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Winning with Data Presentation, 17th May 2018: Richard Tiffin, Chief Scientific Officer, Agrimetrics


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Richard Tiffin's Presentation Deck: Imagine truly sustainable food solutions inspired by UK businesses and farmers.

Published in: Technology
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Winning with Data Presentation, 17th May 2018: Richard Tiffin, Chief Scientific Officer, Agrimetrics

  1. 1. A New Food System Richard Tiffin Chief Scientific Officer We have problems Imagine How I need answers
  2. 2. Food system challenges Predictable systems Legacy infrastructure The Food System is Unfathomably Complex
  3. 3. Challenges
  4. 4. Facing a Crisis
  5. 5. Predictable Systems
  6. 6. Disconnected Ecosystems A Connected Data Ecosystem Disconnected Data Imagine - A Better Connected Food System
  7. 7. Disconnected Ecosystems Soil Crop/Livestock Non-farmed land Human
  8. 8. Disconnected Data Crop/Livestock Customer Government Ag Suppliers Farmer Science Space
  9. 9. A Connected Data Ecosystem Crop/Livestock Customer Suppliers Farmer Government Science Space Human Soil Crop/Livestock Un-Farmed
  10. 10. I am a fresh produce buyer I am a retailer I am a government analyst I am a data scientist Compelling Questions
  11. 11. I am fresh produce buyer I want to know the weather conditions in my suppliers’ lettuce fields, so that I can decide whether there will be any shortages and source alternatives
  12. 12. I am a data scientist I want to know how to make use of Agrimetrics data to answer questions that my business is asking of me.
  13. 13. I am a government analyst I want to know your best estimate of what is growing in all of the fields in the country now. I also want to know how confident you are in your estimate. And next month, I want to come back and find out if you have revised you estimate.
  14. 14. I am a retailer I am responsible for our dairy farm group. I would like to better understand pasture conditions so that I can support farmers as they move to more extensive systems.
  15. 15. Changing the view on data New views on data Field Facts Field Trends Field Forecasts
  16. 16. Fields are a building block for the data you need
  17. 17. • LTA temperatures • Soil Texture • Soil Chemistry • LTA Rainfall • Priority Habitats • Altitude • LTA Growing Degree Days • Weather outliers • Water Catchment Data • LTA Frost • LTA Solar Radiation • Local Population Density Field Facts
  18. 18. Last three years • Temperature • Rainfall • Days of Air Frost • Cropping • Growing Degree Days • Solar Radiation • Weather Outliers Field Trends
  19. 19. Last 2 weeks • Temperature • Humidity • Wind Rainfall • Solar Radiation Next 10+ days • Temperature • Rainfall Field Forecasts
  20. 20. Thank youRichard Tiffin CSO