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  1. 1. IID – Insight, Innovate, Develop. Business Consultancy Agency
  2. 2. Agency Profile AboutUs: IIDis a full service agency and business consultancy, founded in March, 2015 by a group of professional and dedicated marketers using specialists of all aspects of advertising and business consultancy world.IIDprovides creative, marketing and consultancy serves to its clients for theirbusiness needs of quality creative business marketing. In IID, we discover insight, then innovate and develop. IID has the ability to help clients businesses succeed as a market leaders and we draw, design and build the path of your business success. We use research and metrics as basic unit of our services and operations. IID is your success partner business consultancy helping you win getting important audiences in a controlled, creative and certified manner. IID as full service agency we are brand architects,we create brands, we shape businesses, and we developlegacies. IID works what traditional advertising, marketing, public relations and digital agencies cannot; enhance brand resonance, catalyze brand engagement and optimize brand advocacy. IID are the point where insight meets innovations and the point where innovation meets execution, we bridge the gulfamong what a brand/business is now and what it could be in the future. We shape your future business success, we are experts of business and marketing we are your business victoryrepository, win with IID. We are creative, we are marketing specialist, we are Consultants, and we are IID.
  3. 3. WhatWe Do:  We, IID build brands success as well business victory by innovatingbrand passion.  We, IID Creative Catalyze Brand Engagement and Foster Brand Evangelism.  We, IIDprovide services that transform your brand mind-share into brand market- Share/leader. We evolve companies into businesses, businesses into brands, and brands into market leaders and legacies. We provide consummate strategic counsel, inspired ingenuity and a steadfast commitment to excellence. We forge dynamic and long-term partnerships with clients. We do whatever is necessary to make a consequential contribution to our clients’ businesses. At IID we offer we offer creative solutions that architect and create your brand. We build business and establish legacies through our strategic and effective approach of printing, online, and mass media. Where We Work: Start Headquarter locate in Hargeisa but we work where ever there is a brand, a business and a market. We don’t have boundaries; we serve to every business partner without geographic limitation, while firstly focusing on where we are rooted our Horn of Africa. Listen, understand and research to what matters to costomers 1 We use findings to Create insight to prove innovation move 2 We innovatte ideas and evolve business victory 3 we develop, unlock and transform brand mind- share into market- share 4
  4. 4. Vision: To bethe most honored business development consultancy and full service advertising agency in all Africa operating markets Mission: IID business research and metrics is basic unit of our services, we help our clients businesses on getting the subjects insights, we then innovate and we develop business solutions to their respective issues. We believe every business and every brand can be market leader if it recognizes its insight. IID serve clients that demand innovative ideas to market their brands and improve their way of doing business. We like creativity in all things to be the heart of our existence. Core Values: Dig deeper •Seekingdeep understanding and unexpected insights Together think wide •Combining freshnessand imaginationto make unexpected connections while valuing the teamwork and team contributions Live it •Takingpride in qualityand injectingenergy and funinto everything Learn it •Buildingour skillsand knowledgeof leadingedge innovation Surpass Expectations •Puttingthe clientsatthe heartof every processand goingthe extra mile