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Curriculum Vitae                           AHMAD HUSSEIN KHARROUBYPersonal Profile:Full name:                    Ahmad Hus...
Education:   ●   Undergraduate:       Sidon Secondary Official School for Boys: Graduated 1998       Degree: High School D...
Professional/Academic Status:‐July 2011 to July 2012: PGY6, Fourth Year Resident in Urology (Fifth Year in Surgery),Americ...
●    Took charge of the Urology outpatient clinics fully, with a high burden of patients       from all Lebanon and nearby...
Practice Certificates:  ●  Lebanese Order of Physicians, registration number: 535/ ‫خ‬    535/kh  ●  Arab Board (Passed st...
References:Raja B Khauli, M.D, FACSProfessor of Surgery and Chairman of UrologyDepartment of Surgery‐ American University ...
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Akharrouby cv updated new

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae AHMAD HUSSEIN KHARROUBYPersonal Profile:Full name:          Ahmad Hussein KharroubyCitizenship:          LebaneseSex & Marital status:     Male, Married to Dr. Manar Askar (Cardiologist and Internist)Date & Birth Place:     December 4, 1980, Saudi Arabia, RiyadhAddress:                      American University of Beirut‐Medical Center               P.O. Box 11‐0236/D53               Riad El Solh1107 2020               Beirut, Lebanon Tel: 011‐961‐1‐350000, Ext 5260Mobile phone:            +961‐70‐983942E‐mail:           ak80@live.comLanguages:English and Arabic: excellent speaking, reading and writing skillsFrench: Fair speaking, reading and writing skillsComputer Skills:Microsoft office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), SPSS, Internet (including HTML language programming)General computer services (including format, technical support, pocket pc support)History of websites design, ownership and publishing (including, 
  2. 2. Education: ● Undergraduate: Sidon Secondary Official School for Boys: Graduated 1998 Degree: High School Diploma (Distinction) ● Graduate: 1. Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon: 1998-1999 Degree: 1st year biology and chemistry (Distinction) 2. Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon : Graduated 2005       Degree: MB BCh (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), (Distinction) ● Post‐Graduate: American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon: Graduated 2012 Degree: Urology SpecialistClerkship, Internship, Electives: ‐ Clerkship and electives at: ● Al-Shatbi Hospital, Egypt, Alexandria (March 2004 – May 2004) ● Al-Meery Hospital, Egypt, Alexandria (February 2005 – May 2005) ● Makassed General Hospital, Beirut, Lebanon (August-February2003) ● Hammoud Hospital University Medical Center, Saida, Lebanon (August- June, 2002; August-January 2005) ● Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada (April-May 2012) ‐Internships & pre‐residency employments at: ● Makassed general Hospital in different departments (July2005-January 2006) ● Hammoud Hospital University medical center in different departments (January 2006 – July 2006)  (Internal Medicine 3 months, Surgery 2 Months, pediatrics 2 months, Anesthesia 1  month, ObGyn 2 months, Urology 1 month, ER 1 month)
  3. 3. Professional/Academic Status:‐July 2011 to July 2012: PGY6, Fourth Year Resident in Urology (Fifth Year in Surgery),American University of Beirut‐July 2010 to July 2011:  PGY5, Third Year Resident in Urology (Fourth Year in Surgery), American University of Beirut and Rafik Hariri University Hospital‐July 2009 to July 2010: PGY4, Second Year Resident in Urology (Third Year in Surgery), American University of Beirut and Rafik Hariri University Hospital‐July 2008to July 2009: PGY3, First Year Resident in Urology (Second Year in Surgery), American University of Beirut and Rafik Hariri University Hospital‐July 2007 to July 2008: PGY2, (First Year Resident in Surgery), American University of Beirut (rotated in: General Surgery‐4mo; Urology‐2mo; Surgical Emergency Medicine‐3mo; Surgical Intensive Care+Cardiothoracic‐3mo)‐July 2006 to July 2007: PGY1, surgical intern, American University of Beirut ( rotated in: General Surgery‐2mo; Orthopaedics‐1mo; Urology‐2mo; Surgical Emergency Medicine‐2mo; Neurosurgery‐1mo; Surgical Intensive Care‐1mo; Plastics‐1mo; Cardiothoracic‐1mo)Professional Skills Remarks: ● Finished 1 year of rotating internship before residency at MGH and HHUMC. ● Finished 2 years of general surgery (PGY1 & PGY2) at AUBMC, where in addition to  sharing general surgery and cardiovascular operations, took charge of the surgical ER,   ICU, and the cardiovascular‐transplant surgery units for a long period, giving the  ability to take care of such divisions fully. ● The residency was distributed as rotations over 5 major referral hospitals, (AUBMC,  RHUH, CMC, Najjar and Khoury Hospitals), with 15 night calls per month for the  whole 6 years. This allowed an excellent exposure to a variety of urologic cases,  procedures, and surgeries. ● Was the only chief resident (in the coming years there are 2), which allowed to do  lots of minor and major surgical cases, reaching up to 100 different procedures and  operations each month, covering all aspects of urology, including rare and  complicated urologic cases referred from peripheral hospitals and near by countries,  in addition to kidney transplants, thus providing the surgical experience required to   Consultant General Urologist.
