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AmalMerge International profile

  1. 1. CORPORATE PROFILE H A L A L a n d F o o d S a f e t y In s t it u t e ( H A F I ) Specialist Consultant in Food Manufacturing and Food Engineering Food Safety and HALAL Compliance Manufacturing
  2. 2. AmalMerge Corporate Structure December 2004 AmalMerge (M) Sdn Bhd Dr. Ahmad Robin Wahab (Chairman) AmalMerge AmalMerge AmalMerge HALAL and Food Safety Aeronautical Resources Engineering Resources Institute (HAFI) Institute (ARI) and Development Dr. Ahmad Robin Wahab Ahmad Nuri Wahab Siti Norly Wahab Managing Director Director Director
  3. 3. Mission Statement The Mission Dedicated to assist and provide professional and friendly services to clients in the manufacturing industries particularly the food and related industries in accomplishing their goals in producing quality and safe products. Press any Key to Continue
  4. 4. Policy Statement Our Policy To maintain complete confidentiality and protect clients intellectual properties while providing quality services during the tenure of the contract Press any Key to Continue
  5. 5. AmalMerge is an established provider of specialised consultancy services and training programs to the Food Industries in South East Asia region and Worldwide. With strong background in Food Engineering, Post Harvest Handling, Quality Management, Food Safety and HALAL Operations AmalMerge consultants specializes in the areas of: A hGood Manufacturing Practices & Food Hygiene Professional nQuality Systems & Management, HACCP and Food Safety Consultancy Service Company &HALAL Compliance Manufacturing Training Resources Development eSupplier Assessment and Second party auditing eProduct And Business Development nPest Control in Food Industries FFood Safety Auditing in Food Services and Franchising Operation Press any Key to Continue
  6. 6. •Consultancy services are professionally conducted in a friendly atmosphere to suit the clients needs and business •The consultant conduct gap analysis in the existing clients’ operation and process management to evaluate needs and CONSULTANCY deficiencies and recommend solution for improvement. SERVICES •The consultant assist start-up companies in identifying suitable approach to setup facilities and operations to meet local and international food safety standards and The Approach requirement •Our consultants research and apply the latest scientific knowledge available through their worldwide network of professional affiliates and they possess the necessary FIELD EXPERIENCES not just theoretical •The consultancy assignment integrate on-the-job training and hands-on application to guarantee results Press any Key to Continue
  7. 7. CONSULTANCY SERVICES We assist our clients in developing procedures and documentation such as: cQuality Manuals to meet HACCP and HALAL Standards t Quality Manuals to meet Meat Industry or other CONSULTANCY Industry Sector Standards SERVICES STraining Manuals to meet HACCP and Food Safety Standards, Development of Induction Programs Manual And Document oCustomized SSOPs (Sanitation Standard Operating Preparation Procedures) for various manufacturing activities vGeneral and Technical Laboratory manual nQuality / HACCP Audits / HALAL Audits AInternal audit manual and monitoring guidelines aFood Processing and Food Engineering Techniques Press any Key to Continue
  8. 8. AmalMerge has developed strong links with various Government agencies and Institutions of Higher Learning. AmalMerge forms the ‘specialist pool’ and registered trainer to various agencies and institutions AmalMerge has established links with AmalMerge professional organizations in food and LINKS AND agriculture sector CAPABILITIES AmalMerge has established links to assist clients in gaining Government grants and funding for a variety of projects AmalMerge is able to present its programs to meet all education levels and in languages to suit course participants needs. Press any Key to Continue
  9. 9. AmalMerge provide scheduled public courses in various demographic regions of the country as well as in-house courses. Training programs are tailored to suit various levels of managements, supervisors and operators. TRAINING The company presents its programs in such a PROGRAMS way that results can be measured to meet clients’ particular needs. All programs are presented in an interactive approach and in “client-friendly” way adaptive to the company system to business”. AmalMerge consultants have proven successful track record and experience in Food Technical Services - they are themselves “FIELD- TRAINED PRACTITIONERS”. They are able to share their experiences with participants Press any Key to Continue
