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Unit One ICT


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Unit One ICT is a Palestinian company was established in 2005 as information and communication company funded by Palestinian Entrepreneurs. It went ahead toward the development stages to have several features for training, Software and Web solutions, Mobile solutions and IT Consultancy and to be one of the main HRD (Human Resource Development) companies in Palestine.

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Unit One ICT

  1. 1. UNIT ONE ICTCompany Profile2012
  2. 2. INDEX About Objectives Team Services Authorizations Products Executed Projects Activities Contacts Documentary Video
  3. 3. ABOUT UNIT ONE ICTUnit One ICT is a Palestinian company wasestablished in 2005 as information andcommunication company funded byPalestinian Entrepreneurs. It went aheadtoward the development stages to haveseveral features for training, Software andWeb solutions, Mobile solutions and ITConsultancy and to be one of the main HRD(Human Resource Development) companiesin Palestine.
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES Support the needs of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in ICT services, via building Human Resources, Developing Apps (Software, Web and Mobile) and Consulting in ICT fields. Partnership with international Companies like U.S ICT companies. The development of the Palestinian community in the field of ICT. Support and rehabilitation of Palestinian university students, to have all the new about IT and Communications Engineering Technologies to bridge the gap between academic study and the actual labor market. Support and rehabilitation of employees of both public and private sectors in the field of ICT. Take an active role in computer and IT literacy.
  5. 5. TEAMUnit One ICT team is a professional team, ithas many specialist engineers like Networkengineers, Softwareengineers, Technicians, Developers, Systemanalysts, ICT Trainers, and Data entryemployees; some of them works as full timeand the others works as part time asneeded. Unit One ICT can contract with anyspecialist needed for any project within theworld to work professionally escaping thespaces between countries.
  6. 6. SERVICES Programming Solutions and Outsourcing (Software Desktop, Web Development, Mobile and Tablets Apps Development [iPhone, iPad and Android] and Facebook APIs Development). Managing Data Entry projects. Advanced ICT training (for companies).
  7. 7. AUTHORIZATIONS Google APPS Authorized Reseller. Licensed by the Ministry of National Economic with license no 563146125. Membership of the Palestinian IT Associations of companies.
  8. 8. PRODUCTS Web Applications: (, e-,, and and Outsourced Products. Desktop Applications: (e-Store, Tornado Jim, e-Clinic, e- MedLab and Bright Dentist) and Outsourced Products. Mobile Apps: e-Waiter System (iPod version), Outsourced Products, Rawabi City iPad App (West Bank), WebLayer for SMSs (Android, iPhone and Symbian) and SMSLock (on Google play).
  9. 9. EXECUTED PROJECTS Social Media Seminar for companies with a following monitoring funded by USAID, partnering with Mercy Corps, 27 Company (about 50 participant), from May 2012 to July 2012. Arabic e-Content Development training course funded by USAID, partnering with Mercy Corps. 96 Trainees, from 23rd January 2012 to 3rd May 2012. CP System for Ring Tunes Application for TATWEER Business Services Company, Gaza, May 2012. HR Management System for TATWEER Business Services Company, Gaza, April 2012. Implementing an Android App published on Google play store, SMSLock, March 2012. CCNA Boot Camp course, funded by PalTel Academy, for 6 of Paltel employees, from 24th Sep 2011 to 6th Oct 2011. Data entry project funded by MercyCorps within ARD and ECHO projects. 20,000 Questionnaires within 6 days, from 24th May, 2010 to 1st July, 2010.
  10. 10. EXECUTED PROJECTS CONT. Advanced Web Search and Google Web Search course”, “Why not? Project”, funded by MercyCorps.3 Groups, 41 Trainees, 17 Hours for each group, from 16th July, 2008 to 30th July, 2008. Data entry project funded by MercyCorps within USAID projects. 17,000 Questionnaires within 5 days, 2007. Data entry project funded by Maan Development Center by UNSCO projects. 12,000 Questionnaires within 4 days, 2007. “IT Concepts course”, “Rehabilitation of the members of sports clubs Project”, funded by MA’AN Development Center – Gaza. 4 Groups, 48 Trainees, 30 Hours for each group, from 1st August, 2006 to 10th August, 2006. “Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Administration and Programming course”, funded by “Ministry of Detainees and ex”. 1 Group, 4 Trainees, 120 Hours, from 25th February, 2006 to 10th March, 2006. E-learning CD’s (E-learning Software CD’s) for UNRWA schools funded by JICA.
  11. 11. ACTIVITIES Participation in the EXPRO Training from the CBI, from 9th Jan 2012 to 12th Jan 2012 in Amman – Jordan. Expotech Technology Day 2010. B2B event in Expotech Conference 2010. “Forth Engineering and Technology Conference”, IU Gaza, 2010. “Third Engineering and Technology Conference”, IU Gaza, 2009. “IT and Engineering Conference”, CCAST, 2006. “First Engineering and Technology Conference”, IU Gaza, 2006. “System analysis and design workshop”, by “Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution”, 6th November, 2006.
  12. 12. CONTACTSAddress: Mina’a Square, Hanady Tower, Fifth floor, Apart no 4, Gaza, Palestine Tel: +972 – 8 – 2883607 Fax: +972 – 8 – 2843130 E-Mail: Website: www.unitone.psContact Person: Saady S. Lozon Executive Director Mobile: +972 – 59 - 9750531 E-Mail:
  13. 13. DOCUMENTARY VIDEOThe next Video is for an “Arabic e-Content Development Training”project funded by USAID Partnering with mercy Corps during PCAPproject.