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Agile implementation in CSR Haifa SW - Michael Levin - Agile Israel 2013


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CSR Haifa SW group is a part of global SW organization developing SW for CSR COACH (Camera on a Chip) SoC.
The main problem we faced is a degraded SW releases quality and as a result, low customer satisfaction, big amount of bugs, etc..
From other side, SW QA team is not part of our group and we cannot utilize this resource for our purposes.
You will hear about our approach to SW quality improvement through Agile implementation.

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Agile implementation in CSR Haifa SW - Michael Levin - Agile Israel 2013

  1. 1. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLYMichael Levin, PMPMay,2013
  2. 2. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLYCSRCamera on a Chip (COACH) is a SoC product developed by CSR-Haifa
  3. 3. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLYCOACH development teamsPage 3``“Camera On Chip”Drivers SW (CSR- Haifa)7 functional teamsApplication SW (Outsourcing)Customer SWFunctionalSW QAVLSIA&ASystemHWSWProductionengineering
  4. 4. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLYPage 4Goals for Agile implementation in CSR-Haifa SWAbility to respond to business changesAbility to respond to interrupts360 visibilityBetter planning and effort estimationBetter program and milestones trackingIncreasing of team efficiencyMinimize wasteMorale/Motivation increasingImprove cross team coordinationContinuous improvement of SW Quality wedeliver• This goal was identified at the stage of agile training• Most challenging
  5. 5. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLYPage 5Solution for Quality improvement Problem: Drivers SW group in Haifa does not have QApeople. Solution: Quality Trustee (QT). QT is one of the scrum team engineers nominated for onesprint to be in charge of team deliveries quality• Unit tests – review and extension• Code reviews• Validating DoD completion• Root cause analysis• Historical technical debt• Additional benefit: knowledgesharing• Has a special QT hat 
  6. 6. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLYPage 6Quality Ensuring infrastructureAutomated tests: Proof build – every change list is tested automaticallybefore submission. (~ 30 min processing time) Continuous integration approach – Full QA suit is runseveral times per day – stability testing.
  7. 7. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLYSW teams interface optimizationPage 7Camera On Chip SoCDrivers SW (CSR- Haifa)7 functional teamsApplication SW (Outsourcing)Customer SWDriversteamApplicationteamSWFunctionalSW QAVLSIA&ASystemHWProductionengineering
  8. 8. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLYPage 8Important soft aspectsManagement is fully committed to Agile process Management considers people needsand caring about employees’ feelings Scrum Master forumLesson learnedBalancing between “everyone can do everything”and deep technical expertise.
  9. 9. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLYPage 9Burn down chart (created by JIRA tracking tool) Tracking the progress within the sprint Planned vs. performed Tasks estimation accuracy Planned vs. unplanned effort Long term trends based on historical data
  10. 10. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLYPage 10Next on our agenda: release process Currently – release every 6 weeks Currently – several customer branches Need to move to full Continuous Integration: Automatic testing Unified branch Every check-in is a potential release…
  11. 11. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLYPage 11Open issues to be addressed Meet sprint commitments Coordination with other non-agile teams Handling of complicated HW/SW debugging tasks Conflict between test coverage and test resources Quality metricso Amount of testso Amount of detected bugso Bug detection source
  13. 13. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLYPage 13What to take:• Quality improvement w/o QA• Interfaces optimization• Consider people needs and feelingSummary
  14. 14. FOR INTERNAL USE ONLYPage 14Thank you!