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Current Resume 3_01_15

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Current Resume 3_01_15

  1. 1. Agustin Machak 308 Arrowhead Drive, Shorewood IL. 60404 (832) 334-6456 ▪ OBJECTIVE To secure a full time position that allows me to build a foundation for growth in my professional career. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS  Familiar with human performance tools and procedures applicable to both the industrial and nuclear industries.  Excellent work ethic, strong and physically fit, and highly driven to succeed in any position.  Strong understanding of the safety standards imposed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and OSHA on a VPP STAR worksite.  Extensive SAP experience.  Extensive Assembly and Warehouse experience.  Extensive Inventory experience.  Extensive Production Control experience.  Some Engineering and Design experience, able to read and understand blueprints. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Firewatch Supervisor GCA Services Group Inc. Braidwood, IL March 2012 – June 2012 Manager: L. Hauck Ensured the safety and integrity of the nuclear plant and of crew members during the event of changes to the configuration of nuclear components.  Managed a crew of five people.  Mediation and conflict resolution among co-workers and team members.  Processed paperwork for the opening of new firewatch impairments, and consulted Operations managers and Contractors for the approval to close out firewatch impairments.  Created schedules and maps to ensure firewatch requirements were met efficiently. Firewatch Crew GCA Services Group Inc. LaSalle and Braidwood, IL January 2011 – March 2012 Managers: L. Winnie & G. VanWinsen Ensured the safety and integrity of the nuclear plant during the event of changes to the configuration of nuclear components.  Familiar with human performance tools such as OOPS,STAR, ALARA,Two Minute Drill Card, Pre-Job Brief, Peer Check,Self-Check, and Three-way Communication.  Radiation decontamination of plant facilities. Maintained an acceptable level of radiation on the refueling floor and throughout the plant.  Ensured plant safety by meeting NRC hourly requirements of checking facilities for floods and fires, ventilation, radiation levels, and malfunctioning equipment.  Exceptional understanding of and adherence to safety protocol.
  2. 2. AgustinS. Machak Production Control Sulzer Pumps Houston Inc. Brookshire, TX February 2013 – January 2014 Manager: Larry Lopez Ensured pumps were correctly designed and assembled, regulated warehouse stock and adjusted inventory as necessary.  Created BoMs specifically engineered to meet each individual customer-required deviation from a standard product.  Checked and adjusted Inventory and worked with Purchasing to ensure all components necessary to build pumps were available for use by the date required.  Created and released all Shop Work Orders necessary to build a pump.  Closed all Shop Work Orders in the system after visually confirming all necessary changes to raw materials had been correctly completed.  Made adjustments to Inventory through SAP as needed; physically located (and re- located if necessary) components in the warehouse to match what was in the SAP system.  Administrative and physical maintenance of a warehouse and receipt of new parts into the SAP system. Replenishment Manager Michaels Stores Cypress, TX October 2012 – February 2013 The on-duty manager at store opening, oversight of store production, and management of crew of 10.  Ensured merchandise was correctly offloaded and sorted from trailer in a timely manner.  Ensured merchandise was correctly set and signed in the store.  Ensured store was correctly and fully stocked at all times.  Hired own crew.  Extensive planning and scheduling weeks in advance for workload and crew availability.  Heavy interaction with customers; correctly and efficiently meeting their needs. Shipping Crew DB Schenker Houston, TX March 2014 – April 2014 Ensured the steady and correctly shipped flow of production to the dock coordinator in a timely manner.  Audited pick tickets before pickers dropped pallets in shipping box to ensure accuracy of orders.  Worked closely with Processors to ensure shipping accuracy.  Prepped orders while Processors finished shipping in order to ensure timely product delivery.
  3. 3. AgustinS. Machak  QC of orders before taking them to be wrapped; final visual inspection after wrapping but before taking orders to the dock coordinator. HVAC Technician's Assistant Ethan Clark AC Houston, TX June 2014 - December 2014 Serviced HVAC equipment in a timely and customer-friendly manner.  Consulted with customer in order to diagnose the issue and establish a level of professional trust.  Diagnosed equipment malfunctions and failures.  Repaired equipment when possible, replaced when necessary.  Closely worked under direct training and supervision of company owner / operator for seven months.  Ordered parts and equipment, closely working with supply locations for brand-name hardware.  Coordinated / scheduled times and locations of equipment delivery between parent company, the customer, and third party companies such as crane services.  Performed these services well in harsh working conditions. REFERENCES Leanne Hauck Account Manager, Braidwood GCA Services Work Phone: 815-417-2293 Cell Phone: 815-830-6244 Lisa Winnie Manager,Braidwood GCA Services Work Phone: 815-417-2293 Cell Phone: 815-546-8497 Gina VanWinsen Manager,LaSalle GCA Services Work Phone: 815-415-2430 Cell Phone: 815-671-2206 Joe Gwozdecki Owner, Ethan Clark AC Ethan Clark AC Work Phone: 281-777-5126