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Distributed Agile Development


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Distributed Agile Development (Pecha Kucha) By Aviram Eisenberg @ AgileIL12

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Distributed Agile Development

  1. 1. Distributed Agile Development Aviram Eisenberg, CEO, Ignite
  2. 2. Agile and Distributed DevelopmentAgile makes knowledge transfer moreefficientAgile identify offshore mistakes fasterAgile makes offshore visibleAgile keep offshore teams on trackYet, Agile practices and offshore practicescontradict!
  3. 3. Common Distributed ModelsThe Remote Team Model Product Owner Scrum Master Scrum Team
  4. 4. Common Distributed Models The PO Proxy Model Product Owner PO Proxy Scrum Master Scrum Team
  5. 5. Common Distributed ModelsThe Remote R&D Center Model Product Marketing Product Owner Scrum Master Scrum Team
  6. 6. Common Distributed ModelsThe Conservative Model Project Manager Product Owner Scrum Master Scrum Team
  7. 7. Common Distributed Models The International Company Model Product OwnerScrum Master Scrum MasterScrum Team Scrum Team
  8. 8. Common Distributed Models The “Don’t” Models Product Owner Product Owner Scrum Master Scrum Master Scrum Team Scrum TeamIn almost all models PO is not located near the Scrum teamDecision making is almost always not located near the team
  9. 9. Team Structure – co-located Scrum Product Marketing Product OwnerGraphic Design Copyright/ Usability Marketing writing R&D Teams R&D Teams R&D Teams Scrum Teams
  10. 10. Team Structure – Distributed ScrumKeep interfaces simple as possible Product Marketing Product Owner HL ArchitectGraphic Design Usability Copyright/ Marketing writing Scrum Master Scrum Master Scrum Master Scrum Team Scrum Team Scrum Team
  11. 11. It’s ALL about communicationFace to Face -> Video Conf and Skype
  12. 12. It’s ALL about communicationface-to-face -> Ambassador exchange program
  13. 13. Agile PLM - Visibility
  14. 14. Agile PLM – Backlog Management
  15. 15. Agile PLM – Task board
  16. 16. Agile PLM – Wiki and Forums
  17. 17. Agile PLM – Social Stream
  18. 18. Cross Functional vs Component TeamsAgile promotes cross functional teamsDistributed development promotes componentownershipSolution: do both
  19. 19. Q&A Aviram Eisenberg Ignite