QA is Dead - Long Live the New QA!


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QA is Dead - Long Live the New QA!
By Ronen Bar-Nahor and Yuval Yeret @AgileIL12

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  • The problem with small stories and continous testing and re-test  setup costCompressed Cycle compared to waterfallSymptom:everything slows down (“we don’t have time to develop anything, we test 50% of the time”)Done is not really Done. PSP==Potentially S#!*ty ProductNeed to minimize cost of stuff repeated per iteration – enable effective small batches
  • QA is Dead - Long Live the New QA!

    1. 1. QA is Dead!Long live the new QA!Ronen Bar Nahor, Yuval Yeret AgileSparks Challenging your comfort zone All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    2. 2. AgileSparks • We help companies improve by Adopting agile principles and practices. • We provide training and coaching to all organizational levels, from high management to developers. • Our team consists of Agile professionals with diverse expertise – several coaches participate in each implementation. • Successfully completed dozens of projects. All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    3. 3. Agile is … Delighting Customers Deliver value to customers/users frequently, at a continuously sustainable pace, seeking constant feedback and welcoming direction changes in an UNCERTAIN DYNAMIC world *Maturity/Effectiveness of process is a factor of the frequency All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    4. 4. Feature Teams Testers Developers • Whole Team Approach • Working Tested Software • Build Quality In – Zero Defects • Trusted / Empowered with Meaningful Goal All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    5. 5. G-Forces of agility Learn Idea Validate Specify Verify Code Learn Idea Learn Idea Validate Specify Verify Code Validate Specify Verify Code All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    6. 6. Deployment to production: 1990 Annual Quarterly Monthly Weekly Daily Hourly All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    7. 7. Deployment to production : 2010 Annual Quarterly Monthly Weekly Daily Hourly All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    8. 8. Deployment to production : 2030 Annual Quarterly Monthly Weekly Daily Hourly All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    9. 9. Early Feedback – The Goal and the conflict… Improve – Reduce Testing Overhead Ideal Batch Size WITH Ideal Batch Traditional Great automation W/O Processes Automation Earlier Feedback – Cheaper to change Lower Testing Overhead • Even without reducing testing overhead it is usually more cost-effective to reduce batch size • Aim to reduce testing overhead to reduce batch size even more and be even more cost-effective All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    10. 10. Automate at the right level Manual UI 5% Acceptance ROI Cost (Service/API) 15% Unit Testing 80% All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    11. 11. How do we get these supermen testers? All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    12. 12. So what is the unique value of QA? All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    13. 13. 13 Credit - Udi Weinberg – HP Software All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    14. 14. Back to Basics – Minimize Quality Risks • Being Champions of the Product and the Customer/User. • Specializing in Performance/ Security/Load/etc. • Shining light on where to focus quality efforts by analyzing risk probability and Impact. All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    15. 15. Test for Value Deliver the RIGHT it is even more important than doing it RIGHT* Fit to Customer OVER Fit to Spec All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    16. 16. New Perspective of QA’s Role Accountable to Quality: By Enabling it rather than Owning it All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    17. 17. Quality OVER Quantity - experts SUPPORTING delivery Test Experts/Architects Delivery Team Software Engineers Delivery Team Software Engineers Delivery Team Choose where to be Software Engineers involved Delivery Team Delivery Team Software Engineers Software Engineers All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    18. 18. How will roles/ratios change over time? Automation Test Engineers/ Experts Experts Testers SW Engineers SW Developers 2005 2010 2015 2020 *AgileSparks prediction All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    19. 19. What do I do tomorrow? • Learn about post-agile QA. • Map Current State, Decide on Direction. • Work on – Effective whole team Automation/ Continuous Integration/Deployment. – The “Test Engineer” Role – Identify, Gap Analysis, Establish plan for closing gaps. – Mindset/Doctrine and Processes/ Policies to transition from Owning to Enabling at the teams level. • Proceed using small experiments or big revolution, depending on the context. All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    20. 20. References ing-software-quality/ All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks
    21. 21. Questions? Ask us HowRonen@AgileSparks.comYuval@AgileSparks.comwww.AgileSparks.comQ&A at our booth All Rights Reserved- AgileSparks