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How to choose the right channel for your video marketing strategy


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Video marketing is one of the most powerful ways of telling your brand story or presenting your products. It amplifies your brand recognition and visibility across all digital channels, helping you capture your customer’s attention within a more attractive and engaging form.

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How to choose the right channel for your video marketing strategy

  1. 1. Sales is not a purpose it’s only an effect of your action. Step 1: Set the purpose
  2. 2. Think ahead: Should video increase your website traffic, builds awareness or boost conversion? What story should the video tell? What feelings should it generate? How can video correspond with your brand?
  3. 3. Repurpose your content – give it a new form and surprise the audience. Step 2: Content repurposing
  4. 4. Analyse all video content you created so far - what went well and what didn’t: Did it grab your customer’s attention? Was it relevant? Did it add value? How? Which channels did you use to promote it?
  5. 5. Build a strong relationship with your audience by being relevant. Step 3: Understand your audience
  6. 6. Knowing your audience is key: Who are they? What do they like? What is relevant to them? What do they need?
  7. 7. The more appropriate your channel, the better results you get. Step 4: Choose the right disribution channel
  8. 8. Identify channel popularity, capabilities, and user profile: • YouTube • Facebook • Other social media • Company website and landing pages
  9. 9. On YouTube you can: • build your own video content as a brand • use influencers and their community • use paid ads: Pre-roll (“skip the video” ads)
  10. 10. YouTube best brand channel example: brand channel: GoPro most popular video: 42,025,444 views
  11. 11. YouTube best influencers example: influencers: Swedish video gamer PewDiePie: 46,060,890 YouTube subscribers, partnered with Disney’s Maker Studios
  12. 12. YouTube best pre-roll ads example: pre-roll ads: Geico 24,527,945 views
  13. 13. On Facebook you can: • create tailored content and target more precisely the right audience: 1.65 billion monthly active users • use video aids to boost a post. • use different ways to share your video content: Video Feed, 360 Videos, Live Video etc.
  14. 14. Facebook video marketing best example: Ice Bucket Challenge 440 million people saw the videos $220 million was raised from the challenge
  15. 15. When choosing other social media, be aware of their characteristics: Twitter - 30 seconds max, hig quality video 1080p, vlogs and “how to” videos are the most popular Periscope - live streaming video from the mobile device, connect to Twitter, broadcast expires after 24 hours
  16. 16. When choosing other social media, be aware of their characteristics: Vine from Twitter - 6 seconds max, you need to have a paid subscription if you want to post more then 5OOMB per week or upload more then 1 HD video weekly Instagram from Facebook - 15 seconds max, images are still very engaging Snapchat - 15 seconds max, mostly for funny videos and images
  17. 17. Twitter best examples : #ThereWillBeHaters – Adidas football a campaign that actively encourages “hate” – a film that strengthen brand message 45 million views, 616 thousand hashtag uses
  18. 18. Snapchat best examples: Sphero - Star Wars influencer campaign video posts by influencer Shaun McBride have 10 million views a day
  19. 19. Using video on your company website and landing pages you can: • engage visitors and provide them with an impression of your business • tell your brand story • build trust • increase conversions
  20. 20. Company website best examples: Dollar Shave Club storytelling video, uses first 15 seconds to get to the main message Premedia Solutions employees as brand ambassadors, strong storyline
  21. 21. Mesure all your action and track your marketing ROI Step 5: Analyse
  22. 22. Collect, organize your data and get to know your audience: Which channel was the most effective and why? Is your video campaign well targeted? Are viewers continuing to engage with your brand?
  23. 23. THANK YOU Our business is to build yours Get in touch with us