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Baking the SAFe® Cake - One Layer at a Time!


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In this entirely hands-on session at Southern Fried Agile, attendees decomposed and built the SAFe® “big picture” one layer at a time. With the help of Agile Coach and Trainer, Mike Hall, attendees learned the roles, responsibilities, artifacts, structures, interconnections, and flow of value within each of the four layers of SAFe®.

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Baking the SAFe® Cake - One Layer at a Time!

  1. 1. Copyright © 2018 Agile Velocity, LLC.  All Rights Reserved. AGILE VELOCITY PROPRIETARY Baking the SAFe Cake - 1 Layer at a Time!
  2. 2. Mike Hall Senior Agile Coach/Trainer @MikeH_agile Accelerate Agility Transformation | Training | Coaching 2
  3. 3. Impressions 3 First
  4. 4. Layer 4 Team
  5. 5. Layer 5 Program
  6. 6. Layer 6 Large Solution
  7. 7. PROVIDED BY Layer 7 Portfolio
  8. 8. Impressions 8 Final
  9. 9. Wrap !9
  10. 10. AGILE VELOCITY Our Mission Is To Accelerate Agility. Agile Training with more engagement Agile Coaching with faster value Agile Transformations with less risk ABOUT AGILE VELOCITY A Brief Introduction 10
  11. 11. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi 11 Go forth and be great!
  12. 12. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALAGILE VELOCITY ACCELERATE AGILITY Write down your full name and email on the signup sheet for more info. We will send you…. "Demystifying SAFe white paper "5 Scaling Practices to start with "Enterprise transformation info Have more questions? Send me an email Michael Hall Senior Agile Coach/Trainer WE’RE HIRING AGILE COACHES Put a star on your index card if you are interested! RELATED CONTENT We got you
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