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Energy 120606

  1. 1. Global StrategyEquity Research Asia Sector StrategyJune 6, 2012 O&G Weekly: An opportune time?2012 GDP ESTIMATES:  Oil prices continue to weaken. Crude oil had another bad week, with WTI,China: 7.7%-8.2% Brent and Dubai all losing between 4%-7% of their value over the last seven days. In total, all three benchmarks have fallen by more than 20% from theirHong Kong: 2.5%-3.0% peak in March. Short-term newsflow remain weak, with macroeconomic dataIndia: 6.8%-7.3% from the US and China depressing sentiment on crude oil. PhysicalIndonesia: 6.0%-6.5% fundamentals also look weak for 2012, with supply growth (mainly fromJapan: 1.5%-2.0% OPEC) outstripping demand growth by more than 1 mbpd, based on EIAKorea: 2.8%-3.3% projections (although much of this supply would go towards replenishingMalaysia: 4.4%-4.9% inventories drawn down substantially in 2011). The USD index has alsoSingapore: 2.0%-2.5% strengthened by more than 3% YTD, putting further pressure on crude oilTaiwan: 2.3%-2.8% prices.Thailand: 3.5%-4.0%U.S.: 1.8%  Putin visit to herald a (long-overdue) gas agreement? Russian PresidentEurozone: 0.4% Vladimir Putin begins a three-day visit to China today, and hopes are running high that China and the world’s leading natural gas producer will finally sign a gas sales agreement first proposed in a MoU in 2009. Recent2012 INDEX TARGETS: weakness in crude prices may give PetroChina more room to negotiate withS&P 500: 1,400 Gazprom, as Russia is likely to index its gas prices to crude oil. Still, withS&P Euro 350: 1,050 gas pricing reform still in its infancy in China (trials have only begun inS&P Asia 50: 3,500 Guangdong and Guangxi from early this year), we believe this would be a hurdle too far, in the short-term. Over the long-run, we believe China will push gas prices towards market pricing to encourage domestic investments and natural gas imports, which will be crucial to meet its energy needs.  Sinopec, CNOOC Ltd sniffing around TNK-BP stake? BP on Jun. 1 announced it had received approaches for its stake in troubled Russian JVEnergy TNK-BP, and has said that it intends to pursue the sale. Although no names were mentioned, market speculation is rife that both Sinopec and CNOOCOil & Gas Ltd are looking at the stake, especially with President Putin visiting China. We suspect that if this is the case, the acquisition may be undertaken by parent companies of either Sinopec or CNOOC Ltd, and later on injected inOverweight stages into the listed entity, given the potential value of USD30 bln for the stake would be one of the biggest ever undertaken by the Chinese energy players.  Another spill at PL19-3? Troubled offshore oil field PL19-3 was again in the limelight this week, with ConocoPhillips, the operator of the field,Ahmad Abdul-Halim, CFA announcing a small 0.6 ton oil leak during an oil transfer operation onEquity Analyst Sunday. The oil sheen was immediately cleaned up by 3 pm Monday, but we believe this will put more pressure on both ConocoPhillips and CNOOC Ltd to ramp up safety precautions ahead of a possible re-start of commercial production at China’s biggest offshore oil field to date, which we expect to happen by end 2012.  Tune out the noise; buy CNOOC Ltd on cheap valuations. We encourage investors to tune out the oil price noise and the drama in Europe, and focus on company fundamentals, which remain positive for our top pick CNOOC Ltd (trading at 6.8x 2012 EPS on CIQ data, vs. five-year average PE of 12.5x).Standard & Poor’s This report is for information purposes and should not be considered a solicitation to buy or sell any security. Neither Standard & Poor’s nor any other party guarantees its accuracy or makes warranties regarding resultsEquity Research Services from its usage. Redistribution is prohibited without written permission. Copyright © 2012. All required30 Cecil Street disclosures and analyst certification appears on the last 3 pages of this report. Additional information isPrudential Tower, 17th Floor available on request.Singapore, 049712
