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Building CI / CD pipeline | Workshop | AGILE GURUGRAM 2018 | 23 24 March


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Hands-on workshop on Building CI / CD pipeline


The workshop will help participants to experience the process of BUILDING CI/CD PIPELINE using some of the tools such as Git, Maven, Jenkins, Java, jUnit, Cucumber, Docker etc.

Iteration 1: Use Git and clone demo app from github and build locally
Iteration 2: Create a job in Jenkins to build the app
Iteration 3: Create a job to execute unit test cases
Iteration 4: Create a job to execute functional test cases
Iteration 5: Create a job to deploy using docker
Iteration 6: Create pipeline by linking all jobs
Understanding CI/CD pipeline
How to Create Jenkins Job to build the app
Usage of Source control & Concept of trunk based development
Add automated tools for the app in the Jenkins
Setup CI to execute necessary tests as per the workflow in the Jenkins
Use container and integrate with CI.
90 Mins

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Building CI / CD pipeline | Workshop | AGILE GURUGRAM 2018 | 23 24 March

  1. 1. Building CI / CD Pipeline Vinay Krishna
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Quick Check • Raise your hands if you do Continuous Integration • Keep your hands up if everyone on your team commits and pushes to a shared mainline (usually shared master in git) at least daily • Keep your hands up if each such commit causes an automated build and test • Keep your hands up if the build fails, it’s usually back to green within ten minutes
  4. 4. CI / CD Pipeline What is it?
  5. 5. Discuss • What are the activities needed for Product Development? • List down the activities such as Coding, Testing etc.
  6. 6. Source Build Different Type of Test Production Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery Continuous Deployment Feedback UT
  7. 7. Show Demo
  8. 8. form-faucet.jpg Hurray Nothing Broken in pipeline!! But what about quality!!! – Why?
  9. 9. Broken Build pipeline – Who cares?
  10. 10. Group Activity
  11. 11. Let’s try out
  12. 12. App to be build Roman Number Converter
  13. 13. Feature: Convert decimal numbers to roman numerals As a Teacher I want to convert decimal number to roman symbol so that I can teach my students
  14. 14. Create Jobs • First Job to build the app • Second Job to execute only Unit Test • Third Job to execute only Integration Test • Fourth Job for Static Code Anaysis • Fifth Job to publish artifacts to repository
  15. 15. Create Build Pipeline
  16. 16. Strategy • Pre Checkin • Post Checkin • Nightly Build • On demand
  17. 17. Thank You! Vinay Krishna vinaykris