  10. 10. HYGIENE / GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES AFood Handling for Plant Operatives r Food Handling for Warehouse and Distribution Staff TRAINING COURSES r Food Safety Assurance - Hygiene for Supervisors r Hygiene and Cleaning in Manufacturing Plants HYGIENE & GMP nMicrobiology in Food Processing FFood Handling in Food Service Companies Good Manufacturing Practices Press any Key to Continue
  11. 11. QUALITY MANAGEMENT NHACCP - A Food Safety Plan aNew Product Development l Product Recall l Quality Assurance for Process Operators TRAINING eQuality Assurance for Small to Medium Food Plants COURSES eQuality Control for Process Operators QUALITY f Quality Control Techniques TSupplier Assessment eInternal Auditing gISO9000, Total Quality Management uHACCP and HALAL: A Total Food Requirement Press any Key to Continue
  12. 12. TECHNICAL AND SPECIALISED EFood Packaging Technology ePost harvest technology and handling hFood services operation surveillance program TRAINING eHALAL-Compliant Manufacturing COURSES MHalal Auditing Program r Sensory Evaluation TECHNICAL AND SPECIALISED oFood Processing and Food Engineering Techniques aPest control in food industries f Pasteurizer Operators Course aIndustrial instrumentation, operation, maintenance and monitoring Press any Key to Continue
  13. 13. TRAINING COURSES INVOLVE Determine clients need – The changes required in the company and how training can help TRAINING Designing appropriate Case Studies using changes wanted and action plans COURSES Selecting appropriate topics for training presentation and THE customising to suit the client INVOLVEMENT Determining methods of accessing the effectiveness of the training for client and participant Press any Key to Continue
  14. 14. Dr Ahmad Robin Wahab Dr. Robin is the Managing Director of AmalMerge (M) Sdn Bhd and its subsidiary HALAL and Food Safety Institute (HAFI). Robin holds PhD and Masters of Applied Science degrees in Food Engineering from UNSW Australia. He is also a professional Member of the Australian Institute of Packaging (MAIP). He has The had extensive experience in the Malaysian Food Industry having worked as: Consultant •Technical Director – Food safety and Halal consultancy, training and auditing.- Raycord (M) Sdn. Bhd. •Director, Technical Services - Halal Food certification authority, consultancy and training. IDSB •Manager, Research application and commercialisation - Agro- based manufacturing industry. Sabutek (M) Sdn Bhd. •Senior Manager, Business Development/Human Resource - properties acquisition and development. FACB •Senior Research Officer - Food and Agriculture consultancy (Food Engineering, Storage and Processing). MARDI •Chairman of a SIRIM Technical Committee (Standard & Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) •Plant Manager - Fish by-product processing plant and feed mill Robin has had extensive international experience in collaborative research work with CSIRO Australia through (ACIAR) The Australian Center for International Agricultural Research, IDRC Canada and ASEAN Food Handling Bureau.
  15. 15. Mr Ross Sullivan Ross Sullivan is a senior consultant with more than 20 years of experience as a Laboratory Manager, QA Manager, Consultant and Trainer in the field of Quality Assurance, Hygiene, HACCP and ISO9000 Quality Systems to both small and large multi-national organisations. Affiliate His association with organisations such as the Victorian Meat Authority, Kraft Foods, Herbert Adams, The Uncle Tobys Consultant Company, Renshaw Foods, The Australian Organisation for Quality, Clements and Marshall, Victorian Food Industry Board, Drytech Australia, Quaker Australia Ltd, Packard Instruments, Speciality Pallets, Carlton and United Breweries and Sharp and Howells have provided him with a broad range of experience and expertise. Ross delivers training and consulting in QA, HACCP, HACCP Auditing, Food Hygiene, Sensory Evaluation, QC Techniques, ISO9000 facilitation and documentation to companies in the meat, cereal, dairy, sugar, cake manufacture and food service industries. He has also developed and documented the HACCP- based quality systems for 16 meat and poultry processors in Victoria, Queensland and NSW meeting the requirements of the respective State Meat Authorities.
  16. 16. Ms Tania Schellaars Affiliate Tania Schellaars is an affiliate Technical Services Consultant Consultant and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree - Microbiology Degree Major from the University of Melbourne. Tania has held a variety of Technical Positions with Nestlé Australia including Plant Microbiologist, Laboratory Services Coordinator and Laboratory Coordinator. In her role as Technical Services Consultant for Amalmerge (M) Sdn Bhd, she has developed and implemented laboratory operation program and HACCP Food Safety Systems for a number of companies in the food industry. Tania is also an Accredited Auditor for the International Recognition of HACCP Food Safety Plans.
