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Stand 3ft Back ( is dedicated to establishing a product philanthopy charity in Australia to distribute new corporate product donations to qualified nonprofits.

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  • Here’s a sample of some of the companies that have donated to Good 360
  • Product Philanthropy Australia

    1. 1. The Problem we are solvingis Excess stock + Donate to Charity = Product Philanthropy Why ?  Excess stock often ends up as Product Philanthropy is a global waste in landfill. trend but an almost unknown term in Australia we are going to disrupt the market and establish  Charities spend considerable the concept of product resources fundraising for the philanthropy in Australia. purchase of goods, or requesting product donations, rather than focusing on their core concerns. We will create a online website (not for profit) that allows companies to donate excess  There is often a disconnect stock to charities between those that have and are willing to give and those that need because there is not currently a Charities, just like consumers will platform that matches needs and be able to embrace the online donors simply, effectively and revolution and source product efficiently. online, donated product!  Australia lacks an organised, You will be left wondering why efficient product philanthropy this hasn’t happened yet, it is a platform. no brainer!
    2. 2. Our Solution Please click image Carly Fiorina (former CEO of Hewlett Packard) chair of Good360s Board of Directors...shares a message about product philanthropy Extend the internationally successful product philanthropy concept of Good 360 (USA) and In Kind Direct (UK) into Australia by use of their IP and expertise. Take excess non-food goods from companies and re-distribute them to charities via a web- based sourcing portal . Goods which may otherwise have ended up as waste or landfill are directed to those in need of them. Corporations meet social responsibility goals and contribute to environmental objectives while freeing up charities to concentrate on their core concerns. Corporations also benefit from the tax advantages of donating excess inventory and the cost-savings enjoyed from freeing up warehouse space and reverse logistics Making goods available through a web portal brings online sourcing to charities- a technology enabler for NFP’s, revolutionising the way charities are able to secure the products required to operate. If you consider eBay links those who have to those who want, a product philanthropy platform links those who have to those who need.
    3. 3. Please click image About Good360o The nonprofit leader in product philanthropy since 1983 (formerly known as Gifts In Kind International.)o Extensive network of more than 30,000 well vetted charitable organizations.o Ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 10 most efficiently-run nonprofits (operates at less than 1.8% of the value of products donated).o Has distributed more than $7 billion in product donations since inception.o Handles product distribution globally, including logistics and warehousing, for hundreds of Fortune 500 corporations. Recognized by:
    4. 4. Good360 partners
    5. 5. About In Kind Direct “Year after year, In Kind Direct delivers realIn Kind Direct is a charity founded benefits to hard-pressedin 1996 by HRH The Prince of Wales communities, to business and to theto provide an efficient and easy environment”way for manufacturers and retailersto donate their products to goodcauses.£130 million in valueof products distributed HRH The Prince of WalesOver 5,500 UK charitiesworking at home and abroad havebenefited850 different companies havedonated Please click image
    6. 6. In Kind Direct Partners
    7. 7. Stand 3ft Back Team Stand 3ft Back brings together experienced professionals who share a passion for philanthropy and a united approach to solution-focused problem-solving. Socially conscious innovators, the Stand 3ft Back team have been providing consulting and professional services for businesses of all sizes and diverse range of industries for over 15 years. The driving force behind our team is our vision and commitment to philanthropic projects, coupled with our genuine desire to make the world a better place. The Stand 3ft Back team maintains strong networks with government, politicians, agencies and the media to strengthen our ability to achieve positive outcomes for the projects we work on. Working at Stand 3ft Back, is not just a job – we are passionate about the projects we accept. Our success is directly attributed to the talent, experience and diversity of our team.
    8. 8. Progress to date Reached agreement with Good360, the world leaders in product philanthropy to utilise their IP and extend their product philanthropy concept to Australia. Dialogue with In Kind Direct, HRH Prince Charles’ charity, who work closely with Good360, to also leverage their expertise and experience. Through both these organisations we have commitment to establish a product philanthropy charity In Australia using their IP and leveraging their expertise. Stand 3ft Back will provide the local resources to manage and implement the project.
