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Portfolio, Ahmed Mahgoub Abubaker


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Professional Architecture Portfolio

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Portfolio, Ahmed Mahgoub Abubaker

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  2. 2. Executive Profile A well respected architect in my profession, an outstanding, hard-working individual who can be counted on to “get the job done.” Experience Brief • Project Architect with 13 years total experience covering all phases of the design process and the construction implementation. • Hand-On BIM & energy modeling skills using Revit, Rhino/Grasshopper. • Project experience includes Mixed-Use (Mall + Offices + Hotel 5 stars), healthcare facilities, educational facilities and office building. • The work experience I possessed has prepared me as a distinguished participant in architectural design that integrates highly into the digital era of the profession. Academic Qualifications:- • Architecture (Honors, 5years Degree)- University of Khartoum, Faculty of Engineering & Architecture – 2003, number one ranking university in Sudan • EESA-NAAB Accreditation granted • Eligible for ARE Testing in Illinois Ahmed M Abubaker Assoc. AIA, LEED AP BD+C, PMP Visa Status: Permanent Resident (validity 2025) Ability to join any employer in USA US: (224)814-8219 3
  3. 3. Experience Project Architect July 2014– Oct. 2016 Arcadis, Incorporating Hyder Consulting - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Project: Alrajhi Operational Buildings & Data Center Project • Reviewed contractor’s material, shop drawing and method statement submissions for conformance with contract documents • Ensured that works are constructed in accordance with the design and contract documentation • Liaison with the client, contractor and design consultant representatives • Assisted in preparation of daily, weekly and monthly progress reports • Attended inspections to ensure that works are constructed in accordance with the contract documentation and method statements • Liaison with the contractor on all construction related matters • Maintained photo and written diaries to record daily works • Reviewed of As-Built documents Senior Architect/Technical OfficeActing Technical Manager | February 2013–June 2014 Youssef Marroun Contracting Company (YMCO) - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia • Studied contract’s document prior to starting shop drawings preparation and planning for the design of related shop drawings. • Interpreted contractual agreements for buildings into blueprints covering all design aspects pertaining required designs and projects. • Managed the preparation of sketch drawings, architectural drawings and detailed drawings by hand or using computer-aided design (CAD). • Participated in preparing specifications and contract documents, specified building materials, construction equipment and required staff. • Participated in solving discrepancies related to the contract and discussed ways to resolve conflicts in a professional manner and provided assistance on all engineering matters such as design and specifications clarifications and changes, field engineering and scheduling. Senior Architect | March 2012–December 2012 S.E.I.G spa Italy - Sudan Branch Project :Al Qasswa Factory for Veterinary Production Contract Value :15.7 Million USD • Studied contract’s document prior to starting shop drawings preparation and planning for the design of related shop drawings according to GMP requirements. • Interpreted contractual agreements for buildings into blueprints covering all design aspects pertaining required designs and projects. 4 Professional Registration:- •Specialist Engineer, Sudanese Engineering Council. • Full Member, Sudanese Associ- ation of Architects. •Member, Saudi Engineering Council. Professional Associations:- • Assoc. AIA,38492453, 1 2 / 3 1 / 2 0 1 5 •Certified PMP, PMI, 1702583, 03/26/2017 •LEED AP BD+C, US Green Building Council, 10923145-AP- BD+C, 08/27/2017 Certification under Process:- •CM-BIM, Association of General Contractor, attended and completed 2 of the 4 workshops required for certification at the BIMforum April 2016 held in Minneapolis, USA
  4. 4. • Prepared sketch drawings, architectural drawings and detailed drawings by hand or using computer-aided design (CAD) equipment. • Participated in preparing specifications and contract documents, specifying building materials, construction equipment and required staff. • Observed, inspected and monitored building work, to make sure that the progress is according to the predetermined specification and contractual agreements. • Negotiated with builders and planning engineers, administered building activities and inspected the work carried out on sites. • Facilitated site work execution and communicated with projects staff to clarify drawings details and discussed modifications when required. • Participated in solving discrepancies related to the contract and discussed ways to resolve conflicts in a professional manner and provided assistance on all engineering matters such as design and specifications clarifications and changes, field engineering and scheduling. • Provided value engineering for tender reports and found better ways to design shop drawings and reduced costs. • Prepared periodic reports with respect to the Architectural Section activities and achievements to be submitted to the Project Manager. Tenant Coordinator / Asst. Chief Engineer | October 2011 –February 2012 AlWaha Khartoum - Khartoum, Sudan • Maintained tenant design criteria manuals for each mall, to be used by tenants to design and build stores that will enhance the overall look and feel of the shopping center. • Coordinated with departments such as Leasing, Legal Leasing and Mall Management to facilitate Tenant Openings. • Provided guidance to Leasing in regard to all design and construction activities to enhance Landlord’s opportunity for earlier rent commencements. Architect | September 2008 – September 2011 Noon Consultancy Co. Ltd – Khartoum, Sudan Projects: • Retail Buildings (New Corporate image for Bank of Khartoum) Branding old branches, new branches and ATMs. • Mix Use Buildings (WahatAlkhartoum Urban Development) • Hotel Arjaan by Rotana Khartoum – Sudan site coordination. • High End Residential complex (Al Manshieh Gardens) • Commercial Buildings (Al Nour Convention & International Trading Center) Responsibilities: • Developed architectural design for concepts presented by concept architect. • Prepared detailed design drawings. 5 Skills • AutoCAD 2D/3D • Revit Architecture • Naviswork Manage • Rhino/Grasshopper – Ladybug/ Honeybee for Energy Modeling • 3d Max • Photoshop CS •InDesign •Effective Project Management applications (MS-Excel, MS- Project, Primavera).