  17. 17. Mr Chuah Eng Chong Chuah holds a M. Sc. degree in Food Science and Technology and also has a Post Graduate Diploma from UNSW Australia. He also attended international training in various fields of food processing including retort operation and canning. Affiliate Consultant He has had extensive experience in the Malaysian Food Industry having worked as senior researcher in the Malaysia Agricultural Research and Development Institute and at the same time provides training and consultancy to the industry particularly in the areas of meat sciences and product development. Chuah is an active member of the Malaysian Institute of Food Technology. He was a lead auditor for HACCP with the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Chuah also sits in several technical advisory committee in SIRIM and other semi-governments agencies. Chuah is also active internationally having collaborative research work with CSIRO Australia and ASEAN Food Handling Program. Press any Key to Continue
  18. 18. Hj Wan Johari Wan Daud Wan Johari is a Food Technologist with a Masters degree in Food Science from University of Reading, UK. He specializes in fish and seafood product processing and management. He has been trained in Affiliate Organization and Management of Food Industry, Small Consultant Enterprise Development and HACCP food safety implementation program. As a senior researcher with MARDI, Wan Johari was also actively involved in providing training and consultancy services to the food industries, government agencies and the private sectors in food processing, food safety and Halal advisory. Wan Johari is also an experienced event organizer for conferences and industrial training. Wan Johari is also actively involve in HACCP consulting in collaboration with MARDITECH Corporation Sdn. Bhd.. Press any Key to Continue
  19. 19. Dr Rahim Muda Dr Rahim is a post harvest entomologist with a Masters degree in Science from USA and PhD from the University of Queensland, Australia. Rahim specializes in pest control management and grain post harvest handling and storage. He Affiliate has worked extensively in collaborative research programs with CSIRO and ACIAR of Australia in areas of grain storage Consultant and pest management. As a senior researcher with MARDI, Rahim is also actively involved in providing training and consultancy services to the food industries, government agencies and the property sector. Rahim is a licensed pest control operator and a specialist trainer providing advisory services to the department of Agriculture and pest control industries. Rahim had written many publications from his research findings in several international journals and had presented papers in international seminars and conferences. He is also an active member of the professional association of Malaysian Entomological Society Press any Key to Continue
  20. 20. Affiliate Companies and Collaborative Partners s Pernas Hotel School • Provides training in hotel catering and hospitality industry Smart • Development of HACCP program for Partnership hotels and service industries (a model) s Islamic Committee Office of Thailand (ICOT) • Halal certification body in Thailand • Training provider on halal and food safety to food industries • Organizer of International seminars and conferences of Halal food industries Press any Key to Continue
  21. 21. Affiliate Companies and Collaborative Partners s a full scope JAS-ANZ Accredited Certification Body (Joint Accreditation System - Australia New Zealand) for the Smart Certification of Quality Management Systems to ISO 9000 and QS-9000, the Certification of Environmental Partnership Management Systems to ISO 14001 and other programs as shown in the table below. s ISO 9000 Quality s Automotive Quality Standard QS-9000 s ISO 14000 Environmental Management s Occupational Health & Safety Management s HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), of particular benefit to the food and pharmaceutical industries s Product Certification s Disability Employment Services (FaCS) s Public Training Programs in the above, for example:- IRCA Accredited External Quality Auditor.IRCA Accredited Internal Quality Auditor Press any Key to Continue
  22. 22. Affiliate Companies and Collaborative Partners s Glohex Consulting Group specialised in Halal services in food trade, Islamic financing and ICT. Smart s It provides Halal food trade matching services for Partnership global halal exchange between manufacturer and traders. s Glohex also provides international training program on Halal compliance manufacturing, Islamic financing and other food industry processing activities. s AmalMerge and Glohex partnership provides Halal verification services for food manufacturers, traders and consumers s Glohex has branch offices in Singapore and Indonesia and affiliate offices in Thailand and The Philippines. Press any Key to Continue
  23. 23. INTERNATIONAL MALAYSIAN Clients Clients •Coca-Cola Far East Ltd. • CAF Food Product Sdn Bhd •Nestlé (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd • Citral (M) Sdn Bhd •Kellogg Asia Marketing Inc. • Cold Storage Malaysia •Malaysian Dairy Industries • Dan Kaffe (M) Sdn Bhd Pte Ltd, Singapore • F&N Coca-Cola (M) Sdn Bhd •Al-Shariff Trading Co. Ltd, • Guan Chong Cocoa Thailand Manufacturer Sdn Bhd VALUED • Intercontinental Specialty Fats CLIENTS Berhad • LFD Manufacturing Sdn Bhd • LINACO Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd • Pau Emas Sdn Bhd • Saji Bumi Sdn Bhd • Tricious Marketing • Pernas Hotel School • Yakin Invest Corporation Sdn Bhd • QSun Foods (M) Sdn. Bhd. Press any Key to Continue
  24. 24. MALAYSIA: Kuala Lumpur office: AmalMerge (M) Sdn Bhd HALAL And Food Safety Institute 2695 Jalan Permata 22 Taman Permata 53300 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA Tel: +603-41073399 Contact Fax: +603-41078021 Addresses Email: Contact: Dr. Ahmad Robin Wahab Affiliate Office: Glohex Consulting Group Sdn Bhd Suite H Level 10, Bangunan Antarabangsa, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA Tel: +603-21447043 Fax: +603-21488321 Contact: Ms. Fakihah Asahari Press any Key to Continue