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Harbor Research is pleased to announce the publication of our Smart Systems Global Forecast Report 2012-2016. The report is an expansive update of Harbor’s views on the market size and growth rates and the current state of adoption of intelligent device networking technologies and managed services. The study underscores the challenges that the market faces going forward.

Harbor defines Smart Systems as a new generation of systems architecture (hardware, software, network technologies and managed services) that provide real- time awareness based on inputs from machines, people, video streams, maps, newsfeeds, sensors, and more that integrate people, processes, and knowledge to enable collective awareness and better decision making.

This report provides analysis and forecasts that include all intelligently networked devices, covering both Fixed (Wireline) and Wireless technologies, including WWAN (cellular and satellite), WLAN and WPAN.

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Harbor Research Smart Systems Global Forecast Report 2012-2016

  1. 1. SMART SYSTEMS FORECAST! Report Prospectus Harbor Research Boulder Cambridge UK www.harborresearch.com
  2. 2. Smart SystemsForecast ReportSmart Systems Global Forecast 2012-2016Evolving Internet of Things andMachine-To-Machine Page iiMarket Opportunities !"#$%&!(%)"(&*+$),#(%&-).+$%&/$+(.),%0( The intersection of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and device connectivity creates value at two disparate ends of the business spectrum. New IT technologies like cloud computing are moving to the enterprise and rapidly being embraced. Managed IT capabilities in which inputs—from machines, services will increasingly dominate ICT systems people, video streams, maps, newsfeeds, and networked services development. sensors, and more—is digitized and placed onto networks. These inputs are integrated into At the other end of the spectrum, the rise of the systems that connect people, processes, and M2M and the “Internet of Things” has helped knowledge to enable collective awareness, transform product companies into value-added © 2012 Harbor Research, Inc. creativity and better decision making. We have service companies. Manufacturers are learning All rights reserved Harbor Research now entered the age when everyday objects will that by putting products on networks they are communicate with, and control, other objects essentially placing themselves into continuous over a global data network—24/7/365. contact with their customers, thereby enabling1)2&3#40)&5%&67)&89%)$(),%:+9 them to better understand their customer’sIntelligent device communications and This global network is the Internet. The objects needs and act appropriately.information technology are combining to create are everything from consumer appliances tonew modes of asset intelligence, collaboration the elevator you’ve been waiting for. It’s not The intersection of these two trends createsand decision making. People, information, and “the future,” it’s now—this year, next year—and an opportunity for new differentiated businesstechnology are becoming more connected, thus it is vitally important that business leaders models by cleverly combining the potentialdistributed and pervasive enabling the understand this phenomenon, its effects on their of both. The two need to be interwoven andconvergence of physical and virtual worlds. business, and what they should do right now to mutually supportive, and increasingly, success inNetwork awareness will include knowledge, position themselves for opportunities that are either goes to the player that effectively utilizespeople and things. literally just around the corner. the combined potential of both.
  3. 3. Smart Systems Forecast ReportThe Changing Internet of Things Landscape Page iii;<)$#$,7:9=&3:)2 !"#$%&!(%)"(&*+$),#(%&-).+$%&/$+(.),%0(Harbor expects that Smart Systems and Internetof Things opportunity will continue to shift away !"#$%&!(%)"(&*$#")2+$>&?&5$,7:%),%0$)from its legacy focus on basic connectivity andcommunications enablement towards more Users Peoplevaluable managed services opportunities. Based Valueon all the knowledge gathered about technology Content Added User Interactionsevolution, supplier progress, and customer Consumables Elements & Experienceadoption, here are our overarching observations Mobile PDAs Smart Entertainment Mobile Telephony, Phones Phones Devices & IT Terminalsabout the Smart Systems opportunity today: Supervisory Systems & Applications Services & Applications Machine To Machine» Intelligent devices will have rapidly increasing Carrier & Network Services Technology & Enablement Software Tools, Middleware & Web Services intelligence and functionality. Demand for Tools & Network Infrastructure & Connectivity Infrastructure adaptability, agility and features will grow. © 2012 Harbor Research, Inc. All rights reserved Harbor Research Aerospace Vehicles Mobile in types, applications and capabilities as well Marine Rail On-Road Off-Road Equipment as numerous client devices connected to Product Complex Systemic Equipment OEMs Fixed personal, local and wide-area networks. Simple Machines & Equipment Equipment Facility» Connectivity/Communication will become Facility Systems & Equipment Systems Facility Infrastructure Components & Sub-Systems & Equipment nearly ubiquitous. Communications options Electrical Sub-Systems & Components will increase, have greater bandwidth, and Power & Mechanical Sub-Systems & Components be cheaper (free Internet access). Phone Control Machine/Device Systems Sub-Systems, Fluid & Pneumatic Sub-Systems & Components lines, Data lines, Power lines, Cable and Assemblies, Modules & Fiber Lines, Cellular, Satellite, and Radio Electronic Interconnect Embedded Components Semiconductors & Micro-Electronics Electronics Frequency options will abound, all in service to providing communications and connectivity.