  5. 5. • Coordinated with MEP engineers to develop services design for the building. • Evaluated design and material specifications for tender. • Prepared material data sheets and coordinated with the procurement engineer. • Incorporated feedback from customers for design clarification and modifications Architect (PMO) | September 2004 – March 2008 Al-Amal National Hospital – Khartoum North, Sudan Al-Amal National Hospital (200beds) general hospital, multi-story building over 25,000m² Built area, high quality standards finishing and services Hospital Planner: AL–Mashora for Healthcare Technologies, Amman-Jordan MEP Design:Universal Consultancy Services, Amman-Jordan • Followed-up the process of re-design made by the hospital planner in order to prepare and present design proposals for the other proposed hospitals for Al-Amal National Hospital ; • Managed the preparation of the as-built drawings for existing buildings to enable the re-design process. • Followed-up and documented the recommendation made by the consultant to the client on the practicality of the project; • Followed-up and monitored the preparation and handling of the detailed drawings from which quantities were made; • Followed-up the preparation and handling of the MEP detailed drawings to assure its applicability for the architectural design, and tender documents; • Followed-up negotiating with contractors and other professionals; • Designed 70beds hospital as filtering (at suburbs) hospitals for Al-Amal National Hospital. • Re-designed & supervised the construction of Emergency ,CCU,ICU units in the temporary location for Al-Amal National Hospital – Kobar Junior Designer | December 2003 - August 2004 Perfection Engineering Consultancy – Khartoum North, Sudan • Work with firm Principals on project phases including planning, design development, exploring new design directions, and furniture design, selection and specification. • Interact with clients through various project phases. • Explore new and innovative materials and applications while interacting with vendors and manufacturers. 6 Short Courses:- •FIDIC contract, claims and arbitrations.
  6. 6. 7 Portfolio Directory
  7. 7. Wahat Alkhartoum Urban Development Noon Consultancy ............................................ 09 Commercial Buildings Projects Noon Consultancy ..................................................... 13 Bank of Khartoum - New Corporate Image Noon Consultancy ........................................ 14 Healthcare Projects | Multiple ....................................................................................... 21 Residential Projects | Multiple ...................................................................................... 22 Construction Administration & Contracting Projects | Multiple ...................................... 23
  8. 8. 9 Wahat Alkhartoum Urban Development Noon Consultancy
  9. 9. 10 Wahat Alkhartoum Urban Development Noon Consultancy 2009 | 2011 The project is built on 26,000m2 of prime land located in down town Khartoum the capital city of Sudan. Noon was appointed as the PMC & Lead Architect, to implement the new Owner’s requirements regarding the complex, the super structure and the exterior envelope for the 4 towers were already constructed. The new Owner’s objective was to create a one stop business facility that would attract the investors by providing a 5 star hotel with a high-tech business center, premium office spaces, a luxurious shopping center and a city center landscaped area. The project team included me as a project architect, in charge of the in house engineering department, the building operation firm, and the nominated interior designer firm. The first challenge was to accommodate the 5 star hotel requirements in the existing two office towers buildings connected to a central core services area.This required the adapting of 14 new shafts in each of the existing floors to provide services to the wet areas in each room. Providing a swimming pool was the second challenge, utilizing the malls main foyer roof to locate an open air swimming pool in between the towers by using a new steel structure. The pool was accessible from the second floor terrace. A separation feature wall was added to divide the terrace, provide privacy and form seating areas for both the pool area and the food court out door seating area. 01 Main alwaha
  10. 10. 11 02 Elevations Design & Construction Adminstration The scope was to re-design elevations for the two floors podium out of the 14 floor complex to reflect the new Owner’s vision and the function change of the complex.The old elevation solution with massive glazing curtain walls with unjustified cost. The new concept was to distinguish the lower floors and create a horizontal solid mass bounding the entire complex and forming a base for the upper towers. A combination of granite and marble were used as finishing cladding. Vertical thin decoritive aluminum columns were used to divide the horizontal mass and create a visual connection with the vertical parts of the towers. In between these columns, staggered dummy horizontal windows were engraved in the solid granite mass. A frame-less tempered glass system was used for these windows to consolidate the concept. A Transparent hand-railing system was used for the terrace to be the visual transition from the solid base mass to the towers light finishing. This design has provided a modern architectural solution that unified the complex facades while addressing the environmental requirements and significant cost reduction & energy sav- ings for both initial and building operation costs. Wahat Alkhartoum Urban Development Noon Consultancy 2009 | 2011
