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AKH Ed Media Denver keynote 2012


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Our mobile learning research and development work at The Open University has built expertise around pedagogical innovation in tandem with advancements in technology. Combining teacher-led, developer-led and learner-led innovation, we aim to develop new pedagogies that recognize the specific characteristics of design and support for mobile and contextual learning.

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AKH Ed Media Denver keynote 2012

  1. Mobile learning revolution:implications for pedagogy Agnes Kukulska-HulmeEdMedia World Conference on Educational Media and Technology, Denver, June 2012
  2. How times have changed 2002 2012 Source:
  3. First commercial e-book – 1992
  4. Sony ebook Reader 2008
  5. Are these people learning?Examining assumptions, opportunities, constraints
  6. Changing mindsets Augmented reality Social - mobile Source:
  7. A mobile learning decision Or facilitating new Extending access? learning?
  8. Mobile learning at The Open UniversityExtending access… and changing learning MobileMobile VLE Library (Moodle) Macon project Keren Mills, Library
  9. Mobile learning at The Open UniversityMobile apps extend and enhance interactive practice For students of For students of Chinese French Qian Kan and Valerie Demouy, Department of Languages
  10. Mobile learning at The Open University Familiar study books morph into new productsInteractive multimedia ebooks Peter Scott, KMI
  11. Mobile learning at The Open UniversityE-book production inspires new collaborative learning E-book created collaboratively by teachers, used by a group of students on iPads in outdoor learning Smith, Kukulska-Hulme & Page (in press) activity
  12. Mobile learning at The Open University Mobile approaches transform teachers’ professional practice English in Action, Bangladesh Frank Banks, FELS
  13. Mobile learning at The Open University Field-based learning becomes more inclusive Tabletop Mobiles in indoors the field ‘OUT THERE and IN HERE’ Anne Adams, IET
  14. Mobile learning at The Open UniversityLocal inquiries are shared with an online communityiSpot: wildlife identification Jonathan Silvertown, Science
  15. Mobile pedagogy futuresMobile heutagogy futures? Heutagogy - learner self-direction (Hase & Kenyon, 2000)
  16. Personal and collective inquiry PI: Personal Inquiry project mySoil app citizen science
  17. Self-monitoringwith feedback andanalytics
  18. Location-aware and augmentedlearning
  19. Re-invention of reading The Sonnets of William Shakespeare for the iPad – performed by actors Each sonnet is linked to: •an old-spelling transcription •a modernised version •commentary, interviews Share-a-Sonnet via Facebook, Twitter or email
  20. Incidental and persuasive learning Mobile Assistance for Social Inclusion and Empowerment of Immigrants with Persuasive Learning Technologies and Social Network Services
  21. Incidental mobile language learning Noticing and recordingKukulska-Hulme, A. & Bull, S. (2009). Theory-based support formobile language learning: noticing and recording. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies, 3(2),12–18
  22. Incidental language learning individual at home •Watch foreign language TV with subtitles •Press a button on your mobile device when you notice an unfamiliar word •Collect a personal word list with meanings •Hear the word in contextFallahkhair, S., Pemberton, L., & Griffiths, R. (2007). Development of a cross-platformubiquitous language learning service via mobile phone and interactive television.Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 23, 312-325.
  23. Incidental language learningindividual out in the worldGet text read out to you Hear it in different voices See a translationCapturaTalk Word Lens Speak it!
  24. Incidental and social learningpeer group Marcus Winter University of Brighton •Capture unknown words and expressions •User groups •Text-to-speech •Audio comments •Favourites •Ratings •Flagging errors
  25. Incidental and social learningsocial mediaMiLexiconJoshua Underwood,PhD candidateInstitute ofEducation, London•Share with yoursocial networks
  26. Incidental and social learninglocation-basedToponimoTommy Sweeney,PhD candidateUniversity ofNottingham•Share wordsrelevant to aspecific place
  27. Incidental learning with e-booksgame-based ELMO e-book and game prototype, Sharp Labs Read a story, collect new words, use the words to direct the dog to solve a puzzle
  28. Future challenge:Conversations with phones, objects and robots Sensei Kibot KT Corp. Siri and Evi
  29. Thank you International Association for Mobile LearningInstitute of Educational Technology The Open University Milton Keynes United Kingdom