  4. 4. Smart Systems Forecast ReportResearch Aims and Key Questions Page iv» Networked devices and systems will be We strongly believe that the Smart Systems people, processes, and knowledge to enable self-adapting. As witnessed by computers market opportunity is reaching its tipping point collective awareness and better decision !"#$%&!(%)"(&*+$),#(%&-).+$%&/$+(.),%0( beating chess pros and with automatically for dramatic growth; there is now substantially making. Our analysis and research is focused adjusting car seats, the digital nervous greater recognition of the technological on understanding the strategic business system will increasingly be of service to implications of growth within the emerging Smart users, not the other way around. Companies connecting devices to the Internet. This Systems arena. will exist to house, facilitate, and recommend represents a whole new generation of technology better options for dealing with individual innovation and, if history repeats because certain We are particularly interested in answering the needs and tastes, where people will opt for following fundamental questions: service contracts instead of buying products wave of growth in Smart Systems. outright. » What key forces are impacting adoption of Smart Systems, M2M and connected» “Communities” will emerge. Networks of @)&-)()#$,7&#9A&59#4(:(&B0)(%:+9( product solutions? collaborating companies, customers, people, Our forecast report examines the current state devices, and sensors will be linked together of intelligent device networking, a key element » What devices and applications are driving © 2012 Harbor Research, Inc. All rights reserved Harbor Research in border crossing relationships that will of what we term Smart Systems. We prefer intelligent device networking? foster the development of a connected, “Smart Systems” over other terms in common smart world. Inputs from the constituents use—notably “M2M,” which usually stands for » What is the size and growth rate of the Smart listed above will be processed in real time “machine-to-machine”—because it captures Systems opportunity? in order to provide instantaneous feedback the profound enormity of the phenomenon - thus keeping the overall environment/ » What managed services opportunities are something much greater in scope than just developing by vertical market? ecosystem in balance. machine connectivity.» Vertical Smart Systems Solutions. End users » What are the evolving competitive dynamics will emerge as a force and place greater a new generation of systems architecture in the Smart Systems arena? emphasis on vertical solutions that readily (hardware, software, network technologies integrate with enterprise systems -- end and managed services) that provide real- » What are the biggest unmet growth customers will demand innovative solution opportunities and biggest issues and hurdles time awareness based on inputs from are there in the market impacting adoption of design and more effective service and machines, people, video streams, maps, Smart Services? support. newsfeeds, sensors, and more that integrate
  5. 5. Smart Systems Forecast ReportMarket Opportunity Has Reached Its Tipping Point Page v;$=#9:C#%:+9&#9A&!%$0,%0$) !"#$%&!(%)"(&*+$),#(%&-).+$%&/$+(.),%0(Our analysis and forecast provides D#$E+$&-)()#$,7&3)90)&!)=")9%#%:+9&F#.&comprehensive coverage of the intelligentdevice networking market. We have interviewedtechnology suppliers, product OEMs, serviceproviders, experts and users to obtain acomplete perspective on the marketplace. Thisreport provides our analysis and forecast thatincludes all intelligently networked devices,covering both Fixed (Wireline) and Wirelesstechnologies, including WWAN (cellular andsatellite), WLAN and WPAN.Harbor segments the market into eleven key © 2012 Harbor Research, Inc. Enterprise Mobile All rights reserved Harbor Researchvenues as listed below. We analyze each venueand related customer segments, applicationmachine types central to the evolving smartsystems arena.Our venue scope and coverage includes:» Resources: Mining equipment, pipelines, agricultural equipment, water/wastewater, and energy production» Industrial: Automation, control equipment, and manufacturing capital equipment» Transportation: Vehicles, Airplanes, & Transport Systems
