Agoo Childcare Initiative


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Sun Smart clothing for Australian children. For less than $1 per day your students can be dressed in UV50+ clothing, an innovative initiative to make your childcare centre stand out from the rest

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Agoo Childcare Initiative

  1. 1. Agoo Australia Pty Ltd 1
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. Provide fabricsthat keep children Aim to becool, that have 4- beneficial in way stretch, and reducing theare stain resistant growing rate of to encourage our childhood obesity children to enjoy active lives Aim to be Provide UV50+ beneficial in fabrics to protect reducing the our children’s growing rates of precious skin from skin cancer harmful UV rays 3
  4. 4. Fabrics Concept Strategic partners•UV50+ •Introduce high tech •Looking for partners innovative fabrics to who consider•Stain Resistant childcare centres themselves innovative•4 way stretch to keep •Provide products at •Partners who consider up with active kids heavily discounted Sun Smart Safety an prices to ensure issue we should be access and availability considering seriously•Wick a way – no to all children and striving for best sweaty monsters practise 4
  5. 5. Australia has the Melanoma is the Prevention remainshighest rate of skin MOST common the single mostcancer in the world cancers in people effective way tonearly 4 times that aged 15-44 years save lives. of USA & UK Exposure to the sun Australians are 4 Skin Cancer costs in childhood is an times more likely to the health system important factor in develop skin cancer over $300 million the development of than any other form annually, the highest skin cancer later in of cancer cost of all cancers life Over 430,000 How much sun your Approximately 2 in 3 Australians are skin receives in the Australians will be treated for skin first 10 years of life diagnosed with skin cancer each is really important in cancer before the year, that’s OVER determining your age of 70 1,000 people per risk of skin cancer day later in life Source: 5
  6. 6. From $18 From $20 From $25normally $38 normally $42 normally $60• S/S Tee • L/S Tee • Jackets• Shorts • Pants • Hoodies• Squarts• Shorts• Bodysuits 6
  7. 7. $30* T- Shirt Shorts / Squart $35* L/Shirt Track-pants $20* Jacket* Prices depending on the number of units purchased 7
  8. 8. $10* Hats $10* Sunglasses $10* BPA FREE Stainless Steel Drink Bottles* Prices depending on the number of units purchased, biggersavings when more than one option is added to each package 8
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. Stain resistant, UV rated, hard wearing andlong lasting, so parents love it too!Perfect for child care, kindergartensand preschool as the sunscreen neverwashes off but the paintand grime does! 10
  11. 11. You know all the great things about Agoo right? Agoo Activewear is cool, funky and comfortable clothing that kids love to wear. Our high tech fabrics will provideyour child with UV50+ sun protection but also keep them cool, clothes that keep up with your active child. 11
  12. 12. Many Australian parents are now familiar with protecting their child whilst at the beach or swimmingfrom the harmful effect of the harsh Australian sun. We ask why do we not apply the same protection during the day when playing outside ……....... Look up it is the same sun! 12
  13. 13. If you are a 70’s child like me I don’t remember when they your childhood more than came on the scene, between likely didn’t include swimming me being a child and having in a rash-shirt children I can’t imagine letting my children go to the pool/beach They must have been strange? without one. In fact our innovative? But they have backyard pool rules are change the sun safe habits of ‘No rashie, No swim Australians around water That goes for any kid wanting a swim in my poolWe don’t know who pioneered the way with rash suits but at Agoo we are trying to pioneer the way with UV activewear. We hope that one day every child wouldn’t imagine playing outside without their UV Shirts. Education starts young and we hope if we can instil this behaviour at childcare it is a lesson they will keep for life. We hope that this will have an impact on the growing rate of skin cancer. Imagine if we can make a difference to this rate for our children’s generation. We hope you will come on this journey with us. 13
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. We will tailor a package to suit your organisation. We recommend the centre makes the decision to include Sun Smart Clothing as part the inclusions you offer to families. Why do we recommend this? As an organisation you will be innovative market leaders offering a product/service to your families that shows you have a strong commitment to providing the best available care for the childrenAs market leaders you will set best practise standard by which others will aspire to achieve. If this product is provided as an option to families that they are required to purchase separately many would miss out due to financial constraints.As a centre you will have access to heavily discounted rates off our normal retail prices enabling your families to benefit from the group buying power Take a moment to read our testimonials, parents and children alike love Agoo they will thank you for providing them with such an innovative yet practical product. 15
  16. 16. T-shirt /Short from$0.60 per day Rebates Package • $30 divided by 40 • If the full $0.75 is • Based on $30 per set weeks per year = $0.75 added to the daily fees per day parents are eligible for rebates • Supply one set per child per day • Some services operate attendance more weeks per year • Most parents would so the price may be receive at least $0.37 less rebate • Normal retail price $72 • $30 divided by 50 • Or $0.60 per day would weeks per year = $0.60 receive $0.30 rebate per dayThis is indicative and prices are negotiable depending on volumeand package inclusions. i.e. $1 per day ($0.50 after rebate) could include t-shirt, shorts, sunglasses and hat 16
  17. 17. For less than Children will Provide sun BenefitCost Concept a dollar and be provided protection as low as a with UV50+ with the aim few cents clothing that to reduce per day protects the the growing from the sun rate of skin and keeps cancer in them cool Australians 17
