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ERP Data Migration Methodologies


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ERP Data Migration Methodologies

  1. 1. Data Migration - ERP
  2. 2. Content: - Data Movement Techniques. - Four Basic Rules in Data Migration. - Data Migration Strategy. - Data Migration Methodology.
  3. 3. Data Movement Techniques Many-to-One One-to-One Many-to-Many One-to-One Consolidation Migration Upgrade Integration
  4. 4. Four Basic Rules in Data Migration Source: ERP System Research - Method of data migration from one ERP system to another in real time - University of Zagreb - Pavlinska , Croatia Data Migration is a business Issue. The Business Knows Best No one Needs Perfect Data If you can’t count it, it doesn’t count.
  5. 5. Data Migration Strategy ETLV is the preferred technology for data migration Lack of productivity. Easy & accessible, misses some requirements. Enterprise application integration cannot handle the extreme volume. Handle the extreme requirements of data. Source: TDWI Technology Survey, February 2006. 166 respondents. Hand Coding ETLV Replication EAI
  6. 6. Data Migration Strategy in ERP ETLV Strategy E xtract Data from Source System T ransform Data for the Target System L oad Data into the Target System V alidate the Data Loads Extract Transform Load Validate E T L V
  7. 7. Data Migration Methodology Plan Migrate Validate Gather Requirements Data Identification Create Migration Plan Validate Data Documentation Reporting
  8. 8. Data Migration Methodology Plan Gather Requirements Data Identification Data Required to upload Data Quality Assessment Cleansing Data Migration Plan
  9. 9. Data Migration Methodology Plan Gather Requirements Data Identification Coding Structure Data Configuration Master Data “Static Data” Sub-Master Data Transaction Data “ Dynamic Data” Cleansing Data Migration Plan
  10. 10. Data Migration Methodology Plan Gather Requirements Data Identification Determine Migration Team Determine Timing of Migration Generate Data Templates Master Data Template Design Mapping “Data Mapping Assessment” Develop Test Plan Migration Plan Transaction Data Template
  11. 11. Thanks… Ahmed Rafik