  2. 2. June 6, 2012 Global Strategy 2 Select Integrated Oil & Gas and E&P Price Performance and Key Capital IQ Consensus Ratios as at June 05, 2012 Price Performance PER (x) PAT Growth Market Trading Cap (USD Company Name CIQ Ticker Ccy Share Price mln) 1 Mth 3 Mths 6 Mths FY2012 FY2013 FY2012 FY2013 Integrateds Exxon Mobil Corporation NYSE:XOM USD 77.60 362,870 -8.2% -10.8% -3.5% 9.5x 8.8x -6.5% 4.5% PetroChina Co. Ltd. SEHK:857 HKD 9.65 263,468 -14.9% -15.6% -4.3% 9.2x 8.6x 17.6% 6.4% Royal Dutch Shell plc LSE:RDSA GBP 19.84 197,321 -7.4% -12.8% -12.1% 6.6x 6.3x -7.8% 6.7% Chevron Corporation NYSE:CVX USD 96.49 190,343 -7.0% -11.7% -6.2% 7.2x 7.1x -1.9% 0.9% BP plc LSE:BP. GBP 4.02 117,542 -4.8% -20.3% -13.8% 5.9x 5.4x -18.7% 4.7% China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. SEHK:386 HKD 6.80 86,195 -16.8% -22.3% -17.7% 6.4x 5.9x 0.7% 15.8% ConocoPhillips NYSE:COP USD 51.87 65,593 -2.4% -33.1% -28.8% 7.2x 6.6x -28.2% 5.7% PTT Public Co. Ltd. SET:PTT THB 303.00 27,392 -14.2% -15.4% -5.3% 7.2x 6.5x 11.6% 13.9% Average -9.46% -17.76% -11.45% 7.4x 6.9x -4.1% 7.3% E&Ps CNOOC Ltd. SEHK:883 HKD 13.28 76,414 -19.7% -23.1% -13.8% 6.8x 6.8x -0.3% 0.3% Statoil ASA OB:STL NOK 134.70 70,192 -9.6% -15.5% -9.7% 7.5x 7.1x -27.4% 1.9% Suncor Energy Inc. TSX:SU CAD 28.30 42,434 -6.3% -18.7% -9.2% 8.2x 7.2x 24.2% 15.7% Apache Corp. NYSE:APA USD 81.15 31,716 -8.9% -24.1% -16.3% 6.7x 6.1x 4.7% 12.2% Anadarko Petroleum Corporation NYSE:APC USD 58.86 29,405 -14.7% -29.2% -28.0% 14.8x 11.2x NM 33.3% Woodside Petroleum Ltd. ASX:WPL AUD 32.03 25,702 -9.5% -11.1% -6.3% 12.9x 11.0x 36.1% 20.0% PTT E&P Public Company Limited SET:PTTEP THB 155.00 16,287 -11.9% -15.3% -6.6% 9.2x 7.5x 23.4% 23.3% Hess Corporation NYSE:HES USD 43.01 14,517 -15.6% -33.5% -29.2% 6.8x 5.7x 29.6% 22.3% Average -12.02% -21.33% -14.88% 9.1x 7.3x 12.9% 16.1% EV/EBITDA PBV ROE Gross Margin Div Yield Company Name FY2012 FY2013 FY2012 FY2013 FY2012 FY2013 FY2012 FY2013 FY2012 FY2013 Integrateds Exxon Mobil Corporation NYSE:XOM 4.2x 4.0x 2.2x 2.0x 22.6% 21.6% 42.70% 44.30% 2.70% 2.91% PetroChina Co. Ltd. SEHK:857 5.6x 5.2x 1.3x 1.2x 14.6% 14.6% 42.30% 47.05% 4.81% 5.24% Royal Dutch Shell plc LSE:RDSA 3.4x 3.2x 1.0x 0.9x 16.1% 15.3% N/A N/A 5.57% 5.76% Chevron Corporation NYSE:CVX 3.0x 3.0x 1.4x 1.2x 20.4% 18.5% 44.30% 45.90% 3.63% 3.77% BP plc LSE:BP. 3.3x 3.3x 0.9x 0.8x 17.3% 16.8% 18.80% 19.70% 5.16% 5.65% China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. SEHK:386 4.4x 3.9x 0.9x 0.8x 15.2% 14.8% 16.89% 19.47% 4.86% 5.31% ConocoPhillips NYSE:COP 3.8x 3.6x 1.1x 1.0x 13.2% 14.4% 47.70% 49.70% 5.18% 5.39% PTT Public Co. Ltd. SET:PTT 5.2x 4.7x 1.3x 1.2x 19.8% 19.3% 9.24% 10.08% 4.56% 5.17% Average 4.1x 3.9x 1.3x 1.1x 17.4% 16.9% 31.70% 33.74% 4.56% 4.90% E&Ps CNOOC Ltd. SEHK:883 3.3x 3.3x 1.6x 1.4x 24.7% 21.0% 62.67% 61.45% 4.50% 3.3x Statoil ASA OB:STL 1.8x 1.8x 1.4x 1.2x 19.4% 18.0% 47.38% 46.07% 5.06% 1.8x Suncor Energy Inc. TSX:SU 4.2x 3.7x 1.0x 0.9x 13.3% 13.8% 60.80% 62.60% 1.73% 4.2x Apache Corp. NYSE:APA 3.0x 2.8x 1.0x 0.8x 15.7% 15.2% 79.30% N/A 0.81% 3.0x Anadarko Petroleum Corporation NYSE:APC 4.5x 4.0x 1.3x 1.2x 10.6% 11.6% 71.30% N/A 0.62% 4.5x Woodside Petroleum Ltd. ASX:WPL 7.4x 6.4x 1.7x 1.6x 14.9% 15.4% 76.70% 76.50% 4.02% 7.4x PTT E&P Public Company Limited SET:PTTEP 4.3x 3.4x 2.1x 1.8x 24.9% 25.4% 53.26% 54.44% 4.22% 4.3x Hess Corporation NYSE:HES 2.7x 2.4x 0.7x 0.6x 11.2% 11.6% 32.20% 33.90% 0.97% 2.7x Average 3.9x 3.5x 1.3x 1.2x 16.8% 16.5% 60.45% 55.83% 2.74% 3.9x Source: S&P Capital IQ Standard & Poor’s Equity Research
  3. 3. June 6, 2012 Global Strategy S&P Capital IQ Equity Research – S&P Capital IQ Equity Research U.S. includesGlossary Standard & Poor’s Investment Advisory Services LLC; Standard & Poor’s Equity Research Services Europe includes McGraw-Hill Financial Research Europe Limited 3 trading as Standard & Poor’s; Standard & Poor’s Equity Research Services AsiaS&P STARS - Since January 1, 1987, S&P Capital IQ Equity Research has ranked a includes McGraw-Hill Financial Singapore Pte. Limited’s offices in Singapore,universe of U.S. common stocks, ADRs (American Depositary Receipts), and ADSs Standard & Poor’s Investment Advisory Services (HK) Limited in Hong Kong,(American Depositary Shares) based on a given equity’s potential for future Standard & Poor’s Malaysia Sdn Bhd, and Standard & Poor’s Information Servicesperformance. Similarly, S&P Capital IQ Equity Research has used STARS® (Australia) Pty Ltd.methodology to rank Asian and European equities since June 30, 2002. Under Abbreviations Used in S&P Capital IQ Equity Research Reportsproprietary STARS (STock Appreciation Ranking System), S&P equity analysts rank CAGR- Compound Annual Growth Rateequities according to their individual forecast of an equity’s future total return CAPEX- Capital Expenditurespotential versus the expected total return of a relevant benchmark (e.g., a regional CY- Calendar Yearindex (S&P Asia 50 Index, S&P Europe 350® Index or S&P 500® Index)), based on a DCF- Discounted Cash Flow12-month time horizon. STARS was designed to meet the needs of investors looking EBIT- Earnings Before Interest and Taxesto put their investment decisions in perspective. Data