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Big city plan Aug 2010


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The Big City Plan is the most ambitious, far-reaching development project in the UK, and seeks to define how more than 800 hectares of land in the city centre will be developed and used for generations to come.

As well as outlining specific areas where the council will concentrate its resources in the future, Stage Two of the plan also highlights individual projects, schemes and infrastructure which it plans to develop and defines specialist quarters/areas where particular types of investment and development will be encouraged.

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Big city plan Aug 2010

  1. 1. CITY CENTRE MASTERPLANRichard Cowell and Agne SelemonaiteCity Centre Development and DesignBirmingham City Council28th July 2010
  2. 2. ‘The Birmingham City Centre Masterplan:The Visioning Study’ • Reflection on Birmingham – successes and comparisons • Opportunities and Challenges – Five drivers of urban success • Delivery and funding Place Connectiv Quality ity Strategic Decision taking Economic Innovation & Cultural & Skills Diversity
  3. 3. Background studies Revised Eastside masterplan Glenn Howells
  4. 4. Context with existingneighbourhood and keygrowth areas
  5. 5. We want to transform the city centre growing the city core by 25%; raise liveability; improve connections;strengthen its authentic character and diversify its economic base.
  6. 6. The masterplanObjectives • Liveable City • Connected City • Authentic City • Creative City • Smart City
  7. 7. Quarterssupporting the authenticcharacter and offer of thecity centre quarters
  8. 8. Spatial StrategyGrowing the City Core
  9. 9. The masterplan will set out our approach to:• Growing the City Core through five areas of transformation• Transforming our streets and public spaces• Improving connectivity through a framework for movement• Evolution of land uses and activities• Locations for taller buildings• Role of heritage• Vision and proposals for the city centre quarters
  10. 10. Areas of transformation
  11. 11. GROWTHGrowth and variety ofresidential areas
  12. 12. GROWTHGrowth and variety ofoffice core and clusters
  13. 13. CONNECTIVITYMajor roadimprovements& interventions
  14. 14. Gr. Charles Street(before & after)
  15. 15. WALKABILITY20 years ago At present In 20 years Evolution of spaces and linkages in city centre
  16. 16. City open spacenetwork
  17. 17. Centenary Square
  18. 18. Moat Square
  19. 19. BUILDINGHEIGHTSTall building clusters& height limits withinthe city centre
  20. 20. HERITAGECity centre evolution& heritage
  21. 21. EASTSIDEStrategic urban design& structure principals
  22. 22. Eastsidemasterplan
  23. 23. Eastsidetransformation area
  24. 24. Eastsidetransformation area
  25. 25. SOUTHSIDEStrategic urban design& structure principals
  26. 26. Southsidemasterplan
  27. 27. JEWELLERYQUARTERStrategic urban design& structure principals
  28. 28. Jewellery Quartermasterplan
  29. 29. Statutory Planning• core strategy – city centre chapter - Establish the five areas of transformation as strategic allocations - Identify the primary route network and key open spaces which underpin the masterplan - Set out broad proposals for land uses across the city centre• areas/sites and thematic based supplementary planning documents. Early priorities for 2011 will be - Southern Gateway/Wholesale Markets - Building Heights - Public Realm, Streetscape and Way Finding
  30. 30. NEXT STEPS• August internal consultations• September launch event• October & December public and stakeholder consultation• December & January review period• February formal adoption by Cabinet and Planning Committee
  31. 31. THANK YOU