  6. 6. Smart Systems Forecast ReportSmart Systems’ Scope» Homeland Security: National, border, and connected to a terrestrial cellular network, Page vi public venue security including smart phones, and feature phones network service charges, and support services.» Buildings: HVAC/environmental systems, We further organize and segment opportunities access control systems, transport systems, » System Applications: System Applications !"#$%&!(%)"(&*+$),#(%&-).+$%&/$+(.),%0( and lighting into four key layers as follows: include status/monitoring, diagnostics,» Residential: Consumer appliances, lighting, » Network Hardware: the wireline or wireless control/automation, and location/tracking. security, energy systems, and network module attached to or embedded in each automation machine to be connected. » Value-Added Application Services: application delivery services, including asset» Healthcare: Medical devices, telemedicine, » Network Services: the communication management, energy management, supply care delivery technology, as well as lab medium used to receive/send machine data chain and customer support. equipment, such as centrifuges, incubators, freezers, and blood test equipment *+$),#(%&F+A)4&!)=")9%#%:+9&!,7)"#&» Retail: Point of Sale systems (POS), vending machines (food/beverages, cigarettes, higher Venue Venues Resources value products like CDs), service equipment Venue = segment of the economy (e.g. Energy) (petrol pumps, washers/driers, refrigeration, car cleaning), entertainment, signage/ These levels of the © 2012 Harbor Research, Inc. segmentation model are All rights reserved Harbor Research display (billboards, displays), scanners and Customer Segment about “where” the Customer Electricity application occurs or registers, kiosks, digital signage, lighting, Segments A homogenous “served” market segment resides (e.g. Power Generation within Energy) and refrigeration systems» Consumer IT: Infotainment technologies in Application Segment the home, including PCs, tablets, storage Application Applications provide a function or a related set of functions based on a Distribution System Segments devices, cameras, game players, and home grouping of related devices (e.g. fleet tracking or energy mgmt) These levels of the segmentation model are about “what” the function Device Segments & Categories of the device is or» Professional IT: Information and Device A device segment is a lower level grouping enables within a system based on the particular function of a device Sub-Station Equipment communication in the Segments (e.g. POS) and a device category refers to (e.g. relays, switches, etc.) desktop PCs, tablets, netbooks, and the actual type of device (e.g. mobile payment terminal). traditional laptops as well as infrastructure related assets such as servers, storage Device Categories devices, and communications equipment» Mobile Telephony: mobile terminals
