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10 Digital Conversion Strategies and Tools (INFOGRAPHIC)


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With so many agile marketing product choices today, it’s hard not to chase that shiny object. What are the new strategies and tools for that work to convert consumers today? In this infographic, unFunnel gives you a consumer-driven prioritization of the Top 10 things you SHOULD be doing and products that will help you optimize your influencers and execute these digital strategies.

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10 Digital Conversion Strategies and Tools (INFOGRAPHIC)

  1. 1. Does it sometimes feel like the testing process takes long and costs more money than the return? If yes, then you are doing it wrong. The process of online A/B testing is fundamen- tally built on the fact that a customer’s behavior will ultimately define the best experience. It is virtually impossible to predict one person behavior, much less a whole online audience - so stop trying. Next time the word “testing” is mentioned and you grit your teeth, try a more agile testing approach and see results quicker - by just putting the customer first. AGILE MARKETING IN MOTION 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 UNFUNNEL CONVERSION STRATEGIES Top10Web &ToolstoExecute It’s hard to keep up with all the new strategies and tools for conversion. unFunnel gives you a consumer- driven approach to prioritize a Top 10 list of what you SHOULD be doing. © Copyright 2014 Unfunnel LLC. All rights reserved. Visit us at Agile Marketing in Motion. Become a partner and contact us today. CALLS TO ACTION THE RIGHT OFFER QUALIFIED LEADS LISTEN TO NEEDS FOLLOW UPAFTER CONTACT INFO MEASURE CVR RATE A PRODUCT PAGE VALUE PROPOSITION TESTIMONIALS A good offer doesn’t get devel- oped in a conference room, it is usually driven by consumer need. Use social media listening tools like Sprout Social & Hootsuite to monitor your influencers and here what the pain points are. Drive people to your pages that want to be there. Don’t try to buy your audience by buying a list. Capture informa- tion from organic traffic that comes with a strong intent to purchase with tools like HubSpot and quickly send them what they need. Once you gain the interest you need an offer to close the deal. Create something unique and irresistible that they can’t pass up. Make it a win-win and easy to take the next step. ePromo codes can be set up quickly using free tools like ShortStack in your social media efforts. Make sure visitors know where to go next on your site. Create a Next Action pathway with large Call To Action (CTA) buttons to make it easy to bring visitors though a conversion flow. Have a priority and minimize actions to a primary and secondary action and remove unnecessary nav bars. Use your email channel as your way to quickly follow up with a person that has inter- acted on your website. Hubspot is a tool that tracks behavior over multiple visits and can send an email if a person converts with an upsell or leaves without purchasing. Time is essential in this strategy. Put people first in an unFunnel strategy and build content that educates the consumer on why to buy your product. Give trans- parency and a complete understanding of why they should take action and the benefits to them, not you. Ask your top brand advocates and influencers to give you an online product review and tell their story. Point them to review sites like Epinions,, CNET or user your Social networks like Facebook and Google+ to capture and use.You have a good product, now showcase it. Give it a dedicated landing page and manage with software like LeadPages. Make sure you have high resolution images and different views. Add descriptions and reviews on the page and sharing with AddThis. Know what your conversion rate is on all your forms. Use A/B testing tools like Optimizely to easily test out your hypothesis on different offers, CTAs and visual elements. You could be leaving money on the table - use a data-driven approach to decision making. Make sure visitors can contact you at any point in time!