used to assist in determining EBITDA- Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortizationthe STARS ranking may be the result of the analyst’s own models as well as internal EPS- Earnings Per Shareproprietary models resulting from dynamic data inputs. EV- Enterprise ValueS&P Quality Rankings (also known as S&P Earnings & Dividend Rankings)- FCF- Free Cash FlowGrowth and stability of earnings and dividends are deemed key elements in FFO- Funds From Operationsestablishing S&P’s earnings and dividend rankings for common stocks, which are FY- Fiscal Yeardesigned to capsulize the nature of this record in a single symbol. It should be noted, P/E- Price/Earningshowever, that the process also takes into consideration certain adjustments and PEG Ratio- P/E-to-Growth Ratiomodifications deemed desirable in establishing such rankings. The final score for PV- Present Valueeach stock is measured against a scoring matrix determined by analysis of the scores R&D- Research & Developmentof a large and representative sample of stocks. The range of scores in the array of ROE- Return on Equitythis sample has been aligned with the following ladder of rankings: ROI- Return on Investment ROIC- Return on Invested CapitalA+ Highest B+ Average C Lowest ROA- Return on AssetsA High B Below Average D In Reorganization SG&A- Selling, General & Administrative ExpensesA- Above Average B- Lower NR Not Ranked WACC- Weighted Average Cost of CapitalS&P Issuer Credit Rating - A Standard & Poor’s Issuer Credit Rating is a current Dividends on American Depository Receipts (ADRs) and American Depositoryopinion of an obligor’s overall financial capacity (its creditworthiness) to pay its Shares (ADSs) are net of taxes (paid in the country of origin).financial obligations. This opinion focuses on the obligor’s capacity and willingnessto meet its financial commitments as they come due. It does not apply to any specificfinancial obligation, as it does not take into account the nature of and provisions ofthe obligation, its standing in bankruptcy or liquidation, statutory preferences, or the Disclosures/Disclaimerslegality and enforceability of the obligation. In addition, it does not take into accountthe creditworthiness of the guarantors, insurers, or other forms of creditenhancement on the obligation. Required DisclosuresS&P Capital IQ EPS Estimates – S&P Capital IQ earnings per share (EPS) estimates In contrast to the qualitative STARS recommendations covered in this report, whichreflect analyst projections of future EPS from continuing operations, and generally are determined and assigned by S&P Capital IQ equity analysts, S&P’s quantitativeexclude various items that are viewed as special, non-recurring, or extraordinary. evaluations are derived from S&P’s proprietary Fair Value quantitative model. InAlso, S&P Capital IQ EPS estimates reflect either forecasts of S&P Capital IQ equity particular, the Fair Value Ranking methodology is a relative ranking methodology,analysts; or, the consensus (average) EPS estimate, which are independently whereas the STARS methodology is not. Because the Fair Value model and thecompiled by Capital IQ, a data provider to S&P Capital IQ Equity Research. Among STARS methodology reflect different criteria, assumptions and analytical methods,the items typically excluded from EPS estimates are asset sale gains; impairment, quantitative evaluations may at times differ from (or even contradict) an equityrestructuring or merger-related charges; legal and insurance settlements; in process analyst’s STARS recommendations. As a quantitative model, Fair Value relies onresearch and development expenses; gains or losses on the extinguishment of debt; history and consensus estimates and does not introduce an element of subjectivitythe cumulative effect of accounting changes; and earnings related to operations that as can be the case with equity analysts in assigning STARS recommendations.have been classified by the company as discontinued. The inclusion of some items,such as stock option expense and recurring types of other charges, may vary, anddepend on such factors as industry practice, analyst judgment, and the extent to S&P Global STARS Distributionwhich some types of data is disclosed by companies. In North America As of March 31, 2012, research analysts at S&P Capital IQ Equity Research NorthS&P Core Earnings – S&P Capital IQ Core Earnings is a uniform methodology for America recommended 34.5% of issuers with buy recommendations, 57.9% withadjusting operating earnings by focusing on a companys after-tax earnings hold recommendations and 7.6% with sell recommendations.generated