  7. 7. Smart Systems Forecast ReportMethodology Page viiHarbor combines a comprehensive top-down using different connection technologies. The suppliers, network equipment suppliers andand bottom-up approach to ensure the most results of these assessments have then been channel participants such as distributors. !"#$%&!(%)"(&*+$),#(%&-).+$%&/$+(.),%0(accurate forecast possible. All levels within the cross-checked against actual connection moduleforecast are linked. shipment data received from silicon and moduleDevice populations have been determined fromgovernment statistics and related market analysis D#$E+$&-)()#$,7&!"#$%&!(%)"(&*+$),#(%&F)%7+A+4+=on output and installed base across a verydiverse range of networked device segments. Device Device Device Devices within Service Prices Service Prices Service US, EU Populations Populations Applications/ Service Prices by application by application Populations Providers,Data for over 350 device categories in Harbor’s & Global Stats Venues By by country Application by country Industry Application By country Researcheleven key venues have been researched in this Suppliers, Application Application Application Penetration Penetration Industry Penetration Penetrations Service ARPUsway in order to cover all areas where Harbor Comparisons Technology DIY; Technology Servicessees potential smart device and systems Suppliers, Industry Technology Technology Penetrations Penetrations Penetrations Commercial SP Revenues Provider Penetrations Open Source, By Application Infoopportunities. These numbers are cross-checked Comparisons etc. ConnectedDevice/ Device/ ConnectedDevice/ Airtime, Fixed line Airtime, Fixed line ConnectedDevice/against data and analysis from alternative Shipments ConnectedProjections Module Module Projections Module Projections Projections Airtime, ARPUs ARPUs Fixed ARPUs © 2012 Harbor Research, Inc. All rights reserved Harbor Researchsources such as expert interviews, industry ARPU 1 App 1 Rev Module Prices Module Pricespublications, academic analysis, market research Prices by technology by technology By Technology ARPU 2 App 2 Rev Networkreports, and other sources. Services ARPU 3 App 3 Rev Device UnitNetworking penetration of these device Values ARPU X App X Revpopulations has been assessed from Harbor’s Factor C Support Charges Factor A Software Diagnostics Factoranalysis, based on input received from device Factor D Provisioning Factor B Engineering Control/Automation Factorsuppliers and industry comparisons across Location & Track Factordevice segments. At the same time, device Systems Value Added Status & Monitor Factor Applicationcategories have also been assessed for the Network Hardware Applications Services Configuration Factoralternative technologies that might be used to Other Factornetwork them. This approach seeks to minimizethe potential for double counting of devices
  8. 8. Smart SystemsForecast ReportAbout Harbor Research Page viii !"#$%&!(%)"(&*+$),#(%&-).+$%&/$+(.),%0(Harbor Research has more than twenty years of Contact:experience providing strategic consulting and Kristin Deily Analystresearch services to product manufacturers,services organizations and core technology Harbor Research, Inc.clients. Harbor’s strategy and business 1942 Broadway Suite 201development work is organized around Boulder, CO 80302emergent and disruptive opportunities, with a p 303.786.9000 f 720.282.5801unique focus on the impact of the PervasiveInternet—the use of the Internet to accomplish m 303.880.6098global device networking that will revolutionize Email: kdeily@harborresearch.combusiness by unleashing entirely new modes of Trinity Housesystem optimization, customer relationships, and Cambridge Business Parkservice delivery - what we call “Smart Systems & © 2012 Harbor Research, Inc. Cowley Road, CB4 OWZ UK All rights reserved Harbor ResearchServices.” p +44 122 339 3571 f +44 122 339 3501 w http://www.harborresearch.com
