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User Stories Suck @ ProductCamp Austin 20 - 2/2018


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The goal of the Product Owner/ Manager is to ensure we are building the right product. User Stories support Agile delivery, but in today’s world, we need to be more focused on Product Discovery over Efficient Delivery. Industry studies show more than half of the features we build are rarely or never used. Wouldn’t you like to know much earlier which features are not going to be valued by your market?

In this session at PCA20, David Hawks explored the weaknesses of the current standard Epic/User Story process and discover some new practices to ensure organizations are building the right features through quick market validation. He also proposed a new approach you can try to replace the musty old stale User Story method.

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User Stories Suck @ ProductCamp Austin 20 - 2/2018

  1. 1. Evolve past User Stories to Experiment Driven Development
  2. 2. Sponsors Advocates In Kind Supporters
  3. 3. David Hawks Agile Trainer and Coach CEO of Agile Velocity @austinagile Accelerate Agility Transformation | Training | Coaching
  4. 4. © Copyright Agile Velocity, LLC All Rights Reserved Sources • Gothelf, Jeff (2013-02-22). Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience (p. 20). O'Reilly Media • Moves the Needle, Brant Cooper
  5. 5. Agile = Shorten the Feedback Loop But, to Who?
  6. 6. Delivery Focus • Agile • Scrum • Predictability • Velocity • Test Automation • Continuous Integration • User Stories
  7. 7. Build Feedback? Idea Product
  8. 8. Build Feedback? Idea Product How do you know you are building the right thing?
  9. 9. Build Feedback? Idea Product When do you find out if you are right?
  10. 10. How long is the Release cycle? (From Concept to Customer) How many features are released together? How is success determined? Your Product Today
  11. 11. It is a Requirement Dammit!
  12. 12. 64% of the features we build in the software industry are Rarely or Never Used!
  13. 13. © Copyright Agile Velocity, LLC All Rights Reserved
  14. 14. © Copyright Agile Velocity, LLC All Rights Reserved Objective Objective: _____________________ • Key Result 1: ________________ • Key Result 2: ________________ • Key Result 3: ________________
  15. 15. © Copyright Agile Velocity, LLC All Rights Reserved Objective Drive more Revenue from Frequent Flyers • Increase Revenue from frequent flyers by 20% • 30% of frequent flyers rebook with us within 90 days • We increase the number of frequent flyer customers by 25%
  16. 16. Experimentation Objective Explore baked-in assumptions and define them as testable hypotheses • “10% of all free version users will convert to paid.” • “If we provide this feature, then 25% more will buy our service.” • “Non-gluten recipes take more than 30 minutes to find.” • “90% of parents want an easy way to share photos.” Experiments Design smallest experiment(s) to test the highest-priority hypothesis Hypotheses Define the Objective PD-5
  17. 17. Discovery • Lean Startup • User Story Mapping • Design Thinking • Lean UX • Experiment Driven
  18. 18. Turn your Requirement into a Hypothesis If we do X then Y% of customers will behave in way Z
  19. 19. © Copyright Agile Velocity, LLC All Rights Reserved Hypothesis If we make the rebooking process easier, then 30% of customers will rebook 10% of flights within 90 days
  20. 20. Decision: • Pivot - to a new/modified hypothesis • Persevere - run more experiments, test next highest priority hypothesis Running Experiments to Test a Hypothesis BML Loop MVPe PD-6
  21. 21. AGILE VELOCITY PROPRIETARYCopyright © 2016 Agile Velocity, LLC.  All Rights Reserved. AGILE VELOCITY PROPRIETARY 6 Risk that we are Wrong Prioritize based on Risk of Assumptions ImpactofGettingitWrong 1 2 3 4 8 5 7
  22. 22. Types of Experiments ACTIVITY: Match the experiment type with a description and picture MVP Concierge MVP Sprint PSPI User Observation A/B Test Wizard of Oz Paper Prototype PD-8
  23. 23. Paper Prototyping
  24. 24. Explainer Video
  25. 25. Facade
  26. 26. © Copyright Agile Velocity, LLC All Rights Reserved Experiment Build the absolute minimum required to test your hypothesis, as fast as possible • Measure real behavior • Don’t just confirm, learn • Include ways to capture surprises
  27. 27. © Copyright Agile Velocity, LLC All Rights Reserved Experiment We believe that [doing this/building this feature/creating this experience] for [these people/personas] will achieve [this outcome]. We will know this is true when we see [this market feedback, quantitative measure, or qualitative insight]
  28. 28. Practice Round ACTIVITY: Each table is given a sheet containing a question or scenario. • Collaborate and achieve consensus on an answer. • Write down your answer in your workbook for the debrief. After 3 minutes, shift to next table where a new sheet awaits. PD-9
  29. 29. DeliveryDiscovery
  30. 30. Sponsors Advocates In Kind Supporters