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Unfunnel Methodology -The End of Modern Marketing @ Digital Citizen University


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Joey Barker - Co-Founder and Chairman of, Amazon kindle eBook author, Hubspotcertified partner and digital strategy consultant-turned entrepreneur presents...

unfunnel Methodology - The End of Modern Marketing

Joey introduces the Methodology as a marketing rival - powered by the Digital Revenue Engine (DRE) - an online business model that shows how Amazon, Starbucks, HubSpot and McDonald's have consistently dominated unique markets.

And more importantly, how $3.2 Million (in less than 6 months) was the lowest amount of revenue generated in my recent consulting runs at FedEx, ALSAC / St. Jude, AutoZone and Mahaffey Tent Company - one of's ¨Fastest Growing Companies" in 2014...using The Engine.

unfunnel Methodology - Digital Marketer or Agile Startup

- How to find the best niche markets for easy passive income, or build a startup / small business model – instead of paying for ads
- Why to focus on one person rather than targeting a group, and why it will ALWAYS scale easier –group targets assume people stay within one persona
- Using pain points via social listening, Keyword Planner secrets and audience feedback to build a network of products with buyers committed before a product launches

(pre-optimization saves critical post optimization time and resources and builds positive traction – no more pre-product usability testing – those probably won’t be the one using your product.)

- How to bring in partners to help you launch more than one product at once to quadruple your efficiency and reach your audience that is begging to buy – power in number over competitive egos
- Using Agile SEO hacks and inbound methodology to scale your online reach, convert visitors to Leads, triple your number of customers, and maximize the revenue from each – traditional media will never get you anywhere near the ROI
- Why your early adopting customers are the best sales team you'll ever have... If you employ this influencer referral system

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Unfunnel Methodology -The End of Modern Marketing @ Digital Citizen University

  1. 1. unfunnel Methodology Triple your Revenue with Inbound Marketing and Lean Startup Methodologies May 2015
  2. 2. WhyTheMarketingFunnelIsAMyth Assumptions ● Create a product - launch to masses ● Target market after mass ● Control the Audience - Turn them into Leads, Convert Leads into Paying Customers ● After a Sale, the Process is Over? ● More traffic = More Sales (the more you tell, the more you sell) ● The marketer controls its own fate at each step of the marketing funnel
  3. 3. HowitREALLYworks People want products that solve their problems - not marketing that says its products can solve them. The biggest margin in business history occurs AFTER the initial sale People are inherently social in nature - they share, discuss and whether or not you see it - they rate / review your products.
  4. 4. YouDONOTHaveATrafficProblem You might have a business model problem, a product niche or lead gen offer problem or even a web analytics problem. What if I told you that each time you get a visitor to a page on your website, you make $10 in profit? Think you could get traffic to this web page?
  5. 5. TheREALFormulaforOnlineSuccess
  6. 6. $3.2Million The LEAST amount of revenue this model has delivered in 6 months or less ... HEre’sthePudding…
  7. 7. KnowingYourNiche With over 60% of the daily users crossing paths with Google, the battleground of your industry can be won or lost by your ability to know how users behave online, across devices. More important, you’d better know what users are searching for online – and how they’re searching for it.
  8. 8. GrowthHackingtheGoogleKeywordsTool ⏩ A missing step in your keyword tool ⏩ How to use the tool against Google ⏩ Total Cost? $0 … Time = 5 mins ⏩ Buyer Keywords are your revenue battleground Your audience will listen to you and read your content, even buy at will, but NOT if you don’t listen to them - via Google tools you see daily.
  9. 9. Find the Solutions People Want (Using Google)
  10. 10. BuyerPersonas Bring the attention of your audience simply by finding and leveraging their pain points, objectives and purchase decisioning - all before you’ve even met them.
  11. 11. TapIntoYourBuyerInfluencerPersona
  12. 12. Overnight Product Dev Turn any concept, content or consult into profitable business revenue models. TractionChannels+BusinessModels Traction Channels Ever hear you need to be everywhere, across every channel? Our case studies will show you the exact opposite is true - 100% of the time, no exceptions.
  13. 13. WEBSITEOPTIMIZATION2.0 From blogging to landing pages, sales letters, automation hacks, SEO dominance, email marketing tips, tools and revenue generation ...
  14. 14. WhatAreTRACTIONCHANNELS? Would you market wedding photography and auto parts using the same channel? Pinterest for both, maybe? Stay focused on your traction channel and, once mastered, add a second and third traffic source. ● Email marketing ● Social Media Strategy (Facebook / Twitter / YouTube, etc) ● Google AdWords / Display Network (retargeting) ● Organic Search Engine Optimization ● Blogging for Business ● ePublications ● Referral Programs
  15. 15. ProductSplintering Lead Magnet The Lead Generation Offer is an irresistible bribe that gives a piece of valuable info to a prospect in exchange for their contact info. So first, you’ll need to provide tremendous value with the Lead Generation Offer. Tripwire Offers Execute on this sales tactic in the Digital Revenue Engine conversion flow, you’ ll be ahead of most competitors. I guarantee it. Revenue Maximizer Would you be shocked if I told you that McDonald’s makes almost no money on the hamburger?
  16. 16. LeadGenerationLiesYou’veBeenTold Subscribe Form < 1% Leads Landing Page Offers > 99% - More Relevant - Instantly Target - 30-50% Conversion Rate!
  17. 17. “YourMargin=MyOpportunity” Tripwire Sales Offer (16x Customers) Revenue Maximizer
  18. 18. ROIShowdown Customers vs. Partners
  19. 19. PartnerReturnPath=FasterGrowth Ourprocessiseasy Test + Survey + Test
  20. 20. It’sallabouttheroadmap. Manythanks.