  9. 9. Smart SystemsForecast ReportReport Structure and Content Page ixIntroduction and Forces and Smart Systems Evolving MarketOverview Trends Forecast Opportunities !"#$%&!(%)"(&*+$),#(%&-).+$%&/$+(.),%0(Introduction Smart Systems Forces & Trends Smart Systems Market Forecast Evolving Market Opportunities Overview Organizing Schema & Methodology Internet of Interactions Key Technology Drivers & Forces Venues and MarketsKey Questions Challenges for Technology Competitive Forces PlayersReport Structure and OrganizingSchema Customer Forces Applications Vs. Technologies Challenges for Network Services Players Socio-Economic Forces Market Potential Challeges for IT Systems Success Factors Network Hardware Revenues Players Network Services Revenues Customer Challenges System Application Revenues Required Smart Systems Tools Value Added Applications Services Device Shipments by Network Type © 2012 Harbor Research, Inc. All rights reserved Harbor Research » Resources Venue » Industrial Venue » Transportation Venue » Homeland Security Venue » Buildings Venue » Residential Venue » Healthcare Venue » Retail Venue » Consumer IT Venue » Professional IT Venue » Mobile Telephony Venue
  10. 10. Smart SystemsForecast ReportSmart Systems Forecast Exhibits Page xG7#.%)$&8Figure 1.1 Venue Segmentation Map Figure 3.11 Value Added Application Services Figure 3.31 Value Added Application RevenueFigure 1.2 Forecast Methodology Revenue by Venue ($ millions) Figure 3.32 Residential Venue - Global Revenue !"#$%&!(%)"(&*+$),#(%&-).+$%&/$+(.),%0( Figure 3.12 Value Added Application Services Streams ($ millions) Revenue by Venue ($ millions) Figure 3.33 System Application RevenueG7#.%)$&88 Figure 3.13 Wireline Shipments 2016 Figure 3.34 Value Added Application RevenueFigure 2.1 Smart Systems Framework Figure 3.14 WWAN Shipments 2016 Figure 3.35 Healthcare Venue - Global RevenueFigure 2.2 Intelligent Device Hierarchy Figure 3.15 WLAN Shipments 2016 Streams ($ millions)Figure 2.3 Smart Systems Innovation Map Figure 3.16 WPAN Shipments 2016 Figure 3.36 System Application Revenue Figure 3.17 Resources Venue - Global Revenue Figure 3.37 Value Added Application RevenueG7#.%)$&888 Streams ($ millions) Figure 3.38 Retail Venue - Global Revenue Figure 3.18 System Application Revenue Streams ($ millions)Figure 2.4 Evolving Industry Value Structure Figure 3.19 Value Added Application Revenue Figure 3.39 System Application RevenueFigure 3.1 Smart Systems Segmentation Taxonomy Figure 3.20 Industrial Venue - Global Revenue Figure 3.40 Value Added Application RevenueFigure 3.2 Applications Versus Technologies Streams ($ millions) Figure 3.41 Consumer IT Venue - Global RevenueFigure 3.3 Smart Systems Revenue Streams Figure 3.21 System Application Revenue Streams ($ millions)Figure 3.4 Smart Systems Revenue Streams Figure 3.22 Value Added Application Revenue Figure 3.42 System Application RevenueFigure 3.5 Network Hardware Revenue Potential © 2012 Harbor Research, Inc. All rights reserved Harbor Research Figure 3.23 Transportation Venue - Global Revenue Figure 3.43 Value Added Application Revenue ($ millions)Figure 3.6 Network Hardware Revenue Potential by Streams ($ millions) Figure 3.44 Professional IT Venue - Global Revenue Venue ($ millions) Figure 3.24 System Application Revenue Streams ($ millions)Figure 3.7 Network Services Revenue Potential Figure 3.25 Value Added Application Revenue Figure 3.45 System Application Revenue ($ millions) Figure 3.26 Homeland Security Venue - Global Figure 3.46 Value Added Application RevenueFigure 3.8 Network Services Revenue Potential by Revenue Streams ($ millions) Figure 3.47 Mobile Telephony Venue - Global Venue ($ millions) Figure 3.27 System Application Revenue Revenue Streams ($ millions)Figure 3.9 System Application Revenue Potential by Figure 3.28 Value Added Application Revenue Figure 3.48 System Application Revenue Venue ($ millions) Figure 3.29 Buildings Venue - Global Revenue Figure 3.49 Value Added Application RevenueFigure 3.10 System Application Revenue Potential Streams ($ millions) by Venue ($ millions) Figure 3.30 System Application Revenue
