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  1. 1. E-SMART_HR – PRODUCT WRITE UP & BROCHURES 1. PROPOSED SOLUTION 1.1 System Description 1.1.1 System Overview E-SMART_HR is a 100% locally-developed Web-based Human Resource Management System (HRMS) built on Open Source technology with the purpose of empowering Human Resource activities through Employee-Self-Service (ESS) and a fully integrated range of leading edge Human Capital Development modules. The overall benefits of using the E-SMART_HR application include:      Enhanced operational efficiency through faster and automated HR and Payroll processes Greater accessibility to all HR-related data including critical business information by leveraging Web functionalities Cost-saving through investment on an upgradeable and scalable solution that grows with the organisation Improved overall organisational strategy formulation, decision-making and performance through implementation of a comprehensive Performance Management System Improved effectiveness in all aspects of Human Capital Development-related activities such as recruitment, manpower planning, succession planning, and industrial relations by leveraging online and real-time collaborative and integrated modules. Important Features of E-SMART_HR There are several features of the E-SMART_HR HRMS application that differentiate it from traditional single-terminal HRMS solutions:  Multiple Clients, Web-based Solution E-SMART_HR is completely Web-based and can be accessed from any PC installed with a standard Web Browser (such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer). Users are not limited to access the system from a single PC, and many users can access the system at any one time.  Multiple Users with Configurable Access Levels Every single employee can be defined as a unique User of the system and can login into the system from any PC connected to the E-SMART_HR Server, and every User can be assigned his/her own Access Level, which determines the functions that he/she can or cannot access on the system. Each User also has his/her own password for Login, allowing multiple User access from the same machine (e.g. Leave Application Kiosk) which is useful for environments where not all employees have individual access to a PC. Aerosoft IT Proprietary 1
  2. 2. E-SMART_HR – PRODUCT WRITE UP & BROCHURES  Employee Self-Service E-SMART_HR reduces the workload of HR staff by allowing employees to login and apply for leave or update personal information himself. Subsequently, all necessary verification and approval is forwarded to the appropriate personnel (such as Heads of Department) by the system for them to attend to without requiring manual submission. Workload can also be shared and distributed more easily and evenly as there is no single-terminal limitation and each HR User may be assigned to be responsible for different aspects of the HRMS or Payroll process (given different Access Levels).  Task Notification The system also comes with a Dashboard feature where all relevant notifications such as outstanding tasks (e.g. Leave Approval) are displayed the moment a User logs in into the system. Because only items pertinent to the User are displayed, this helps when prioritising tasks. As E-SMART_HR becomes part of the work environment, this feature will quickly become an integral part of daily communication and information exchange as well as a tool for the individual to organise his/her daily activities. Aerosoft IT Proprietary 2
  3. 3. E-SMART_HR – PRODUCT WRITE UP & BROCHURES 1.1.2 Main Modules The E-SMART_HR application proposed for this project consists of 14 main modules designed to cater for all aspects of Human Resource administration, Payroll administration, and Human Capital Development needs. Many modules are tightly integrated to create a unified, consolidated infrastructure for performing the above activities. The modules are:     E-Smart Workspace E-Smart Company E-Smart Biodata (Personnel Administration) E-Smart Job Profile           E-Smart Payroll E-Smart Leave E-Smart PMS (Job Competency, Appraisal and Performance Management) E-Smart Recruitment E-Smart Talent Management E-Smart Career Development E-Smart Manpower Planning E-Smart Succession Planning E-Smart Reports E-Smart Security The following table lists the submodules under each component and provides a brief overview of the functions available under each module: NO MODULE / SUBMODULE DESCRIPTION E-Smart Workspace E-Dashboard E-Administration  2 E-Smart Company E-Company Profile E-Company Bank E-Company Panels E-Company Facilities     Multiple company profiles and registration Unlimited banks and facilities records Unlimited panel doctors/clinics records Company / bank / clinic reports 3 E-Smart Biodata E-Employee Profile  Employee particulars and photo  Employee health profile, education, employment history, skills and languages Foreign employee details 1    Personalised alerts and notifications with drill down capabilities Configurable notification settings E-Smart_HR application settings and preferences Aerosoft IT Proprietary 3
