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  • 1960s: software packages with inventory control 1970s: MRP systems Production schedule with materials management 1980s: MRPII systems Adds financial accounting system 1990s: MRPII Integrated systems for manufacturing execution Late 1990s: ERP Integrated manufacturing with supply chain
  • Re-Implemntation called: The second Wave The majority of authors agree that these are three basic methods of introducing the new ERP software. Surveys show that the rst two are most commonly implemented (Big-Bang 38%, Phased Rollout 40%, a combination of Big-Bang and Phased Rollout 11%, Parallel Adoption 9%, Others 2%)
  • Erp is the logistic analog of GAAP.
  • Erp presentation

    1. 1. ERP ImplementationPrepared By: Ahmed Rafik
    2. 2. Scope:- What is ERP.- Primary Purpose of ERP.- Evolution of ERP.- ERP System Life Cycle.- The ABC of ERP Implementation.- Key Principle of ERP.- ERP Implementation Methodology.- ERP Implementation Methods.- Five Majors in ERP.- ERP Training Strategy.
    3. 3. What is ERP ? ERP is a people system made possible by computer hardware & software.ERP Refer to: Enterprise Resource Planning
    4. 4. ERP IntegrationThe Biggest Integration happens with people...
    5. 5. The Primary Purpose of Implementing ERP. To run the business in a rapidly changing and highly competitive environment
    6. 6. Evolution of ERP
    7. 7. Evolution of ERP- 1960s: software packages with inventory control.- 1970s: MRP systems. Production schedule with materials management- 1980s: MRPII systems Adds financial accounting system- 1990s: MRPII Integrated systems for manufacturing execution- Late 1990s: ERP Integrated manufacturing with supply chain
    8. 8. ERP System Life Cycle Use & Implementation Maintenance Acquisition EvaluationAdoption Retirement
    9. 9. ERP Implementation Methodology
    10. 10. The ABC Of ERP Implementation A B C Computer Data People(Hardware & Software) (The Most Important Element)
    11. 11. The Key Principles of ERP Implementation
    12. 12. ERP Implementation Methods Parallel Approach Big Bang Pilot ApproachHARP System “Burning One’s Bridge”(Half-BakedResourcePlanning) Computer Conference Live Pilot Pilot Room Pilot Hardware User’s Slogan: Using Real Software Make It Fail Data “Look Before You Leap”
    13. 13. Five Majors in ERP Finance Logistics HumanCRM Resource Manufacturing
    14. 14. ERP Training Strategy ERP Feature Of Handout On Concepts ERP System Training* People need to - Training Handout.know “What”, - Training Manual.“Why” before they System Businessare taught “How”. Foundation Cycle* Don’t train before “People are Business orientedyou educate. first, system oriented last”.
    15. 15. The harder challenge is changingpeoples habit to adapt the new ERP.
    16. 16. Thanks…Ahmed Rafik – ERP