  11. 11. Smart Systems Forecast ReportAppendicesNetwork Summaries Device Demographics Venues Managed Services Page xiH)<:,)(&*+$),#(% I#,7&H)<:,)&!)=")9%&89,40A)(J I#,7&3)90)&G#%)=+$&89,40A)(J F#9#=)A&!)$<:,)&*+$),#(% !"#$%&!(%)"(&*+$),#(%&-).+$%&/$+(.),%0(Figure A.1 Total Devices Shipped by » Devices Shipped by Venue Figure D.1 Managed Service Revenue Technology - Worldwide » Devices Shipped by by Venue - Worldwide » Installed Device BaseFigure A.2 Total Devices Shipped by Technology Figure D.2 Value Added Service » Network Hardware Revenue by Geography - Worldwide » Installed Device Base by Revenue by Venue - VenueFigure A.3 Total Devices Shipped by Technology Worldwide » Managed Service Revenue by Venue - Worldwide » Revenue Streams Figure D.3 System ApplicationFigure A.4 Installed Device Base by Venue Revenue by Venue - » Network Hardware Revenue by Venue - Worldwide Technology WorldwideFigure A.5 Total Network Hardware Revenue by Technology - I#,7&H)<:,)&!)=")9%& 3#40)&5AA)A&!)$<:,)(&*+$),#(% Worldwide K4+E#4&3)90)(J 89,40A)(JFigure A.6 Total Network Hardware » Industrial Venue Forecast Value Added Services is broken Revenue by Region - » Wireline Worldwide Forecast down according to each Venue, and Worldwide » Wireline Regional Forecast » Buildings Venue Forecast the System Application RevenueFigure A.7 Total Network Hardware Breakdown and the Value Added Revenue by Venue - » WWAN Worldwide Forecast » Retail Venue Forecast Service Revenue Breakdown Worldwide » WWAN Regional Forecast measures are presented for each » Transportation Venue Forecast » WLAN Worldwide Forecast1)%2+$>&H)<:,)(&*+$),#(% » WLAN Regional Forecast Figure D.24 System Applications » Professional IT Venue © 2012 Harbor Research, Inc. Revenue Breakdown - All rights reserved Harbor ResearchFigure A.8 Network Services Revenue by Venue - Worldwide » WPAN Worldwide Forecast Worldwide » Healthcare Venue ForecastFigure A.9 Network Services Revenue » WPAN Regional Forecast by Technology - Worldwide Figure D.25 Value Added Service » Homeland Security Venue Revenue Breakdown -Figure A.10 Network Services Revenue Forecast by Venue - N. America WorldwideFigure A.11 Network Services Revenue » Resources Venue Forecast by Venue -EuropeFigure A.12 Network Services Revenue » Residential Venue Forecast by Venue - AsiaPacFigure A.13 Network Services Revenue » Consumer IT Venue Forecast by Venue -ROWFigure A.14 Network Services Revenue » Mobile Telephony Forecast by Technology- N. AmericaFigure A.15 Network Services Revenue by Technology - EuropeFigure A.16 Network Services Revenue by Technology- AsiaPacFigure A.17 Network Services Revenue by Technology - ROW
  12. 12. Smart Systems Forecast ReportDevice Demographics -)(+0$,)(& 89A0(%$:#4& 6$#9(.+$%#%:+9 D+")4#9A 3)90) 3)90) 3)90) !),0$:% 3)90)F:9:9=J H:(,$)%)&F#90L#,%0$:9=J 3)7:,4)(J I9%$&!(%)"(J Page xii» Resource Extraction: » Machine Control » On-Road Vehicles » Airports & Public Transit » Mobile Mining Equip - Surface » CNC / Motion Controlllers » Passenger » Inspection Equipment » Fixed Mining Equip - Underground » Drives - AC / DC / Variable Speed » SUV/Light » » Mining Tools » Human Machine Interfaces » Commercial - Medium » Surveillance Systems & Devices » Materials Handling » Motors & Actuators » Commercial - Heavy !"#$%&!(%)"(&*+$),#(%&-).+$%&/$+(.),%0( » Programmable Logic Controllers » Motorcycles/Bikes » PortsI4),%$:,:%M/+2)$&!(%)"(J » Sensors & Switches - Discrete » Military » Surveillance Systems & Devices» Power Generation Manufacturing » Intruder Detection Devices » Central Stations - Nuclear/Fossil » Off-Road Vehicles » Inspection Equipment » Alternative Gen - Wind Turbines » Special Industrial Machines » Construction » Alternative Gen - Solar » Robots » Agriculture » Borders » Alternative - Co-Gen » Assembly/Test Stands » Recreational » Inspection Equipment » Military »» Transmission & Distribution /$+,)((MG+9<)$%:9=J » Surveillance Systems & Devices » Sub-Stations » Control Systems 5)$+(.