  11. 11. 12 03 Landscape Design & Construction Adminstration The scope was to re-design a 13,000m2 landmark & a public entertainment hub above the under ground parking area that would serve both the complex and surrounding areas and reducing the cost in the previous design. Leasing with the landscape architect, structural and MEP designers, I was leading the design process. A simple yet coordinated & efficient layout was selected to accommodate the different functional requirements and to reflect diversified landscaping techniques. The main challenge was to provide enough depth for different planting requirements, without exceeding the allowable structural loading that was considdered in the previous design. Accordingly, a crater shape was implemented on a stamped concrete finish to simulate the natural stone effect. The second challenge was to conceal the concrete structure below and create a natural landscape effect. Limiting the expansion joints in the green areas under planting soil and applying a cost effective water proofing system for the massive wet area were some of the techniques used. Water features took the same crater shape for design unity, with a special designed fountain on the hotel side to reflect the function change and identify the area. The colonnade was selected to define the main plaza and to present a historical theme in the complex. To minimize the dead loads on the lower structure, a light weight steel structure was used that presented a challenge in achieving the required ancient finish. A mixed technique of both painting and stamping was used for that purpose. Out-door lighting LED luminaires were used in the entire landscaped area to reduce the complex operational cost. Wahat Alkhartoum Urban Development Noon Consultancy 2009 | 2011
  12. 12. 13 Major changes had to be implemented internally to the previous design as well to fulfill the new functional requirements, mainly re-designing the horizontal circulation, adding new vertical circulation elements and adopting new shafts to the existing slabs. Transforming the existing twin office building structure with a central core area to a 5 star hotel, where the existing core was used as guests lifts, required two additional service lifts to serve all 14 floors. Two of the four U-shape fire escape stairs were used to add the lifts using a steel structure. From the drop point and parking area in basement one, another new lift was added to provide access for the business center, health club and out door swimming pool on the second floor . The mall area in the previous design extended through out the entire built-up area in basement one, ground and first floors. %20 of the existing mall layout had to be used for the hotel and the remaining %80 had to be rearranged to accommodate the new tenants layout. A new food-court area was added on the second floor of the twin tower office building to benefit from the large terrace area.Two new escalators on a steel structure were added to enable smooth access from the mall area on the first floor. The main skylight in the mall central foyer was replaced by the new swimming pool structure. Therefore, an artificial sky painted ceiling was used for simulation. 04 Interior Architecture & Design and Construction Adminstration Wahat Alkhartoum Urban Development Noon Consultancy 2009 | 2011
  13. 13. 14 Commercial Buildings Projects Noon Consultancy
  14. 14. 15 Al Nour Convention & International Trading Center Having a prime location at Aljamaa street in Khartoum, just one block from Nile river and the magnificent view of Toti island, the client was looking for a building that Would fulfill the market demands. Our response was converting the marketing research data that resulted in to a modern conventional and inter- national trade center. The form addressed reflecting smooth visual transition from the three floors podium conventional center, to a twin tower high-rise international trade center. Special steel mesh was selected for that purpose to form semi-enclosed spaces for the terrace. The terrace space was used as a landscaped area with marvilous views, mainly because %100 of the site was to be developed due to the high value of land. The podium architecture was restricted by the historical nature of the area and the local regulations, therefore block techniques with void corners were implemented to allow integration with the modern designed twin tower. SSD Bank Commercial Building In response to the client program of constructing a commercial building with two different functions, one being high end office space the other being luxurious show rooms. The concept was to create a transparent form with solid mass at one edge to identify the vertical circulation and provide the maximum rent-able areas, connected with a horizontal mass that separated the show room areas from the office spaces. Horizontal shading devices were used, parallel with the building form and to reduce direct sun rays. Commercial Buildings Projects Noon Consultancy 2008 | 2011
  15. 15. 16 Bank of Khartoum - Aldmazine Commercial Building Commercial Buildings Projects Noon Consultancy 2008 | 2011 Upgrading the city center of Aldamazine city in the eastern south of Sudan was the aim of the project, by providing a mixed-use complex of hotel space, shopping center, bank branch and a semi-shaded food-court area to enhance the social interaction and separate the bank branch from the complex. An in depth environmental study was carried out to minimize the energy consumption, due to high temperature from the direct sun and the strong seasonal winds. As a result, a triangular shape was selected for the building plan with reduced glazing surfaces.