  18. 18. As a mother of two young boys, I find Agoo I must give you some feedback on the Glamour clothing fantastic. It wears well, keeps them Pants and Wave Tee I ordered. How well do cool, and best of all, it protects them from they wash? Just brilliant! My daughter spiltthe sun whilst they are out playing. They wear strawberry all down the front of her top at Agoo to the beach, to the park, to soccer the park and the pants receive a good worktraining and in and out of the water. We’d be out with grass stains and dirt, but they came lost without our Agoo. up like new. I was very impressed. Sarah, Mordialloc VIC Lynette, Mosman NSWThe boys both love their Agoo. Everything fits Id like to say that I love the colours of the really well and both boys havent taken their activewear and the cut of the jacket is so clothes off - Toby is currently in track cute. Even my husband commented on her pants, long top, jacket and socks and thinks funky, sporty outfit!he is wearing it all to bed. Meanwhile, Eddie is in his muscle tee Jen-See Paroz, Perth WA Anita, Warriewood NSW Audrey was so excited to get her present when it arrived and she loves wearing the jumper and practising using the zip! The My children ask if the can wear their Agoo fabrics are so soft and comfy and mostclothing, especially for the beach, the pool, at importantly easy to clean. I have been the park and even circus class. It suits all recommending your products to all of my activities and they are comfortable all day friends with busy kids and the outfits speak Sue, Wollongong NSW for themselves, everytime Audrey wears her Agoo outfit people ask us where to get them and shes loving the compliments. Clare J, Brisbane QLD 18
  19. 19. We initiated a strategicpartnership with Baby/KidBanz to offer a specialpromotion package insupport of the MelanomaInstitute of Australia’sCampaign National Shade Day,$5 from every sale will bedonated to this charityThis is one of many charitable campaigns we have undertook. 19
  20. 20. We also offer Colouring Competitions that all children are welcome to enterChildren 0 – 12 years are eligible to enter. 5 X BPA FREE stainless steel drink bottles are up for grabs each month. Perfect rainy day activity  20
  21. 21. Solution focussed, driven, problem solvers, philanthropic and socially conscious. These are attributes Alison Covington and Susan Wallis demonstrate in their personal as well as business dealings. If they see a problem they feel compelled to assist, which is exactly how Agoo came to AustraliaAlison left a highly successful corporate career to introduce Agoo Activewear. Having been personally touched by Melanoma, and concerned about the screen culture of today’s young kids, Alison wanted to make a difference in the activity levels and sun protection habits of the next generation. Alison was amazed that a product so perfect for the Australian climate and lifestyle was not available in this country. With such a high rate of sun related cancer, it was a product this country had to have. So she made it happen. Agoo Activewear is cool, funky and comfortable clothing that kids love to wear. Stain resistant, UV rated, hard wearing and long lasting, so parents love it too! Perfect for child care, kindergartens and pre-school as the sunscreen never washes off but the paint and grime does! UV Protection …...........… not just at the beach. Many Australian parents are now familiar with protecting their child whilst at the beach or swimming from the harmful effect of the harsh Australian sun. We ask why do we not apply the same protection during the day when playing outside …… look up it is the same sun. Our high tech fabrics will provide your child with UV50+ sun protection but also keep them cool, clothes that keep up with your active child. Alison is a ‘social entrepreneur who has always been committed to charitable and philanthropic projects. Whilst also working full time as a Director of an international corporation, Alison spearheaded Allsorts by Ali, a volunteer enterprise comprising of friends and family. This team handmade, packed, distributed and sold chocolates, with ALL proceeds going to charities and local families in need.Alison also seeks opportunities to assist business colleagues and friends along the way, providing mentoring, advice and coaching one on one and in online forums. Alison also has successful business consultancy and is passionate about assisting others follow their passion and reach their full potential. Follow your passion, and success will follow you. -- Arthur BuddholdWorking alongside Alison is lifelong friend Susan Wallis. Who not only supports the sun safe and active living message that drives Alison, but also has a personal passion for supporting families and children touched by disability, as her own has been. Susan is inspired by a comment made by Alison, who felt she had a responsibility to advocate for families who could not do so themselves.Susan combines her customer and communication related role at Agoo, with an active lifestyle and community involvement in areas related to disability. A board member on two committees, and inspiring guest speaker and presenter in the disability sector, Susan takes her role as an advocate seriously.Giving Susan the most joy is combining her commitment to living an active life with fundraising, the goal being to support the organisations that have assisted her family in their disability journey. Undertaking the Sydney City to Surf fun run along with other team members, Susan has helped raise almost $10,000 for different organisations in the last 3 years alone. She takes her personal responsibility to stay strong and healthy seriously, and hopes to inspire parents of other children, especially those of special needs, to do the same. Social responsibility, and a ‘pay it forward’ attitude, drives Agoo Australia, as demonstrated by fundraising campaigns, joint ventures and alliances with like minded organisations who share their vision to get kids more active and safer in the sun. 21
  22. 22. • 33 Joanne Street • Woonona NSW 2517Address • • • 0419 423 097 • 22