#,)J » Re-Closers - Power Distribution » Distributed Control Systems » Commercial /0E4:,&89L$#(%$0,%0$)J » Relays - Power Distribution » Instruments - Process Control » Airliners & Cargo Planes » Switches & Heavy Switchgear » Stand-Alone Controllers » Helicopters » Electrical Grid » Electricity Pylons & Towers » Valves & Actuators » Light Aircraft » Monitoring Systems » Analytic Instruments » Surveillance Systems & Devices» Premises Equipment » Military » Intruder Detection Devices » Back-Up Power Equip » Process Masurement/Analytics » Cargo Planes & Bombers » Meters » Process Analytical Instruments » Helicopters » Water/Wastewater » Energy Monitoring/Display » Flow Measurement » Fighter Jets » Surveillance Systems & Devices » Level Measurement » Unmanned » Intruder Detection Devices5=$:,04%0$)J » Pressure Measurement» Farming Equipment » Temperature Measurement F#$:9)J » Pipelines/Telco Infrastructure » Tractors & Farmyard Machines » Process Variable Transmitters » Commercial » Monitoring Systems » Harvesters » Telemetry/RTUs (Remote) » Passenger Ships » Surveillance Systems & Devices » Temperature Controllers » Ferrrys & Fishing Vessels » Intruder Detection Devices» Agricultural Infrastructure » Position Sensing » Cargo Craft & Tankers © 2012 Harbor Research, Inc. All rights reserved » Irrigation Equip » Air Compressors Harbor Research » Sprayers Sprinklers & Pumps » Chillers » Military - Naval »& 5:$,$#L%&G#$$:)$(;:4&?&K#(J » Final Control/Actuators »& G$0:()$(MH)(%$+)$(M5((#04%» Off-Shore » Valves »& !0E"#$:9)(& » Drilling Rigs » Pumps » Floating Production Systems » Motors » Recreational » Drill Ships I4),%$+9:,(J » Pleasure Boats » Submersible Rigs/Systems » Jetskis » Semiconductor Fab Equip» On-Shore » Auto Test/Assembly Equip -#:4J » Drilling Rigs !0..4&G7#:9J » Rolling Stock » » Passenger Trains » Material Handling Equip » Freight» Pipelines » Auto ID (Bar Code, RFID) » Sub-Ways & Light Rail » Compressor Stations » Pumps » Locomotion » Monitoring Equip »& N+,+"+%:<)(&O&D)#< » Meters »& N+,+"+%:<)(&O&N:=7%P#%)$J 6$#9(.+$%#%:+9&89L$#(%$0,%0$)J» Water » Tolls/Tariffs » Water/Wasterwater Processing » Signage » Drill Rigs » Tracking/ID Systems » Desalinasation » Pipeline Systems/Equip » Meters
  13. 13. Smart Systems Forecast ReportDevice Demographics Q0:4A:9=(& -)(:A)9%:#4 D)#4%7,#$)& -)%#:4 3)90) 3)90) 3)90) 3)90)G+"")$,:#4&M&89A0(%$:#4&Q0:4A:9=(J D+(.:%#4(&M&D)#4%7&H)4:<)$J Page xiii 5..4:#9,)(J -)%#:4&!%+$)(&M&6$#9(#,%:+9(J»& Q0:4A:9=&6$#9(:%&!(%)"( » Patient Care »& N#$=)&5..4:#9,)( » Drug Dispensers »& @:+(>( »& I4)<#%+$(R&I(,#4#%+$S&P#4>2#( »& H:(72#(7)$( » Dialysis Equipment »& 89L+$"#%:+9#4&@:+(>( »& -)L$:=)$#%+$( » Respiratory Equipment »& 6:,>)%:9=M6$#9(#,%:+9#4&@:+(>(»& I4),%$:,#4&H:(%$:E0%:+9&IT0:.")9% »& *$))C)$( » Incubators »& 56F( »& N+#A&G)9%)$&?&/#9)4&Q+#$A( »& ;<)9( !"#$%&!(%)"(&*+$),#(%&-).+$%&/$+(.),%0( »& Q$)#>)$(S&K*G8M&-GH&H)<:,)( » »& !%+<)( » Beds & Bedside Equipment »& /+:9%O+LO!#4)&W/;!X&!(%)"( »& /+2)$&;0%4)%(S&P:$:9=&H)<:,)( »& P#(7:9=&F#,7:9)( »& *:V)A&?&F+E:4)&/;!&!(%)"( »& !2:%,7=)#$S&G+9%$+4&K)#$ »& H$)$( » Patient Monitoring »& P):=7&!,#4)( »& /+2)$&B0#4:%&!(%)"( » Blood Glucose »& Q#$,+A)MH+%,+A)M-*H&!,#99)$( »& Q#,>O0.&/+2)$&!(%)"( » Blood Pressure »& H:=:%#4&!:=9#=) »& !"#44&5..4:#9,)( » Dosimeters - Fixed»& D35G&!(%)"( »& 3#,00"&G4)#9)$(& » Drug Dispensers - Fixed D+%)4(S&-)(%#0$#9%(S&I9%)$%#:9")9% »& 5MG&U9:%( »& F:,$+2#<)(M&6+#(%)$&;<)9(& » Electro-Cardiac Monitors - Fixed »& Q4+2)$(&?&*#9( »& !"#44&@:%,7)9&5..4:#9,)(& » Intraveneous Monitors - Fixed »& 5..4:#9,)(&#9A&!)$<:,)&IT0:.")9% »& Q+:4)$(S&G7:44)$( »& 6$#(7&G+".