  16. 16. 17 Being the biggest bank in Sudan, bank of Khartoum had hundreds of branches scattered all over the country. The majority of these branches were built decades ago and where not designed to support the leading edge banking systems and technology were not up to modern aesthetical standards. Another problem was that each branch was designed separately by a different designer. Noon was hired to prepare and implement a standardized architectural image to reflect the bank’s long history and support future technology growth. Accordingly, the concept was to identify the main elevation by two solid stone finished walls representing the bank’s long history. In between the entrance is formed as a modern designed steel and glazing facade. The steel plate elements concept was inspired by the sugar cane plantations in the country, as the bank had a leading role in supporting and enhancing this sector. Internally, a combination of high technology and local materials were used together with modern furniture. The remodeling project for the main branch in Portsudan the contry’s gate to the Red sea and the biggest city in the eastern region. My task was to prepare the as built-drawings for the existing branch and implement the new theme. The old facades were completely replaced and a complete remodling for the interior space. The challange was to solve deficincies In the existing layout, where %70 of the spaces were not utalized, 10 of the space was customer waiting hall and scattered not functioning back of house offices. As a result one new floor was created from the wasted space as a rentable office spaces. Bank of Khartoum - New Corporate Image Noon Consultancy
  17. 17. 18 Bank of Khartoum - New Corporate Image Noon Consultancy Aljamhoria Branch 2010 Remodeling the branch in a historical building limited the facade area and solutions, even though a complete representation of the new theme was developed with minimum effect to the building. Internally a complete new layout was implemented, utilizing the double volume hall for the customer service and waiting area. Adding 8 teller stations with a compacted back of house offices with a newly constructed safe room and all the required services.
  18. 18. 19 To lead the competition, Bank of Khartoum initiated the Cash Office project. The concept was to provide teller services coverage for all the prospective customers. Working with the client I developed the minimum spaces required to accommodate their functional requirements, according to with the new theme. The client rented two floor spaces in the center of Khartoum. 77m2 of ground floor and 105m2 of mezzanine floor. Accommodating all the functional requirements was accomplished. To provide spacious visual effects different techniques were implemented, such as an open layout, transparent staircase and feature elements. Almshtal Branch 2009 This was the first branch to implement a new theme. The existing two floor building was selected by the bank and a total remodeling took place. The requirements were to provide complete banking facilities in the ground floor with two main areas. One was the customer hall and the other a tellers area with compacted back office facilities. A luxurious elite banking area with private teller facilities was located on the first floor. A new steel structure extension for both the ground and firsts floor was implemented.The entrance modern steel and glazing designed facade allowed flexibility to cover the slab edges of the structure, by utilizing the main sign board and canopy for that purpose. The solid stone walls formed the location for both the ATM and deposit boxes, that are accessed 24 hours out-side the main entrance to minimize the operational power consumption. Transparent partitions were used internally, together with simple modern designed furniture, that would reflect the bank’s vision towards its customers and to create a spacious atmosphere. Cash Office 2010 National Exchane Company 2008 Drive Thru ATM 2009 Bank of Khartoum - New Corporate Image Noon Consultancy
  19. 19. 20 Bank of Khartoum - New Corporate Image Noon Consultancy Healthcare Projects Multiple Residential Projects Multiple Construction Administration and Contracting Projects Multiple
  20. 20. 21 Healthcare Projects Multiple Massa Private Hospital 2008 Alamal National Hospital 2008-2004 Alsalam Hospital 2007 Iwas hired as a free lancer to provide programming and conceptual design for a 100 bedprivate hospital. The cultural aspect was a major factor in the facility planning. Long visiting habits mandated separating the visitors access from the in- patient area without affecting the hospital operation. 1- Facades Design & 3D visualization Services - Perfection Engineering Consultancy: The scope was to design the facades for a 200 bed general hospital, located on the Nile river side in Khartoum Bahry. The complex was developed through different stages from a single building to four buildings with a separate power plant facility. Working with the project architect, I used diversified visualization techniques to achieve the final architectural solution that was approved by the client. 2- Project Management Services - Alamal National Hospital: Working as part of the client’s team, my task was to liaise with all the consultants engaged, collect and communicate the client’s requirements at different design stages. Monitor the design schedule and deliverables, finalize the bidding and negotiation process. Working as part of the clients team, I provided the programming and conceptual design services for the 3 new proposed filtering hospitals to be located at the far end of Khartoum, Khartoum Bahry and Ummdurman. The proposal was based on a minimum site area to accommodate the functional requirements for a 70 bed hospital, providing ER, Obstetrics & gynecology, surgical services with all supporting facilities. As well as sep- arately accessed outpatient facility.
