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5 Unavoidable Qualities of A Great Interior Designer in Kolkata


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Are you looking for an interior designer to decorate your home? If yes, than just have a look on this PPT. Keep in mind these 5 given point. It will help you to take the right designer.

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5 Unavoidable Qualities of A Great Interior Designer in Kolkata

  1. 1. 5 Unavoidable Qualities of A Great Interior Designer in Kolkata
  2. 2. Having increased its popularity and population Kolkata has become one of the favourite places of the sky-scrapers. Beautiful buildings (domestic and commercial) are made and people want more and more interior designer to organise their places
  3. 3. Consider the point before you hire a home planner: •Creativity • Pattern and rhythm •Artistic •Technical skills •Budget oriented
  4. 4. #Creativity An interior designer is a natural artist whose canvas is your home. He must have his own signature sign that makes your home different from others. His creative self will decorate your place
  5. 5. #Pattern & Rhythm Pattern and rhythm are two inter-depending factors that decide your test. A quality Interior Designers must have insight knowledge of colour, pattern, fabric, place and their effects on the minds that are set up the social and traditional backdrop of Kolkata and its nearby suburbs
  6. 6. #Artistic All creativities are not the piece of art. A home planner must have the sense of beauty that attracts every mind more or less
  7. 7. #Technical Skills Art and technique gratify each other. A great designer must have efficient in high-tech computer based skills that attain a greater place than manual and age old technique
  8. 8. #Budget oriented He is the right home planner whose creativity is flexible. He must know the best decoration even in the cheapest budget. A quality designer has that skill to bring out the finest art at an affordable price
  9. 9. Designing is far away than the term decorating. Don’t decorate your home that is nothing but arranging the stuff. Be smart and fashionable and choose interior designing that will bring out the best of your house
  10. 10. 13, Central Road Jadavpur Kolkata – 700032