#,%+$(& » Pulse Oximeters - Fixed »& G+"")$,:#4&5..4:#9,)( »& G+"E0(%:+9&G+9%$+44)$( »& »& 3#,00"&G4)#9)$( »& G++4:9=&6+2)$(S&/0".:9=&IT0:. » Patient Diagnostics »& G+"")$,:#4&@:%,7)9&5..4:#9,)( »& 3#$:#E4)&5:$&3+40")&G+9%$+4( 89L+%#:9")9%J » Computer Aided Tomography »& G+"")$,:#4&N#09A$&5..4:#9,)( » Magnetic Resonance Imaging »& 8,)&?&P#%)$&H:(.)9()$(»& N:=7%:9=&!(%)"(&?&G+".+9)9%( » Media »& N:=7%:9=&!(%)"(S&*:V%0$)( » DVRs, » Ultra Sound Equipment » X-Ray Machines - Healthcare »& I9%)$%#:9")9%&IT0:.")9% »& N:=7%&!+,>)%(S&Q#44#(%(S&N#".( » DVD Players »& »& N:=7%&!2:%,7)(&?&H:"")$( » Set Top Boxes »& I4),%$+9:,&89(%$0")9%( » Stereo Systems »& !+09A&F:V:9=»& !#L)%&#9A&!),0$:%&!(%)"(& » Televisions » »& N:=7%:9=&#9A&H:(.4#&!(%)"( »& !"+>)S&G7)":,#4S&K#(&H)%),%+$( » Blood Glucose Monitors - Fixed »& !+09A&F:V:9=&IT0:.")9% »& *:$)&!)9(+$(&#9A&54#$"&/#9)4( »& IA0O%#:9")9% » Blood Pressure Meters - Fixed »& !.)#>)$( »& » Edu-tainment Toys » Dosimeters - Fixed »& K#":9=MK#"E4:9=&F#,7:9)( »& 5,,)((&G+9%$+4( » Gaming Consoles » Drug Dispensers - Fixed »& Q+24:9=&!(%)"( »& !),0$:%&54#$"( » Learning Devices » Electro- Cardiac Monitors - Fixed »& H:=:%#4&Y0>)E+V)( »& !),0$:%&G#")$#( » Intraveneous Monitors - Fixed © 2012 Harbor Research, Inc. All rights reserved Harbor Research N:L)(%4)J » Pulse Oximeters - Fixed K#(&M&G+9<)9:)9,)&;0%4)%(J-)(:A)9%:#4&Q0:4A:9=(J»& I4),%$:,#4&H:(%$:E0%:+9&IT0:.")9%& »& N:L)(%4)&H)<:,)( » Remote Patient Monitoring »& *0)4:9=&#9A&-).#:$( »& G+9(0")$&U9:%(&?&N+#A&G)9%)$( » Digital Picture Frames » Blood Glucose Monitors »& K#(&/0".(&#9A&H:(.)9(:9=& »& F:9:#%0$)&Q$)#>)$(S&K*8GM&-GH& » Health & Fitness Devices » Blood Pressure Meters !(%)"( H)<:,)(&?&*0()( » Home Energy Displays » Electro- Cardiac Monitors »& 5:$&?&P#%)$&H:(.)9()$( »& /+2)$&;0%4)%(S&!.0$(&?&P:$:9=& » IP Cameras » Hearing Aid Devices »& H:#=9+(%:,&6)$":9#4(& H)<:,)( » Adjustable Beds » Pacemakers »& 6)(%&IT0:.")9% »& !2:%,7=)#$S&8(+4#%+$(&?&G+9%$+4& » IP Phone Systems » Dosimeters - Portable K)#$ » Drug Dispensers - Portable »& G+9<)9:)9,)( »& D35G&!(%)"(&?&G+".+9)9%( » » Electro- Cardiac Monitors »& H:(.)9()$( F+E:4)J » Intraveneous Monitors - Portable »& 5MG&U9:%(&?&G+"L+$%&G++4:9= » Pulse Oximeters - Portable »& Q+:4)$(S&D)#%&/0". »& 89L+%#:9")9% »& » MP3 Music & Video Players -)()#$,7J»& N:=7%:9=&!(%)"(&?&G+".+9)9%( » Portable Gaming Devices »& N#".(S&Q04E(S&60E)(S&!+,>)%( » Laboratories »& N:=7%&!2:%,7)(&?&H:"")$( »& N:L)(%4) » Centrifuges - Laboratory »& N:=7%:9=&Q#44#(%( » Digital Cameras » Freezers - Laboratory »& 6$#(&?&N:=7%&*:V%0$)( » Digital Video Cameras » Incubators - Laboratory » GPS Navigation Devices » Microscopes»& /+2)$&B0#4:%&!(%)"(& » Spectrometers »& 6$#9(:)9%&3+4%#=)&!0$=)& » Weigh Scales - Laboratory !0..$)((:+9&H)<:,)(»& !#L)%&!(%)"(&?&G+".+9)9%(& »& G#$E+9&F+9+V:A)&H+,%+$( »& 5,,)((&G+9%$+4( »& !),0$:%&54#$"(
  14. 14. Smart Systems Forecast ReportDevice Demographics G+9(0")$&86 /$+L)((:+9#4&86 F+E:4)&6)4).7+9 3)90) 3)90) 3)90) Page xiv I9%)$.$:()&M&G+"")$,:#4J 6)4).7+9J»& G+".0%:9= »& G+".0%:9= »& G)44&/7+9)(& »& H)(>%+.&/G( »& H)(>%+.&/G( »& N#.%+.&/G( »& P+$>(%#%:+9( F+E:4)&6)$":9#4(J »& 1)%E++>( »& H:(.4#( » Feature Phones !"#$%&!(%)"(&*+$),#(%&-).+$%&/$+(.),%0( »& U4%$#&F+E:4)&/G( »& 1)%E++>( »& U4%$#&F+E:4)&/G( » SmartPhones»& !%+$#=)& »& 67:9&G4:)9%( »& !%+$#=)&H)<:,)( »& /)9M6#E4)% »& F)A:#&!)$<)$( »& !)$<)$(&#9A&!%+$#=)&»& 1)%2+$>:9=& »& !)$<)$(S&Q4#A)(S&-#,>(&M&*$))O »& K#%)2#( !%#9A:9= »& D0E( »& !%+$#=)&H)<:,)( »& -+0%)$(& »& F)A:#&!)$<)$( »& !2:%,7)( »& 1)%2+$>:9=&»& /$:9%:9=&M&8"#=:9= »& K#%)2#( »& /$:9%)$( »& D0E( »& G+.:)$( »& -+0%)$(& »& !,#99)$( »& !2:%,7)( »& *#V&F#,7:9)(& »& /$:9%:9=&M&8"#=:9=F+E:4)J »& /$:9%)$( »& G+.:)$(» Tablets »& !,#99)$(» E-Readers »& *#V&F#,7:9)(&» Laptop PCs F+E:4)J » Tablets » Pen-Based Systems © 2012 Harbor Research, Inc. All rights reserved Harbor Research » Industrial PDAs » Laptop PCs