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Ahmed M_Abdallah ___CV


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Ahmed M_Abdallah ___CV

  1. 1. Ahmed Mohamed Abdallah #20---District #3-El Sheikh Zaied, Giza - EGYPT Cell Phone: +2012 248 24791 E-mail: Date of Birth: April 6, 1992 Military Status: Postponed Education BSc in Mechatronics Engineering. (June 2014) High Institute of Engineering - 6th of October University. GPA: 3.27/4.0 (Very Good- High- with Honor). Project Name: Re-winder Machine based on (Digital controller &VVVF). Project Grade: Excellent. School: Abd El Aziz Al So’ud Experimental Language School, class 2009 (Automation & Embedded Systems) Instructor  Classic (conventional) Control------------------------------------  PLC ( LS),(Siemens),(FATEK),etc. -------------------------------  Electric Machines-----------------------------------------------------  ASD (Adjustable Speed Drive) ----------------------------------  C , Embedded C , Algorithms & Data Structure -------------  Microcontrollers (PIC– AVR- INTEL-ARM) architectures  Microcontroller interfacing ----------------------------------------  RTOS [Real-Time Operating Systems] -------------------------  IOT---[Internet of Things]-----------------------------------------  ARDUINO (Uno-Mega-Duo-Nano,etc..)----------------------  Software/Hardware Design ----------------------------------------------------- Experience  (Automation & Embedded Sys.)Instructor at (Jelecom – A.E.S – Rise Academy)  ITMS for electro-mechanical sys. (I designed a PLC based on Microcontroller ARM Cortex M0 32-bit ,full Serial communication interfacing features (Ethernet ,RS232, Bluetooth,Wifi) 54 I/O,12ADC 12bit resolution,2DACs,12PWM).
  2. 2. Ahmed Mohamed Abdallah  Projects and Achievements  Air Conditioner: based on the inverter technology (ASD) &Micro- controller.  Electric Elevator: Based on a digital controller & the VVVF technology for speed control at constant torque.  Robot Arm: based on some digital controllers (Micro controllers , Arduino) Servo Motors – Sensors.  Fire Fighting System.  Full Home Automation (lighting control (On/Off) using (Bluetooth via your mobile phone), Wi-Fi ) Camera , Surveillance ) With MicroController.  PLC based on Microcontroller ARM Cortex 32-bit, full Serial communication interfacing features (Ethernet, RS232, 485, Bluetooth,Wifi) 54 I/O,12ADC 12bit resolution,2DACs,12PWM.  A (SCADA) sys. Based on Microcontrollers with Serial communication features (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS 232 , RS 485) instead of using PLCs or RTUs that costs much more than Microcontrollers.  A Wireless Controller : based on transceivers (RF module) for controlling any electrical equipment from a remote control or a mobile application.  Quad Copters (Drones) acts as a weather casting (Internet Casting).  Smart Garage (Parking Tower) Fully automated Parking tower ,RFIDs ,conveyers ,Remote booking & a Robot Arm , Based On ATmega32 Microcontroller. Skills  Computer Skills :- - C -Embedded C - Proteus(PCB Design) -Algorithms & Data structures  Language Skills :- - English: - Fluent (spoken and written).  Soft Skills :- - Good experience in project & team management. - Excellent communications skills. - Presentation Skills.