from its principal businesses. Included in the S&P Capital IQ definition are In Europeemployee stock option grant expenses, pension costs, restructuring charges from As of March 31, 2012, research analysts at S&P Capital IQ Equity Research Europeongoing operations, write-downs of depreciable or amortizable operating assets, recommended 30.1% of issuers with buy recommendations, 49.4% with holdpurchased research and development, M&A related expenses and unrealized recommendations and 20.5% with sell recommendations.gains/losses from hedging activities. Excluded from the definition are pension gains,impairment of goodwill charges, gains or losses from asset sales, reversal of prior- In Asia As of March 31, 2012, research analysts at S&P Capital IQ Equity Research Asiayear charges and provision from litigation or insurance settlements. recommended 35.9% of issuers with buy recommendations, 54.3% with hold recommendations and 9.8% with sell recommendations.S&P 12 Month Target Price – The S&P Capital IQ equity analyst’s projection of themarket price a given security will command 12 months hence, based on a Globallycombination of intrinsic, relative, and private market valuation metrics, including S&P As of March 31, 2012, research analysts at S&P Capital IQ Equity Research globally recommended 34.0% of issuers with buy recommendations, 56.3% with holdFair Value. recommendations and 9.7% with sell recommendations. Standard & Poor’s Equity Research
  4. 4. June 6, 2012 Global StrategyAdditional information is available upon request. incidental, exemplary, compensatory, punitive, special or consequential damages, costs, expenses, legal fees, or losses (including, without limitation, lost income or 4Other Disclosures lost profits and opportunity costs) in connection with any use of the information contained in this document even if advised of the possibility of such damages.This report has been prepared and issued by S&P Capital IQ and/or one of its Capital IQ is a business of S&P Capital IQ.affiliates. In the United States, research reports are prepared by Standard & Poor’sInvestment Advisory Services LLC (“SPIAS”). In the United States, research reports Ratings from Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services are statements of opinion as ofare issued by Standard & Poor’s (“S&P”); in the United Kingdom by McGraw-Hill the date they are expressed and not statements of fact or recommendations toFinancial Research Europe Limited, which is authorized and regulated by the purchase, hold, or sell any securities or to make any investment decisions.Financial Services Authority and trades as Standard & Poor’s; in Hong Kong by Standard & Poor’s assumes no obligation to update its opinions followingStandard & Poor’s Investment Advisory Services (HK) Limited, which is regulated by publication in any form or format. Standard & Poor’s ratings should not be reliedthe Hong Kong Securities Futures Commission; in Singapore by McGraw-Hill on and are not substitutes for the skill, judgment and experience of the user, itsFinancial Singapore Pte. Limited (MHFSPL), which is regulated by the Monetary management, employees, advisors and/or clients when making investment andAuthority of Singapore; in Malaysia by Standard & Poor’s Malaysia Sdn Bhd other business decisions. Standard & Poor’s rating opinions do not address the(“S&PM”), which is regulated by the Securities Commission; in Australia by Standard suitability of any security. Standard & Poor’s does not act as a fiduciary. While& Poor’s Information Services (Australia) Pty Ltd (“SPIS”), which is regulated by the Standard & Poor’s has obtained information from sources it believes to be reliable,Australian Securities & Investments Commission; and in Korea by SPIAS, which is Standard & Poor’s does not perform an audit and undertakes no duty of duealso registered in Korea as a cross-border investment advisory company. diligence or independent verification of any information it receives.The research and analytical services performed by SPIAS, MHFSPL, S&PM, and SPIS S&P Capital IQ keeps certain activities of its business units separate from eachare each conducted separately from any other analytical activity of S&P Capital IQ. other in order to preserve the independence and objectivity of their respective activities. As a result, certain business units of S&P Capital IQ may haveS&P Capital IQ or an affiliate may license certain intellectual property or provide information that is not available to other S&P Capital IQ business units. S&P Capitalpricing or other services to, or otherwise have a financial interest in, certain issuers of IQ has