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Behaviour Driven Development - Beyond given when then


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Behaviour Driven Development - Beyond given when then

  1. 1. Behaviour  Driven  Development   Beyond  “Given,  When,  Then”   Antony  Marcano  
  2. 2. The  Telephone  Game   h<p://  
  3. 3. What  is  BDD?  Beyond  “Given,  When,  Then”  
  4. 4. BDD  Origins    ‘ The  deeper  I  got  into  TDD,  the  more  I  felt  that  my  own   journey  had  been  less  of  a  wax-­‐on,  wax-­‐off  process  of   gradual  mastery  than  a  series  of  blind  alleys.  I  remember   thinking  “If  only  someone  had  told  me  that!”…      I  decided  it  must  be  possible  to  present  TDD  in  a  way  that   gets  straight  to  the  good  stuff  and  avoids  all  the  piFalls.     My  response  is  behaviour-­‐driven  development  (BDD).      Over  Lme,  BDD  has  grown  to  encompass  the  wider  picture   of  agile  analysis  and  automated  acceptance  tesLng.’    -­‐Dan  North  
  5. 5. BDD  Origins  -­‐  Shortened  “  Behaviour  Driven  Development  (BDD)  builds   upon  Test-­‐Driven  Development  (TDD)  by   formalising  the  good  habits  of  the  best  TDD   pracMMoners.  ”  –  The  Cucumber  Book,  Aslak  Hellesøy,  Ma<  Wynne  
  6. 6. Some  ‘Good  Habits’   Slice  VerMcally  Work  from  the  outside-­‐in   One  example  at  a  Mme  
  7. 7. Slice  VerMcally  
  8. 8. SoWware  Components   SoWware  Components   (modules/classes)   (modules/classes)   Lme   Lme  2009 Sprint  nn IteraMon       Sprint  n+1…   IteraMon  n+1…   Story   User  Login   A   User  Story  B   Create  album   TradiMonally,  development  is  sliced  horizontally   User  Story  C   Share  photos   Sprint  x IteraMon    x   User  Story  D   Private  albums   …but defers feedback (often, until it’s too late)8
  9. 9. SoWware  Components   (modules/classes)   Lme  2009 Share  photos   IteraMon  n   Create  album   Share  photos   IteraMon  n+1   VerMcal  slicing   Login   Create  album   Share  photos   IteraMon  x   Private  albums   …results in earlier feedback9
  10. 10. Work  from  the  outside-­‐in  
  11. 11. Outside-­‐in  
  12. 12. One  example  at  a  Mme  
  13. 13. One  example  at  a  Mme  
  14. 14. Expressing  Examples   Given,  When,  Then   And  beyond  
  15. 15. Given  When  Then    Given  <some  iniMal  context>    When  <something  happens>    Then  <some  expectaMon>  
  16. 16. Given  When  Then    Given  <some  iniMal  context>      [and  some  addiMonal  context]    When  <something  happens>      [and  something  else  happens]    Then  <some  expectaMon>      [and  some  more  expectaMons]  
  17. 17. A  Typical  IllustraMon  Scenario: Login Successfully! Given I am on the home-page! When I enter the username ‘antony’! And I enter the password ‘p4$$w0rd’! And I click ‘login’! Then I should be logged in     What’s  wrong  with  this  example?  
  18. 18. A  Be<er  IllustraMon  Scenario: Login Successfully! When I login as ‘antony’ with the password ‘p4$$w0rd’! Then I should be logged in     Why  is  it  be<er?  
  19. 19. Task  Analysis  A  li<le  UX  for  our  BDD  
  20. 20. •  Pitching  it  right…   –  Goals    e.g.  Withdraw  Cash   •  Tasks        IdenMfy  to  bank                  Request  amount   }   Just  right   –  (inter)acLons   }          Insert  Card   Too            Enter  Pin   low          Press  “Withdraw  Cash”       level                Enter  amount          Press  OK  
  21. 21. For  example…  When I attempt to add, the number ‘2’ and the number ’3’! task   }   acMons   h<p://  
  22. 22. Some  nice  side-­‐effects   Encourages  descripMon     of  UI  interacMons  in  one  place  Makes  it  easier  to  execute  scenarios   via  different  interfaces  
  23. 23. Discussion   QuesMons?   Ideas?   Feedback?  
  24. 24.    @AntonyMarcano    @RiverGlide/rs                        h<p://twi<  h<p://      #cukesalad  h<p://      @RiverGlide