  4. 4. E-SMART_HR – PRODUCT WRITE UP & BROCHURES     4 5 Spuse and family particulars Unlimited contact details Awards and incentives information Employee reports E-Smart Job Profile E-Promotion E-Increment E-Disciplinary E-Transfer E-Resignation E-Reemployment E-Remuneration  One time setting parameter for drop down menu (working hours, designation, job grade, department, division, etc.) Record, view and edit EPF, socso and zakat amounts & reference numbers Promotion, increment, and transfers Disciplinary actions Employee resignation and reemployment Unlimited employment history details Salary structure and remuneration analysis Job profile reports E-Smart Payroll E-Fixed Allowance E-Fixed Deduction E-Claim E-Overtime E-Other Earning E-Other Deduction E-Bonus                 6 E-Smart Leave E-Leave Calendar E-Leave Application E-Leave Summary E-Public Holiday Fixed allowance / deduction setup Claims management Overtime management Other earnings / deductions setup Bonus management EA & other statutory forms Multi-currency salary by hourly, daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly Payroll generation Payroll reports    Interactive online calendar Online leave application & approval Leave balance / summary analysis   Multiple approval levels setup Leave type and leave entitlements by group/individual Public holidays definitions Leave reports   7 E-Smart PMS E-KPI E-Competencies E-Appraisal E-Performance Summary E-Employee      Key Performance Indicators, performance goals and areas of responsibility Competencies setting & analysis Unlimited goals and competencies review Appraisal questions and ratings and online appraisal process Employee performance summary Aerosoft IT Proprietary 4
  5. 5. E-SMART_HR – PRODUCT WRITE UP & BROCHURES Development Plan   Balance Score Card Employee area of strengths & weaknesses    Employee development plan Link to training module PMS reports 8 E-Smart Recruitment E-Application E-Requisition        Online job application (internal / public) New employee requisition Online resume bank Application status tracking & updating Agency, media, and advertisement settings Recruitment expenditures summary Recruitment reports 9 E-Smart Training E-Training E-Evaluation        Training database and calendar Training provider, venue, and cost settings Online training application and approval Examination and certificate records Online training evaluation Link to PMS and Talent Management modules Training reports   Talent database Talent competencies analysis    Talent tracking and filtering Link to Training and Career Development modules Talent reports    Career development paths / plan Career path requirements Link to training and examinations setup   Career development history Career development reports    Succession planning KPI Succession planning competencies Succession planning target   Competencies analysis Succession reports 10 11 12 E-Smart Talent Management E-Talent Tracker E-Smart Career Development E-Career Development E-Smart Succession Planning E-Succession Aerosoft IT Proprietary 5
  6. 6. E-SMART_HR – PRODUCT WRITE UP & BROCHURES 13 E-Smart Reports E-Smart Report Generator    Default standard report templates provided Ad-hoc report customisation Save custom reports 14 E-Smart Security E-Access Level E-Audit Trail  Module and submodule level, read / write access control Access level by group / individual User access activation Step-by-step access / activity tracking and audit trail Security reports     Aerosoft IT Proprietary 6
  7. 7. E-SMART_HR – PRODUCT WRITE UP & BROCHURES 1.1.3 System Architecture Application Architecture The application architecture for E-SMART_HR is best represented as in diagram 1.1.3.a below: Diagram 1.1.3.a – E-SMART_HR Application Architecture At the core of the E-SMART_HR application are the application front and back ends which consist of the individual HR and Payroll modules as well as application configuration and application management components. These are the basic building blocks of the system. All of the modules are accessible through a single login session and most are tightly integrated with each other depending on their logical functionalities. Encompassing all of the modules are general features of the system including security components such as User activation, password management, access levels management and audit trail. The access level component allows the System Administrator to define the exact access rights of every User to each of the system’s modules and submodules. Other general features include complete employment history maintenance, action activation by effective dates, automatic calculations, and a consistent User Interface throughout all of the modules. Tying up the modules together is the workflow engine which caters for all application / recommendation and verification / approval activities on the system. With Employee Self Service (ESS) fully enabled, the workflow engine automatically takes care of deferals and routing according to user defined policies. Working closely with the workflow engine is the notification engine, which is able to cater for various types of notification requirements including alerts on applications, confirmations, retirements, promotions, increments, disciplinary actions, performance Aerosoft IT Proprietary 7