established policies and procedures to maintain the confidentiality of certainsecurities, including exchange-traded investments whose investment objective is to non-public information received in connection with each analytical process.substantially replicate the returns of a proprietary Standard & Poors index, such asthe S&P 500. In cases where S&P Capital IQ or an affiliate is paid fees that are tied to Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services did not participate in the development of thisthe amount of assets that are invested in the fund or the volume of trading activity in report. Standard & Poor’s may receive compensation for its ratings and certainthe fund, investment in the fund will generally result in S&P Capital IQ or an affiliate credit-related analyses, normally from issuers or underwriters of securities or fromearning compensation in addition to the subscription fees or other compensation for obligors. Standard & Poor’s reserves the right to disseminate its opinions andservices rendered by S&P Capital IQ. A reference to a particular investment or analyses. Standard & Poor’s public ratings and analyses are made available on itssecurity by S&P Capital IQ and/or one of its affiliates is not a recommendation to buy, Web sites, (free of charge), andsell, or hold such investment or security, nor is it considered to be investment advice. and (subscription), and may be distributed through other means, including via Standard & Poor’s publicationsIndexes are unmanaged, statistical composites and their returns do not include and third-party redistributors. Additional information about our ratings fees ispayment of any sales charges or fees an investor would pay to purchase the available at they represent. Such costs would lower performance. It is not possible toinvest directly in an index. This material is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security or other financial instrument. Securities, financial instruments orS&P Capital IQ and its affiliates provide a wide range of services to, or relating to, strategies mentioned herein may not be suitable for all investors. Any opinionsmany organizations, including issuers of securities, investment advisers, broker- expressed herein are given in good faith, are subject to change without notice, anddealers, investment banks, other financial institutions and financial intermediaries, are only current as of the stated date of their issue. Prices, values, or income fromand accordingly may receive fees or other economic benefits from those any securities or investments mentioned in this report may fall against the interestsorganizations, including organizations whose securities or services they may of the investor and the investor may get back less than the amount invested. Whererecommend, rate, include in model portfolios, evaluate or otherwise address. an investment is described as being likely to yield income, please note that the amount of income that the investor will receive from such an investment mayFor a list of companies mentioned in this report with whom S&P Capital IQ and/or fluctuate. Where an investment or security is denominated in a different currency toone of its affiliates has had business relationships within the past year, please go to: the investor’s currency of reference, changes in rates of exchange may have an adverse effect on the value, price or income of or from that investment to the investor. The information contained in this report does not constitute advice on theservices/articles/en/us/?assetID=1245187982940 tax consequences of making any particular investment decision. This material is not intended for any specific investor and does not take into account your particularDisclaimers investment objectives, financial situations or needs and is not intended as a recommendation of particular securities, financial instruments or strategies to you.With respect to reports issued to clients in Japan and in the case of inconsistencies Before acting on any recommendation in this material, you should considerbetween the English and Japanese version of a report, the English version prevails. whether it is suitable for your particular circumstances and, if necessary, seekWith respect to reports issued to clients in German and in the case of inconsistencies professional advice.between the English and German version of a report, the English version prevails.Neither S&P Capital IQ nor its affiliates guarantee the accuracy of the translation. This document does not constitute an offer of services in jurisdictions where S&PAssumptions, opinions and estimates constitute our judgment as of the date