    9. 9. Our Target Market – connecting those that have with those that needManufacturers and retailers – we will outline Charities - In Australia, Not For Profits (NFP) isthe benefits to participate including: the 3rd largest sectorHigh Impact - help thousands of charities •600,000 - The number of Not for Profit (NFP)through one single point of contact Organisations in Australia•Brand protection – closed network of vetted •440,000 - Of these are small, unincorporatedcharities, products cannot be sold, bartered organisationsor traded •58,779 - The number of NFPs that have are•Clear any quantity and type of stock - save ‘economically significant’ according to theon disposal, storage and avoid landfill ABS•Tax Advantages & Inventory Solutions – save •24,531 - The number of organisations withon the cost of storage and reverse logistics Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status or DGR endorsed funds as of January, 2010•Disaster Recovery – help communities indesperate need of items for *Source: Pro Bono Australiaemergency/recovery/rebuilding•Shareholder Value – improve bottom-line
    10. 10. Marketplace No online system currently exists in Australia provide a platform for non-food product philanthropy. Existing organisations in this space provide specialised products, e.g. Oz Harvest (perishable foods) Foodbank (non perishable food) Donortec (software). We would seek to collaborate with them. Win - Win Our goal is to grow product philanthropy in Australia and we see this as a non- competitive space. After all, our common mission is to help Australians in need. Our vision is philanthropy – Goods for the Greater Good - not competitive behaviour. This illustration shows the procurement cycle as demonstrated by the world leaders in product philanthropy Good360
    11. 11. Operating Model (NFP)•Goods are donated by company and are Funding Modeldelivered to a warehouse then reworked intoappropriate picking units 75% Handling•Charities apply to join the network (for free) to Chargesgain access to our online catalogue . 20% Corporate•Thorough vetting and monitoring process for all Donationscharities. 5% Individual•Handling charge payable by charities on Donationsproducts ordered•Products are delivered direct to charities’ doors•The operating and funding models are based onthe format of the USA/UK models. Considerationhas already been given to other options and willbe fully developed in the initial phase stage.
    12. 12. WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN OUR CIRCLE OF GIVING HOW CAN YOU HELP? Funding Companies via Investors, Philanthropists, Govt. Donate excess inventory, claim tax Grants, Corporate & Individual Donations. breaks, save on the cost of storage and By pioneering product philanthropy in reverse logistics and waste diversion Australia you can join with us and play a (product philanthropy) role in making Australia a better place for those less fortunate Freight, Warehouse & Logistic Partners Advisors & Provide an essential Professionals connection between the Stand 3ft Back is providing local extensive network of pre- resources to establish this charity in qualified charities and our Australia. We are accepting generous donors expressions of interests from professionals to join us in the circle ofgiving, finding a way that you can help us help others Nonprofits/Charities Vetted NFP are the big winners you will have easy access to all this excess Media / PR Partners stock via an online website Rarely is there such a win-win between business and social good. The heart warming stories that come If you consider eBay links those who from the enormous amount of product that is have to those who want donated to those in need are worth sharing. We Product Philantropy links those who invite you to join the circle and share these stories have to those that need
    13. 13. We are seeking - PioneersBy pioneering product philanthropy in Can’t figure out where to give, withAustralia. Our organisation will provide product philanthropy, you don’t havethe system and structure to make this a to choose, click this image to see whyreality in Australia.With your help we can take all excessinventory and put it into the hands ofcharities in Australia, so that they maythen put it into the hands of those mostin need. We are currently forming our leadershipSupporting a product philanthropy board and seeking seed funding if youplatform will not only be supporting a share our vision and believe you are acharity based on one of the most ‘Pioneer’ we would be interested toefficient operating charities models but speak with you to see if our visionsit also supports giving to many charities alignsmaking your donated dollar go further If you need further convincing watch this video and be part of a unique movement and the first to come dance with us
    14. 14. Summary Imagine a world where all excess inventory was diverted from destruction, being dumped in landfill or being liquidated for cents of the dollar. Instead imagine that excess inventory being turned into donated goods for the greater good. Through leveraging Good360 and Gifts in Kind’s expertise and experience, and the sophisticated IP developed by Magento, Stand 3ft Back aims to establish a platform that connects donors in Australia with the charities that would benefit from taking their excess inventory. A true win-win for the greater good. We need corporate businesses and philanthropist to assist with costs associated with establishing a team to complete operational field studies and develop business plans and models. We invite you to join us in the circle of giving and pioneer product philanthropy in Australia. It is a way that you can help others make effective, efficient product philanthropy a reality in Australia
    15. 15. ContactAlison CovingtonDirector0419 423 6, Kyle House27 Macquarie PlaceSydney NSW 2000