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Value Engineer your Products | Workshop | Agile Gurugram 2018 | 23 - 24 March


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Value Engineer your products

Startup, Lean and Product Development

How do you know value is delivered? Typical answer is through customer feedback. Isn't it too late? Isn't value built in? Should we not ascertain value upfront. Can past success and failures provide us clues for building value? This talk will provide methods on how to build value in the product based on Brillio's OnTheGo mobile product and CODEX, the portfolio management solution

Part 1 - Introduction to software development platform in Digital Era, how has it changed (20 minutes)
Part II - Introducing Need and Value dimensions - 10 minutes
Part III - 5 elements - understanding need, building value and finally measuring in an automated way - 45 minutes
Develop the ability of thinking in reality to identify needs
Qualify the value upfront for every aspect of the product
Come up with ideas on possibilities to make a great product
Understand the concept of telemetry
90 Mins

Published in: Technology
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Value Engineer your Products | Workshop | Agile Gurugram 2018 | 23 - 24 March

  1. 1. Value Engineer your Products
  2. 2. Mosesraj R DrivingChange || Abstraction || StoryTelling || Inspiring || Improvements
  3. 3. US HQ | 5 Global Delivery Centers 2 Innovation Centers A DIGITALTRANSFORMATIONCOMPANY GLOBAL Digital System Integration Technology First Businesses FOCUSED Over 250 Customers 26 Fortune 100 | 50 Fortune 500 PROVEN 2000+ People Agile and Customer Centric Culture RIGHT SCALE CMMi | ISO Scrum Alliance MATURE
  4. 4. Imagination is not about “What you think, but how you think”
  5. 5. “Our plan is to lead the public with new products rather than ask them what kind of products they want.The public does not know what is possible, but we do”
  6. 6. Start Producer defines experiences for the customer Gap – RealityGap Gap - Realization gap Gaps in the Digital World
  7. 7. How Do We Define It?
  9. 9. Barriers Removed
  10. 10. $43.8 million in venture capital (2011 – 2015)
  11. 11. My Gate App!!
  12. 12. Two elements of a great product Unique Value Low Low High High Uber N26 Smith Carona Foursquare Hailo
  13. 13. Be inline with Need..
  14. 14. How Do You Qualify It?
  15. 15. Total number of Android apps on Google Play – 3 million (as of June of 2017) (Source: Statista) Total number of iOS apps on the App Store – 2.2 million (as of the January of 2017) (Source: Statista)
  16. 16. Requirements is a hypothesis not a fact
  17. 17. Placed in a corporate floor!!
  18. 18. Right goal helps qualify! News App – As it happens Friend of PM - CODEX
  19. 19. We need a bot for answering EMPLOYEE queries !!
  21. 21. Qualifying reality
  22. 22. Elements of Value – Empowers users
  23. 23. Handwritten Printing Web 120 books per annum in 6th and 7th Century to 20 million books in 1790 Printing Democratized Content..
  25. 25. Democratize AI Cortana understands professional life Cortana understands commitments in email Weaved into every application
  26. 26. GOOGLE NOW
  27. 27. Need an app for booking conference rooms..
  28. 28. Where is the element of value? APPRAISALsystem Set Goals SelfAppraisal Rating Add Comments Manager Rating on goals Discussion & Closure
  29. 29. CODEX Great Job!!! know more Activities Project 1 2 escalation pending from 2 weeks Green from 4 weeks Project 2 Project 3 Amber from 1 week 4 Action pending from 5 days 1 Action pending from 1 days 1 Action pending from 5 days Hi! I’m Eva How can I help you Tasks to complete Update Ford SC 2.0 RAG Manual Aut o FordSC - 1 Developer yet to get allocated CodeX - PM DNA 2 task pending Funko - PM DNA 2 task pending New ProjectVerizon added toCodex VIEW 2 developers going on leave next week Client Pulse From 3 Weeks Client Pulse 2 Weeks Client Pulse This Week VIEW Intelligence Addon
  30. 30. ✓ As my child is sick, I need to work from home. Can I apply as I am in Kitchen? ✓ As I walk to the elevator, can I fill my time? Employee ✓ As I am walking up, I should be able to do my approvals ✓ How do I know how many approvals are pending with me? Manager ✓ Wish I have holiday calendar in my hand ✓ I can’t remember peer birthdays. Wish I can look up quickly General
  31. 31. Working in the next curve
  32. 32. McKinsey H3 Model
  33. 33. • Each Product had an S Curve - Every new product is a breakthrough • Multiple incremental improvements during the S- Curve • Adopting at start, gives a huge leverage
  34. 34. OnTheGo – Roadmap (New tech infusion…) Timesheet Approval Expense Approval Leave Approval Travel Approval Procuremen t Approval Timesheet (Enter & Submit) Expense (Scan and submit) Apply Leave, Work from home Appraisal Journal Push Notification Telemetry & Feedback My allocations My team & Directory My Requests BOT for queries Geo Fencing Brillio Holidays Peer Birthdays Anniversary Wish New Joiners User Profile (Selfie) IT Helpdesk (BRISC) Conference Room (IoT)CSR Experiments Manage Password Recruitment Approvals Key Contacts In Progress POC POC POC POC CodeX POCs Few Samples Geo Tagging based attendance Intelligence Platform Mass Communication App Conference Room Availability Car Booking POC Completed POC
  36. 36. Convergant Vs. Divergant Addons that enhances attractiveness
  37. 37. Whatsapp Money
  38. 38. Addressing human needs adds value to the solution Interesting innovations are adding one intelligent additional thing (e.g. Ford’s My key, Medical Insurance organizations’ health apps)
  39. 39. Brillio’s Enterprise on the Go- The Morning cup of coffee with all company updates under the same umbrella.
  40. 40. “Outside In” Thinking
  41. 41. • 98% of all inventions use known solution patterns • Only 2% are pioneering inventions • Inventors use patterns without awareness • Innovation can be organized in a systemic way
  42. 42. 50
  43. 43. Google sprint – Benchmarking phase Samples Experiences Analogies Mashups / allegories
  44. 44. Measure adoption for value
  45. 45. TELEMETRY for live intelligence on VALUE Feature Trend Leave Submission 75% Leave Approvals 77% Expense Approvals 55% Travel Approval 46% Timesheet Approvals 39% Timesheet Submission 12% Expense Submission 12%
  46. 46. Summarizing..