Media Plan Recommendation for Solar Energy Company


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Final exam project for marketing concentration course "Business to Business Marketing". Project included the analysis of solar energy industry, ABX Boston Convention, trade shows as a means of marketing and any alternative marketing methods necessary.

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  • Talk about process of solar energyCurrent Marketing techniquesLooking forward to future- long term benefitsBenefits are first selling pointGreen movementGood, relevant branding – function is obviousLots of visuals/videos/interactive content$46.3 billion to $96.8 billion in 2014.U.S. Solar Industry Shows Strong and Steady GrowthThe U.S. now has over 5,700 MW of installed solar electric capacity, enough to power more than 940,000 average American households.The utility scale segment drove the U.S. market in Q2, with 477 MW of installated solar electric capacity. Eight states had 10 MW or more of utiltiy-scale installations.The residential PV market continued to show steady, incremental growth. There was 98 MW of residential installations in the second quarter of 2012, up 42 percent over Q2 2011 installations.  
  • abx (Architecture Boston Expo) is Northeast’s largest trade-show and conference for the design and construction industry. It offers a range of workshops, special events and live demonstrations for professionals in the industry. abxhouses the largest industry exhibit hall in the Northeast. In 2012, they expect to have nearly 400 booths representing of building technologies, materials and services from Boston, the nation, and around the world. See
  • Statistic on lead efficiency of this trade show?High Target Market Coverage because advertises directly to the defined target marketSolar energy’s target market is anyone. Archictects are already engaged in the case because of the amount of energy they useEffectiveness of messages, key buying individuals are at the show, message getting to the right peopleVarious media reaching the target – understandable comprehensive media, make solar energy fun
  • Many people know something about solar energy but it’s not always entirely comprehensive. Having representatives to answer questions and can sell interested buyers on this energy solution is easier with one-on-one contact. Abx had no booths focusing on solar energy education while many people were interested on the subject“Join the movement” “Lifestyle”, bring it down to earth as opposed to this crazy thing no one knows about
  • Video playing at booth of set up ie. cool ways solar energy can be used- eye grabbing
  • Learning about solar energy but in a fun way at an event you already want to be at
  • Media Plan Recommendation for Solar Energy Company