  8. 8. E-SMART_HR – PRODUCT WRITE UP & BROCHURES appraisal, and so on. Notification can take one or both of two forms; the built-in online Dashboard which alerts the Users upon login, and email notifications. Alerts via SMS can also be supported if required. Reporting features are provided in each module in the form of standard database reports and standard summary/analysis reports. The system also provides reports for standard statutory forms such as EA and CP39. Additionally, a custom Report Writer module allows Users to produce custom reports and save the templates for other Users’ use. The application is also able to provide various interfaces for integration with other modules. The primary interface supported by E-SMART_HR is SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), making use of XML for easy data exchange with other applications. Other methods of integration are also possible depending on User requirements and customisation. Technology Used E-SMART_HR is fully developed using PHP running on a MySQL or DB2 database back-end. Both technologies are widespread in use for both commercial and noncommercial applications. Aerosoft IT Proprietary 8
  9. 9. E-SMART_HR – PRODUCT WRITE UP & BROCHURES Implementation Architecture The following diagram illustrates the general system architecture: HQ Office Other Locations LAN WAN / Internet Server Room Router Database Server E-Smart_HR Web & Application Server MYSQL OR DB2 Database 1. The web-based application E-SMART_HR is hosted on a dedicated web server while the back-end MySQL or DB2 database resides on a dedicated database server. 2. Access to the E-SMART_HR application is available through LAN, WAN, or the Internet from the POTENTIAL PROSPECT HQ and any other location via any standard web browser Note: The above diagram does not take into consideration any mirroring, failover or recovery servers required. Aerosoft IT Proprietary 9
  10. 10. E-SMART_HR – PRODUCT WRITE UP & BROCHURES Future Expandability Considerations There are several aspects that need to be looked into when considering the future expandability and extensability of an existing system:  System Expansion With E-SMART_HR, adding new companies, subsidiaries or branches once the system is installed is not a problem. The system itself has been designed to cater for this with the ability to define multiple companies and/or subsidiaries and each would have its own set of data, Users, and access rules. In terms of architecture, the system supports ‘plug-and-play’ expansion, where all that is needed to activate the system for the new companies or branches is to establish a network connection (via either LAN, WAN or the Internet) to E-SMART_HR from the new location. This level of flexibility ensures that extending usage of the system to more and more Users in a constantly growing organisation would be a painless process.  Increasing Demands on the System As companies grow, the number of employees may increase to unanticipated levels. This puts additional strain on the system and if there is no easy way to improve it performance-wise, the investment may end up wasted. Apart from intrinsic readiness for unlimited number of Users, E-SMART_HR also has the advantage of running on the database back-end of MySQL or DB2, which is a highly scalable database platform that has a direct solution to this potential problem. New machines can be added to the original Server to form a Server Cluster, all with a minimum of fuss, thereby automatically increasing the processing power and thus ensuring performance is maintained or even improved. There is no need to replace the existing machines with more powerful ones and there is no need for time-consuming data migration work. Aerosoft IT Proprietary 10
  11. 11. E-SMART_HR – PRODUCT WRITE UP & BROCHURES Server Room Additional Machines Database Server MYSQL OR DB2 Database Figure 1.1.7.a – E-SMART_HR Expandability  Integration and Customisation Often, different companies may have different requirements for their HR and Payroll practices. Regardless of the magnitude of the differences, ESMART_HR can be customised to meet almost any requirements. This is because E-SMART_HR is a locally made product and developed in-house by us. Similarly, often a company may procure a HRMS system with the added requirement that it can be integrated with other existing systems, such as a Time Management System that records employee clock in and clock out. Such requirements also do not pose a problem to E-SMART_HR because it can be customised to accommodate both high-level integration (e.g. exchange of data via third-party medium or integration agents) and low-level integration (e.g. database level integration). Aerosoft IT Proprietary 11
  12. 12. E-SMART_HR – PRODUCT WRITE UP & BROCHURES 1.1.4 Hardware Requirements Minimum Database Server Requirements:  Intel 2.6GHz CPU - Dual Core, Dual Processor  160 GB Hard Disk + SAN Storage  1 GB RAM  3 X USB Port  48x CD ROM  10/100/1000 Ethernet Card  1 MB Cache  1.44 Floppy Drive Minimum Web & Application Server Requirement:  Intel 2.6GHz CPU  80 GB Hard Disk  1 GB RAM  3 X USB Port  48x CD ROM  10/100/1000 Ethernet Card  1 MB Cache  1.44 Floppy Drive Recommended Requirements:  Redundant Power Supply  Supports Up To 2 Processors  160 GB Hard Disk  2 GB RAM  CD-ROM / DVD-Writer  OS – Windows 2003 Server Aerosoft IT Proprietary 12