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Pokemon go


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A short presentation about the viral game Pokemon Go, its features and how it can be used as a marketing tool.

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Pokemon go

  2. 2. Pokemon Go • Manufacturer : Nintendo • Developer : Niantic • Launched: July 5th,2016 • Augmented reality smart phone game • Uses location via GPS and time from mobile • Poke Stop – in app purchases • Poke Gym – Battlefield
  3. 3. Commercial Response • Generating a revenue of $1.6 million everyday. • Market Value of Nintendo - $7.5 billion by 8th July, 2016. • Pokestops, Pokegyms – pre determined by Niantic – submit request to sponsor locations. • Marketing tool for small businesses. • Coffee shops – special dishes – discounts to players. • To increase the “Foot Traffic” in slow period of the day. • Purchase the “”Lure Module” – meant to bring pokemon to a specific place. • Can be activated for half an hour. • Threat to companies like Foursquare, Living Social etc. – online marketing for small businesses for the past few years.
  4. 4. Lure Module
  5. 5. Future of Pokemon Go • Technical Issues: • Drains battery super fast. • Server crashes frequently. • No proper directions or guidelines. • Technical glitches appear often. • Increased accidents and crimes; public nuisance. • Not just a game, has fantastic marketing and revenue opportunities.
  6. 6. THANK YOU !!