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Agile Mumbai 2019 Conference | Meet the incredibles Executive Leadership engagement for Agile Transformations | Raju K


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Session Title : Meet the incredibles Executive Leadership engagement for Agile Transformations

Session Overview : For a Fortune 500 client, an agile transformation using Spotify model met with conflicts and power struggle between executive leaders almost stalling the transformation. This case study presents how an Executive Action Team was created to get the Executive Leaders to a common understanding, bury their egos and work towards effective transformation roll out. The final results are astonishing for everyone to see.

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Agile Mumbai 2019 Conference | Meet the incredibles Executive Leadership engagement for Agile Transformations | Raju K

  1. 1. 2 • PrincipalAgile Consultant with Xebia • Overall 24 years of IT Experience • Working in Agile space for the last 11 years RajuK Snapshot
  2. 2. 3 • Learn how to effectively engage Executive leadership that spans geographies across business units for a large agile transformation • Understand how to orchestrate Product Management symphonies across the globe with several distributed teams • Learn how to build a community driven approach on internal capabilities development while scaling agile • Learn how to weave two scaling frameworks together with least possible disruption Key takeaways
  3. 3. 4 • Global leader in HR and related Service offerings • Fortune 100 company • AnnualTurnover ~USD 13 Billion • 60000+ employees Our Client Please note: in the case study presented, few dramatic elements are added for humor.
  4. 4. A top consulting firm sold the idea of Spotify model for Agile transformation to the Global CIO
  5. 5. Spotify model is enabled by a matrix aligned organization of Chapters (aligned to skills and capabilities) and Recipe Teams (aligned to products and solutions) Demand intake from customers is based on standard set of solutions offered by Client Chapters Network Database Recipe Teams R1 RmR2 Rn • Teams are aligned to a product(s) and solutions • Operate in Agile • Charged with continuous improvement, cross training, and upskilling • Recipe teams focus on automation • Several recipe teams form a tribe About Spotify Model Product aligned Infra aligned
  6. 6. Transformation Rollout Timing of major activities for each stage of the recipe rollout Activity Timing Sprint 1 S1 = 0 Kickoff S1 – 2 weeks MVP identification S1 – 4 weeks Communications S1 – 3 weeks Logistics S1 – 3 weeks Team selection S1 – 3 weeks Role training S1 – 6 weeks Activity Timing Prioritize next set of solutions to focus on Pre-launch Build fact base on prioritized solutions Pre-launch Design recipe teams Pre-launch Identify core team members (RO & SM) Pre-launch Validate scope & refine prioritization Pre-launch Create initial solutions framework & iteratively refine Pre-launch Activity Timing Health / maturity monitoring Post S1 & ongoing Performance monitoring Post S1 & ongoing Release support Post S1 & ongoing Communities of practice Post S1 & ongoing Recipe team 30 day check-point S1 + 30 days Training Post S1 & ongoing Stabilization S1 + 4-6 wks Sprint 1 Recipe pipeline creation (for iteratively designing recipes) Recipe team rollout (for launching batches of recipes) Recipe team support (for monitoring each recipe)
  7. 7. Just like any fairness cream advertisement… Agile (Spotify) is not a magic wand…
  8. 8. What could go wrong?
  9. 9. When global teams started emerging… Please note: This image is a symbolic representation of shift in priorities. It has nothing to do with any politician or region or government.
  10. 10. Stalled transformation…
  11. 11. That’s when the Global CIO issued a Wanted poster…
  12. 12. Introduction to Scrum@Scale…
  13. 13. Let’s welcome the EAT – The Incredibles • EAT stands for Executive Action Team • EAT co-ordinates multiple Scrum-of-Scrums of teams • It maintains a transparent backlog and meets daily • It builds the capability with in the organization for Business Agility • It supports the exploration of new ways of working
  14. 14. Reaching out to EAT • Few things on the primary radar of the EAT Breakdown of Silos Large technical issues Vision and Mission related guidance Co-ordination across departments/functions or Business Units & geographies Investments related External or vendor/supplier related
  15. 15. EAT’s visual dashboard…
  16. 16. EAT’s monthly Leadership Retrospectives
  17. 17. End Result of Phase 1 of Transformation… • Phase 1 completed 1 month ahead of schedule • A total of 140+ teams across the globe successfully transformed into Agile New Way of Working and they are able to sustain the Agility on their own going forward • Number of consultant coaches reduced from 25 to 6 in USA and Europe, 5 to 3 in India. The Global CIO now leaves for home early and spends some quality time with his Grand Children. Significant achievements: • Database maintenance window reduced from 2 hours to 20 minutes • 480 hours of deployment cycle reduced to 40 hours • Approval cycle of 200 days was reduced to 1 day • Complete Onboarding procedure was reduced from 3 weeks to 1 day • Password reset process turnaround was reduced from 5 hours to 2 to 3 minutes