  4. 4. ● Took charge of the Urology outpatient clinics fully, with a high burden of patients  from all Lebanon and nearby countries, allowing an excellent outpatient and clinical  experience. ● First call to Urologic emergencies always, with full responsibility from decision making  to surgery. ● Shared in private clinics, and given admission privileges to 2 hospital beds (NSSF). ● Took charge and shared in academic activities, including Urology books chapter  reviews, journals, journal clubs, seminars, poster presentations, animal lab sessions,  and teleconferences, on a rate of 2 activities per week at least. ● Took additional Urologic assignments on individual call basis, including home calls, outpatient institutions, and other peripheral hospitals according to time allowances.Abstracts and Posters/Presentations: ● Raja Khauli, Oussama Darwish, Omaya Banihani, Bassel Bachir, Muhammad Bulbul,  Wassim Wazzan, Hala Maacaron, Ahmad Kharouby, Rana Abou‐Dargham: Assessment  of Risk Factors for Prediction of Recurrence in Patients with Biopsy Gleason ≥ 8  Prostate Cancer: What are the Predictors of Biochemical Free Survival? American  University of Beirut Medical Center, Prostate Center, Division of Urology, Beirut,  Lebanon. Presented in the 8th congress Arab Association of Urology, Cairo, Egypt, October 8‐10, 2009. ● Oussama Darwish, Ahmad Kharouby, Bassel Bachir, Hala Maacaron, Muhammad  Bulbul, Wassim Wazzan, Raja Khauli, Rana Abou‐Dargham: Radical Prostatectomy in  Patients Older than 70 years; is it Justifiable? American University of Beirut Medical  Center, Prostate Center, Division of Urology, Beirut, Lebanon. Presented in the 8th congress Arab Association of Urology, Cairo, Egypt, October 8‐10, 2009. ● R. Khauli, A. Houjaij, O. Darwish, Bassel Bachir, A. Abedelnoor, M. Bulbul, W. Wazzan,  A.Kharrouby: Defining Risk Factors for Margin Positivity after Radical Prostatectomy  for T1c Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate. Prostate Center, Division of Urology,  American University of Beirut Medical Center, Beirut, Lebanon. Presented in the 7th congress Arab Association of Urology, Beirut, November 29 – December 2, 2007
  5. 5. Practice Certificates: ● Lebanese Order of Physicians, registration number: 535/ ‫خ‬ 535/kh ● Arab Board (Passed step 1, will continue certification process after residency as per requirements) ● European Association of Urology (Sitting for the yearly in-service exam, All passed, will continue certification process after residency as per requirements) ● BLS & ACLS certified from the American Heart AssociationSocieties: ● Lebanese Order of Physicians ● Lebanese Urology Society ● Resident Society Organization, American University of Beirut‐ Medical Center Meetings: ● 7th congress Arab Association of Urology, Beirut, November 29 – December 2, 2007.  Organizing Committee member ● 11th Congress of the Asian Society of Transplantation, Beirut, Lebanon, October 1‐4,  2009 ● Lebanese Urology Association yearly international meetings, and monthly local  meetings ● Middle East Medical Assemblies, Beirut: ● 40th, May 10‐13, 2007 ● 41st, April, 23‐26, 2009 ● 42nd, April 22‐25, 2010 ● 43rd , May 5‐8, 2011 ● AUBMC‐MDANDERSON Monthly Joint Urologic Teleconferences ● Flexible Holmium Laser Ureterolitholapaxy course, AUBMC, 2009 ● Kidney Transplantation Course: Whats New?  Beirut, June 9‐10, 2011Extra Curricular Activities:  ● Fishing ● Swimming ● Reading ● Poem writing
  6. 6. References:Raja B Khauli, M.D, FACSProfessor of Surgery and Chairman of UrologyDepartment of Surgery‐ American University of BeirutTel: +961‐1‐350000. Ext. : 5282. Pager 0662.E‐mail: A Bulbul, M.D, FRCSCProfessor of UrologyDepartment of Surgery‐ American University of BeirutTel: +961‐1‐350000. Pager 0648.E‐mail: Nasr, MDClinical Lecturer of UrologyDepartment of Surgery‐ American University of BeirutTel: + 961‐3‐388743E‐mail: El‐Hout, MDAssistant Professor of UrologyDepartment of Surgery‐American University of BeirutTel+961‐3‐311107E‐mail: an electronic updated version of the CV please refer to the following link: http://ahmad‐kharrouby‐