Agile meets Enterprise ERP


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Agile meets Enterprise ERP
By Amir Weinberg @ AgileIL12

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  • About myself About Valire About the discussion Meaning of opening video Relevant environment in consideration
  • The translation of “storm” into numbers
  • Look at the growth The significant news is the fact they are changing the large enterprise
  • Is Agile and cloud the same thing? No if you are IT person Yes if your business guy Is cloud SaaS is the answer to agility?
  • Describe three levels of agility It is agreed that ultimate goal is the business – the difference is where you assume is your main challenge Agile delivery requires new methods for packaged application DevOps addressed in SAP (if we ignore integrations) Main emphasize should be on Business-IT
  • Enterprise ERP usage time is measured by many years Most of the IT focus is on the implementation. Misalignment usually come later. Misalignment is experienced by: Gaps in existing process Inability to adapt Slow IT response time
  • I like to use this evolution diagram because it provide business perspective on the ERP Three stages IT Infrastructure – Initial project Alignment - “Stabilization” Improvements – note the split/breakdown
  • Taken from SAP Emphasize business involvement in the teams and activity CIO moves gauge agility means to push further left
  • IT management's objections
  • Lean Startup is an example of Business IT alignment method Things to take Looking at interrelations of business agility and IT agility Things to skip Small company → corporate strategy level Key goal is maximize pivot
  • Agile meets Enterprise ERP

    1. 1. Agile Meets ERPAutomatic Business Fault Detection Amir Weinberg President & CTO
    2. 2. Begin with the End in MindBusiness IT AlignmentKnow when to apply iterationsUse tools that suite the job
    3. 3. 2012 Report : Type of ERP Software 58% On-Premise ERP Traditional ERP hosted off-site 5% SaaS ERP Other 16% 21%Panorama Consulting: ERP Report 2012
    4. 4. Salesforce Growth Number of Customers 120000 100000 80000 60000 40000 20000 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011Source:
    5. 5. Goal is Business Agility
    6. 6. Level of IT Agility Business IT Alignment DevOps Agile Delivery
    7. 7. Agile ERP Delivery10 and above product ownersImplementation teams are not programmersMinimum viable product is a monsterNo out-of-box unit testingNo practical way to wrap implementation with new testNo continues integration
    8. 8. Long Term Misalignment of ERP
    9. 9. ERP Evolution PhasesSource: KPMG
    10. 10. Achieving AgilitySplit your organization –small, cross-functional, self-organizing teamsSplit your work –small list, ranked together with customer,effort relatively estimatedSplit time –fixed length iterations deliver potentially shippableincrements, fast feedback from customer Centralized Control Distribution of Responsibilities
    11. 11. ObjectionsCross-team interferenceResource allocation at global levelCoordinating strategic changesDistribution of knowledge
    12. 12. Case of Real ProjectERP Evolution ColmobilIT Foundation Self manage project Work with Valire to Alignment clean business leaks Continues Yet to be seen ...Improvement
    13. 13. Automatic Business Fault Detection ERP Evolution Valire IT Foundation QA Detecting Business Alignment Leaks in Production Continues Centralized Live Improvement Business Knowledge
    14. 14. Testing Pyramid Users Acceptance System Tests Business Process Validation
    15. 15. Closing the Feedback Loop Business Feedback Requirements Usage ValidationRequirements Validator ERP Implementation IT Feedback
    16. 16. Take A WayIT agility is about Business IT alignmentERP Agility is easier to start at the alignment phaseProvide separation of micro-projectsValire help maintain control while distribution of power
    17. 17. Initial Rollout
    18. 18. ERP Stormy Weather
    19. 19. Response Time Vs Adaptability
    20. 20. Lean Startup Teaching customer development and the lean startup – topological homeomorphism