skills by providing fast andeasy access to quality learning materials.
  2. 2. The site provides:  An online public health textbook organised in relation to the Faculty of Public Health Part A syllabus, but also of benefit to anyone aiming to increase their public health competencies.  E-learning modules based on the public health textbook at 2 different levels: practitioner and specialist, with multiple choice questions and feedback on the correct answers.  A range of interactive learning modules in the form of audio podcasts with animated graphics and supporting video components, Q&As as well as further resources.  Teaching resources with PowerPoint slides, workbooks and teacher notes.Who is it for?HealthKnowledge is a dedicated resource created for anyoneworking in health, social care and well-being across the NHS,Local Authorities, the voluntary and the private sector.Useful Links To Other Resources Kings Fund  London Teaching  Association of Public HealthPublic Health Network Observatories National Library for Health  Bandolier National Institute for Health and  British Medical AssociationClinical Excellence (NICE)  Centre for Disease Control and NHS Direct Prevention Peoples Open Access Education  Clinical Governance Support TeamInitiative: Peoples-uni  Department of Health Public Health Online Resource for  Ed Jessops blogCareers, Skills and Training (PHORCaST)  Faculty of Public Health Public Health(y)  Pubmed  Health Protection Agency