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Follow Your Own Path (#AhaNH 2011)


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Abby Fichtner, Evangelist for Startups at Microsoft (aka @HackerChick on Twitter) took an unexpected path to success. As the Keynote Speaker for the "A-Ha!" NH Social Media Business Summit, she brought attendees along the path, and used the "minimum viable product" concept from lean startups to help attendees identify a sweet spot between their passions and strengths.

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Follow Your Own Path (#AhaNH 2011)

  1. 1. “A-Ha!” NH Social Media Business Summit #AhaNH FOLLOW YOUR OWN PATH Abby Fichtner Evangelist for Startups Microsoft Corp. @HackerChick Presented by Epiphanies, Inc. (, in partnership with@EpiphaniesInc | @NoBullBlog | the NH Division of Economic Development (
  2. 2. #AhaNH : @HackerChick
  3. 3. Be a RockStar #AhaNH : @HackerChick
  4. 4. #AhaNH : @HackerChick
  5. 5. The Power of Community #AhaNH : @HackerChick
  6. 6. #AhaNH : @HackerChick
  7. 7. If I’m not saying “HELL, YEAH!” I’m saying... Derek Sivers #AhaNH : @HackerChick
  8. 8. Just #AhaNH : @HackerChick
  9. 9. @kamccollum #AhaNH : @HackerChick
  10. 10. #AhaNH : @HackerChick
  11. 11. To Change One’s Life:Start Immediately.Do It Flamboyantly.No Exceptions. William James #AhaNH : @HackerChick
  12. 12. Find Your Path #AhaNH : @HackerChick
  13. 13. Find Your Path1 passion or strength/card (3 cards)Use few, simple words (<= 4 words) #AhaNH : @HackerChick
  14. 14. Find Your PathFlip 1 card overWrite down a creative wayyou might make it intersect with what yourcommunity is interested in. #AhaNH : @HackerChick
  15. 15. What’sYOUR Path? #AhaNH : @HackerChick