  21. 21. 22 Residential Projects Multiple Private Resort Private Residential Palace English Language Training Center Single Family Home Multi-Family Home Privet Residential Palace Noon Consultancy Client owned a farm in Khartoum country side on the bank of the Nile river. The client was fascinated by the ancient Nobian architecture theme, therefore he hired me to provide a luxurious resort. A courtyard layout was selected to provide the required privacy by the client and inline with the Nobian theme. Separate blocks, small windows, decorated parapets, higher dominating main entrance building defined by columns were the main elements defining this architecture. As a free lancer my job was to provide facade solutions for an existing concrete structure of 5 typical slabs. The structure was 1600m2 with central enclosed spaces surrounded by terraces and many columns were exposed to the facades.The slab layout at the edges had many sides and it was a very complicated structure. Differently colored light weight surfaces were used to create modern cost effective solutions addressing all the deficiencies. The client had major changes required to transform his already designed residential building into a luxurious palace. As the project’s design architect I performed the schematic design phase including complete facades redesign and 3D visualization services. The concept was to implement the Andalusian architecture theme. A new open sky garden was introduced in the basement to provide natural lighting and viewing opportunities for the indoor swimming pool located there. New materials were introduced to the building including natural stone and GRC decorated panels. The stair case as part of a feature wall was utilized as the dominating architectural element shaped to represent the center’s helping hand policy. Natural lighting was provided for all the center spaces. The client required maximum usage for the land. He needed to locate his family residence on the ground floor with completely separate entrances from 6 rentable apartments in the upper floors and 2 rentable commercial shops. Feature walls were used to identify the building architecture. A Simple architectural form was selected with maximum viewing opportunities from the family halls in both the ground and first floors. Sustainability techniques were considered in the early design stages, 35cm wide load bearing clay brick walls were used to provide maximum thermal insulation, glazing openings were reduced.
  22. 22. 23 Alrajhi Bank Operational and Data Center Buildings Arcadis - Incorporating Hyder Consulting 2014 Client: Alrajhi Bank Value: 500 Million SAR National Training Institute Project - Ahsa, KSA YMCO Contracting 2014-2015 Client: Technical & Vocational Training Corporation Value: 465 Million SAR Al Qasswa Factory for Veterinary Production S.E.I.G spa Italy - Sudan Branch 2012 Client: Arab Company for Veterinary Medicine Production Value: 33 Million USD Arcadis scope was to provide project management and construction administration services for the complex built on 24,000m2 . The building includes a tier 4 data center building, cash center building, utilities building and an operations building with 39,000m2 under ground car parking. My responsibilities were to: Review of contractor’s material, shop drawing and method statement submissions for compliance with contract documents. Ensure that works were constructed in accordance with the design and contract documentation. Liaise with the client, contractor and design consultant representatives. Aramco and Technical & Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) agreed to construct an Industrial Institute for training TVTC students. They are to be trained through real life experience case studies in different fields. Working from the central technical office for a grade one main contractor. Interpreted contractual agreements for buildings into blueprints covering all design aspects pertaining to required designs and projects. Working from the project site technical office for specialized industrial main contractor, I Provided value engineering for tender reports and found improved ways to design shop drawings that reduce costs. Construction Administration & Contracting Projects Multiple
  23. 23. Commercial Buildings Projects Noon Consultancy 2009 | 2011