of this capital IQ or its affiliates do not have the necessary licenses.material and are subject to change without notice. Past performance is not For residents of the U.K. – This report is only directed at and should only be reliednecessarily indicative of future results. on by persons outside of the United Kingdom or persons who are inside the UnitedStandard & Poor’s, its affiliates, and any third-party providers, as well as their Kingdom and who have professional experience in matters relating to investmentsdirectors, officers, shareholders, employees or agents (collectively S&P Parties) do or who are high net worth persons, as defined in Article 19(5) or Article 49(2) (a) tonot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of this material, and S&P (d) of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) OrderParties shall have no liability for any errors, omissions, or interruptions therein, 2005, respectively.regardless of the cause, or for the results obtained from the use of the information For residents of Singapore - Anything herein that may be construed as aprovided by the S&P Parties. S&P PARTIES DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL EXPRESS OR recommendation is intended for general circulation and does not take into accountIMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY WARRANTIES OF the specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of anyMERCHANTABILITY, SUITABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR particular person. Advice should be sought from a financial adviser regarding theUSE. In no event shall S&P Parties be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, Standard & Poor’s Equity Research
  5. 5. June 6, 2012 Global Strategysuitability of an investment, taking into account the specific investment objectives,financial situation or particular needs of any person in receipt of the 5recommendation, before the person makes a commitment to purchase theinvestment product.For residents of Malaysia - All queries in relation to this report should be referred toChing Wah Tam and Ahmad Halim.For residents of Indonesia - This research report does not constitute an offeringdocument and it should not be construed as an offer of securities in Indonesia, andthat any such securities will only be offered or sold through a financial institution.For residents of the Philippines - The securities being offered or sold have not beenregistered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the SecuritiesRegulation Code of the Philippines. Any future offer or sale thereof is subject toregistration requirements under the Code unless such offer or sale qualifies as anexempt transaction.Canadian investors should be aware that any specific securities discussed in thisresearch report can only be purchased in Canada through a Canadian registereddealer and, if such securities are not available in the secondary market, they can onlybe purchased by eligible private placement purchasers on a basis that is exempt fromthe prospectus requirements of Canadian securities law and will be subject to resalerestrictions.For residents of Australia – This report is distributed by Standard & Poor’sInformation Services (Australia) Pty Ltd (“SPIS”) in Australia.Any express or implied opinion contained in this report is limited to "General Advice"and based solely on consideration of the investment merits of the financial product(s)alone. The information in this report has not been prepared for use by retail investorsand has been prepared without taking account of any particular persons financial orinvestment objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on any advice, anyperson using the advice should consider its appropriateness having regard to theirown or their clients objectives, financial situation and needs. You should obtain aProduct Disclosure Statement relating to the product and consider the statementbefore making any decision or recommendation about whether to acquire theproduct. Each opinion must be weighed solely as one factor in any investmentdecision made by or on behalf of any adviser and any such adviser must accordinglymake their own assessment taking into account an individuals particularcircumstances.SPIS holds an Australian Financial Services Licence Number 258896. Please refer tothe SPIS Financial Services Guide for more information & POOR’S, S&P, S&P 500, S&P Europe 350 and STARS areregistered trademarks of Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC. Standard & Poor’s Equity Research
  6. 6. June 6, 2012 Global Strategy This page intentionally left blank 6 Standard & Poor’s Equity Research