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Gamification in by Agnes


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Gamification in by Agnes

  1. 1. Website ? Web site including a lot of contents for entertainment managed by I am going to focus on music only in this presentation
  2. 2. Mechanics 1. Point Experience points “ CJ ONE Point ” : You can earn the points when purchasing something from website. Redeemable points : You can use the points (CJ ONE Point) at all of an associate company with CJ. : 1 point = 1 (1 won)
  3. 3. Mechanics Skill points “ Life Points ” : You can get the points When doing something unrelated with purchasing such as login, writing comments, participating in events and votes and so on
  4. 4. Mechanics 2. Levels “ Levels of Life Points “ : Your level depends on how many Life Points you have.
  5. 5. Mechanics 3. Leaderboards The infinite leaderboard “ Music Charts ” : It can be a huge motivation to musicians and their fans to compete with others. : Normal users listen or download music in the upper ranks of charts because they think the music is trendy. : various kinds of charts Total charts / Charts by genre / A artists chart / An album chart
  6. 6. Mechanics 4. Customization Customization is Commitment “ My album” : You could make your own music list. : You could also share your music list with others : It helps people to incite commitment and engagement.
  7. 7. Mechanics 5. Social Engagement Loops Novice user 1) Listening to music 2) Searching music and sharing with friends 3) Purchasing a monthly voucher is less expensive than buying one 4) Reaping benefits like discount coupons and events like admission tickets Expert user 1) Searching and sharing music 2) Sharing with others by posting on SNS 3) Enjoying checking responses of others such as retweets, comments, etc. 4) Raising own awareness, level, and satisfaction
  8. 8. What is Weakness of ? Gaming the System Manipulation of music streaming service to be at the top : Infinite repetition per 1 hour login make a music list and play the player delete music list logout login again Nowadays the government tries to tighten regulations
  9. 9. Gamification by Design Zichermann, Gabe 저 | O'ReillyMedia | 2011.10.22