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Ariel n tide


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This presentation shows how this both brand comes under same company (P&G) but communicate differently with people

Published in: Marketing
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Ariel n tide

  1. 1. P&G Products Presented By: Bhavin Agrawal (02) Nikita Balar (04) Malvi Bhatt (08) Ishani Dave (14) Nitin Madhavi (28) Kushal Mehta (31)
  2. 2. • American multinational consumer goods company • Home Care brands - detergents – Premium Priced Product : Ariel • Market Share: 6% • Maintains Technological Superiority Impression • Quality Conscious consumers – Mid Priced Product: Tide • Market Share: 13.5% • Outstanding whiteness • Price Conscious consumers
  3. 3. Detergent Forms
  4. 4. Segmentation •Demographic: Gender: Female Age: 25-35 years, 36-45 years, 46-55 years Upper class, Upper Middle class •Occupations: self-employed, skilled workers •Psychographic: Culture-oriented, Sports-oriented •Behavioral: Benefits: Quality, Service, Speed User Status: Regular User, Potential User, Non-user Demographic: Gender: Female Age: 18-28 years, 29-39 years, 39-49 years, 50-55 years Middle class •Occupations: Self-employed, skilled workers, Unskilled workers •Psychographic: Culture-oriented, Outdoor-oriented Behavioral: Benefits: Speed, Whiteness User Status: First-time user, Regular user, Non user
  5. 5. Target Market •General Consumers having frequent stain problem on cloths •Quality Conscious consumers •Washing Machine Users •Female Age: 25 to 50 years •General Consumers who are concerned with the whiteness of the cloths only •Price Conscious consumers •Female Age: 18 to 54 years
  6. 6. Positioning • Removes tough stains • Superior technology • Importance to quality • Outstanding whiteness • Low Price
  7. 7. SWOT Analysis
  8. 8. SWOT Strength - World leader in detergent segment Quality detergent – can remove the toughest stains - 1st to introduce fragrances in the market Weakness - Higher price - Strong competitors Opportunity Threat - Big untapped rural market - Can use its brand imprint in the minds of people to increase its customer base - Various lower priced products available in the market - Counterfeit products in rural areas
  9. 9. SWOT Strength - Benefit or attribute over other products in the same category - Leading market position - Lower price and good quality Weakness - Substitute products available - Strong competitors Opportunity Threat - High potential of rural market has a lot of opportunities - Changing lifestyle of people want cheap product with good quality - Price wars with competitors - Counterfeit products in rural areas
  10. 10. Competitors
  11. 11. Packaging
  12. 12. Change In Packaging Of Tide
  13. 13. 500gm -48rs 1kg - 96rs 2kg - 192rs 4kg - 382rs 6kg - 568rs 150 gm - 10rs 750 gm - 39rs 1kg - 64rs 500gm - 43rs 1kg - 85rs 2kg - 192rs 4kg - 382rs 6kg - 568rs
  14. 14. Change In Packaging Of Ariel
  15. 15. 500gm – 94rs 1kg – 185rs 2kg – 369rs 1kg -105rs 2kg - 205rs 500gm -94rs 1kg - 195rs 2kg - 388rs 1kg - 160rs 2 kg - 369rs
  16. 16. Pricing P&G uses following pricing strategies • Competitive pricing • Product line pricing • Optional feature pricing
  17. 17. Competitive Pricing • Setting a price in comparison with competitors. • A firm has three options and these are to price lower, price the same or price higher
  18. 18. Product Line Pricing • Pricing different products within the same product range at different price points.
  19. 19. Optional Feature Pricing • Offer Optional features and services along with main product
  20. 20. Appeal
  21. 21. Emotional Appeal This commercial advertisement of Tide does the Emotional Appeal. In this we see that tide shows that the Tide it gives better whiteness with less efforts to be done. The line “Behtarin Khushboo, aur Hatho Ki Narmai” and “Mrs. Ke Mulayam Hatho ko Dekho” shows that husabnd cares for her wife and wife gives whitness to her husband’s cloth.
  22. 22. Social Appeal This commercial of Ariel does the Social Appeal regarding the Respect of the women that they are not made to do only household work. Present era they are working hand-in-hand with the man. So, man must also help to do her work.
  23. 23. Repositioning
  24. 24. Repositioning • Superior technology and created fragrance oriented detergent powder • Lot of attention to cleanliness, freshness • After observing that tide was not capturing the lower segment of the market it repositioned itself by slashing down the price of the detergent. • Also introduced detergent sachets • Introduced detergent bars to gain more acceptances in India specifically in the rural markets
  25. 25. Distribution
  26. 26. Distribution Strategy • The most important aspect of the fast moving consumer good is its distribution channel strength. This is because the market for FMCG products is competitive and so, there are a lot of substitutes present. • Tide was actually passed on to the already present distributors, resulting in a time saving proposition for the product to reach its customers.
  27. 27. • P&G CEO Mr. A.G. Lafley agrees about the excellent distribution network that Hindustan Unilever Ltd. has and states that the main reason has been its presence in India for about 100years. • He also says that in order to do give HUL a run for their money, P&G will have to do something innovative as far as the supply chain is concerned. Actual Situations As per P&G’s policy, it measures customer satisfaction in two levels. Firstly, the consumer is not satisfied if the consumer goes to a shop to buy Tide and finds out that it is not available. So what happens the potential consumer ends up buying a rival product. • P&G plans to bring new techniques and ideas for improving its supply chain. It plans to- • Building collaborative supply chains at several levels • Ensuring that the manufacturing sites serving both global and local customers are highly responsive to changes in demand, based on real time data for the stores
  28. 28. Push & Pull Strategy
  29. 29. P&G • As the company manufactures the FMCG convenience/ necessity goods • So the distribution network of the company needs to be very strong and proactive. • Promotional Strategy – P&G insists on a pull strategy – Heavy promotional advertising
  30. 30. Pull strategy • Price off deals: Reduction in the prices of its Tide and Ariel brands by 20-50 % • Packet price: 1 kg – Ariel : Rs 135 to Rs 99 – Tide : Rs 85 to Rs 46 • Strategy – Promote sachet experience – Get the masses to experience their products
  31. 31. • Manufacturer • Price off deals • Consumer • Attracted towards product • Specially price conscious consumers • Expansion of Ariel market • Reseller • Stocks and Supplies accordingly
  32. 32. Problem • People were unable to differentiate between Ariel and Tide detergent. • Specially Ariel detergent users as they were more quality conscious and loyal as it is high tech product.
  33. 33. Push Strategy • Heavy advertising – Advertising agency: Saatchi & Saatchi • Manufacturer • Promotional Advertisement • Reseller • Stocking product • Reseller promotion • Consumer • Product Use
  34. 34. Communication Through Advertisement
  35. 35. Target people in specific roles
  36. 36. Encouraging problem recognition through communication
  37. 37. Thank You !!