    2. 2. Project OverviewGlazer Consulting LLC. has been hired by SolarEnergy Industries Association (SEIA) to determine ifthe company should participate in the 2013 AbxConvention and develop a corresponding media planfor said tradeshow or alternative media tactic.
    3. 3. Company Background “The Voice of the Industry” Member Company that does research, manufacture, distribute, finance and build solar projects domestically and abroad Advocating to make solar energy more mainstream through various methods Providing solar energy focused companies with the resources and connections to progress this movement forward
    4. 4. Agenda• Methods of Analysis• Solar Energy Industry Overview• Abx Convention Overview• Key Findings/Implications• Media Plan Tactics/Rationale• Recommendations/Rationale
    5. 5. Methods of Analysis Quantitative  Research on solar energy industry  General trade show knowledge Qualitative  Feedback from Abx booth representatives  Observing Abx Convention
    6. 6. Solar Energy Industry Overview Steady growth, Q2 2012 was best quarter in history for market size growth Projected industry estimate between $46.3 billion to $96.8 billion by 2014 Low awareness, newer concept for most people Market on long-term benefits
    7. 7. Solar Energy Industry Basics Pros Cons No pollution  Initially expensive Easy Installation  Weather conditions Access to energy in can alter success remote locations  Panels require a lot of Long term benefits energy to produce
    8. 8. Abx Convention Overview“ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX) is one of the largest events for the design and construction industry in the country, andthe largest regional conference and tradeshow. Drawing 95% of its attendance from New England, ABX’s regional statusis its greatest strength.” (ABX Website) Large variety of booths: all aspects of the industry, from big picture construction companies down to smaller details of architecture, such as tiling manufacturers Simple booths, few large displays Go Green! trend  One solar energy company: RevoluSun Engaged audience  Not much wandering- planned which booths they would be visiting
    9. 9. Feedback from Abx Booths “I was surprised that there were not more booths on solar energy at the Abx Expo” –Triumph Representative “Because solar energy is a new idea, personal interaction is important” – Revolusun Representative “[At trade shows] bigger concepts do better” – Daltile Representative
    10. 10. RevoluSun: Abx Booth  Marketing Techniques:  Catchy/Relevant Branding  Built in solar education to website  Less intimidating presentation of information  Attend trade show to educate & also for networking opportunities  “Boston is a big market”
    11. 11. Key Findings Untapped Market in Unfamiliar Boston Subject MatterInterestedAudience
    12. 12. Key FindingsInterested Audience Unfamiliar Subject Matter  Little existing knowledge ABX attendees are interested in seeing  Difficult to understand and learning more on a deeper level about green solutions  Customers need push to especially solar energy break normal habits & adopt alternativesImplication: Opportunity to educateengaged audience Implication: Need added value to be more explicit, will need to answer a lot of questions/concerns
    13. 13. Unfamiliar Subject Matter Close, if not actually in the chasm, want to penetrate the early majority and get them on board Goal is to make solar energy “the norm”
    14. 14. Untapped Boston Market The market in Boston for solar energy solutions is emerging High interest but still relatively low penetration Massachusetts ranks #12 on the State Rankings by Cumulative Installed Solar Electric Capacity (Q2, 2012)
    15. 15. Media Plan Tactics Trade Show/Convention (Abx 2013)Tactic Rationale:Trade shows are all about the sales lead which is what the solar energy movementneeds to move further, more customers. Because there is already a defined targetmarket, sales representatives won’t be wasting their time but rather further developingrelationships. Trade shows provide the opportunity for deeper interaction which isnecessary when dealing with such a less familiar topic. Partnerships with Emerging Solar Based Technology ProductsTactic Rationale:While Abx is a great place to target a defined audience, solar energy is much more thanjust these industry specific individuals. The ultimate goal is to make solar energysolutions the option for everyone and all businesses, thus integrating a plan wheremultiple markets are targeted is necessary. By associating themselves with cutting edgesolar technologies, they can take advantage of the existing buzz to further educate newaudiences on solar energy.
    16. 16. Trade Shows Background Qualified Cost Hands on Personal Defined Additional Leads Effective Experience Selling Audience MarketingIndustry specific exhibition where companies have individual booths to showcase theirproducts/services 83% of trade show visitors are “buying influencers” Ability to demonstrate new products that could be hard to understand without seeing/asking questions High Target Market Coverage: advertise directly to the defined target market High Effectiveness of messages: key buying individuals are at the show, message getting to the right people
    17. 17. Recommendations Partner with SolarTrade Shows Based Products Generate high Focus on Master awareness on solarinteractive booth with energy solutions education smallerbooth with company through buzz onincentives stations cutting edge solar products
    18. 18. Trade Show: Focus on Education Solar energy is still a new idea and people need to be educated in order to want to adopt Education based booth allows for interactive experience Have quizzes/games to test existing knowledge of solar energy, thus giving more customized conversation (no repeated information) Incentives: Contest or discount for future clientsRationale:  Allows for questions & comprehensive information  Some people need to be “sold”, one-on-one contact  No existing booths focusing on education; Opportunity to enter niche market
    19. 19. Trade Show: SEIA Booth with Company Stations The well recognized name SEIA will attract people to the extravagant booth, while helping other small companies get foot traffic to their stations  Small companies still support larger cause, everyone counts Booth would be about the association and the way that the organization works, various companies would have displays and representatives within the master boothRationale: People are still learning about how solar energy works but through the specific ways difficult companies contribute. This would also demonstrate how SEIA works by using their resources and helping to establish connections for the bigger picture, (switch to solar energy)
    20. 20. Booth Set Up Design Features:  Booth master brand is SEIA  Interactive education bar  Informational videos  Multiple company stations
    21. 21. Sample SEIA Booth Design
    22. 22. Partner with Cutting Edge Solar Based Products Take advantage of product launch buzz/general excitement over new “cool” technology Use product launch as an opportunity to further educate consumers on solar energy movementRationale:  Access to many new markets of potential solar energy users, an opportunity to further educate engaged audience, brand awareness for SEIA
    23. 23. Partnership Example: PowerPad Testing/opening new markets Easily ships international Concerts, festivals, s ports events, etc. – so many new venues for SEIA to educate SEIA representative can travel with PowerPad
    24. 24. Works Cited industry-data 07/helblings-renewable-energy-series-part-v-solar/