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2018 Influencer Marketing Toolkit for Online Business Building


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This Master List of 300+ HUGE Sites and Networks to Submit and Promote Your Website or Blog in 2017!

35 Places to Submit Your Website/Startup/Blog for Maximum Visibility
42 Places to Promote Your Content
27 Linkedin Groups with over 6,000,000 Total Members
21 Google+ Communities with over 12,000,000 Total Members
23 Curated Newsletters Which Will Explode Your Traffic
16 Online Forums with over 19,000,000 Total Members
39 TOP Online Publications to Republish Your Content

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2018 Influencer Marketing Toolkit for Online Business Building

  1. 1. Action Plan INFLUENCER GROWTH PACK: 200+ Awesome Places to Submit and Promote Your Website in 2017 SUBMIT A PRODUCT OR WEBSITE: Website Description Submit Page Additional Information Product Hunt A curated directory of the best new websites, mobile apps and technology products Submit ThunderClap A "crowdspeaking" platform that helps individuals and companies to spread a message Submit Nouncy Create a buzz on social media Submit SaaS Genius A place to find the right software for your business Submit Betalist An online directory that features beta stage startups daily Submit BetaPage Another beta startups directory Submit SignUp First Get early adopters in exchange of exclusive rewards Submit HARO An online service for journalists to connect with public Submit Read More Find the most relevant journalist Submit Muck Rack An online service that helps you get press for you story Submit Pitch Pigeon Easily create and send an effective launch email to over 200 tech blogs in just one click Submit Reddit - Coupons Sub-reddit to offer coupons Submit Read More Reddit - Startups Submit your startup in monthly "Show your startup" thread Submit Read More Reddit - Sideprojects Sub-reddit exclusively for showcasing side projects Submit Read More Reddit - Smallbusiness Sub-reddit exclusively for small business owners Submit Read More Reddit - I Made This Sub-reddit to showoff what you made Submit Read More Reddit - Shameless Plugs Sub-reddit to promote anything you want Submit Read More Reddit - Content Maketing Sub-reddit for content marketers Submit Reddit - Marketing Sub-reddit for marketing professionals Submit Break Point Share your side projects and get feedback with Breakpoint. Submit Side Projects Sell, buy and doscover side projects Submit CSSMania The most visited CSS showcase Submit Designer News Share your product design and collect feedback Submit Stack Share Discover and discuss the best software tools and services Submit Alltop Popular blog directory that displays latest five posts Submit Read More Google News The biggest news agregator in the world Submit Read More The biggest news agregator site in UK Submit Read More Kindle Publishing for Blogs Syndicate your blog to thousands of Kindle users Submit Read More Blog Catalog Popular blog directory that displays popular blogs and blog post around the web Submit AppSumo A daily deals website for digitally distributed goods and online services Submit Mighty Deals Daily deals for creative designers and web developers Submit Launch Lister Daily & weekly email with the top product launches from the startup sites Submit Craiglist Popular classified site to promote local deals and offers Submit
  2. 2. Action Plan PROMOTE BLOG + WEB CONTENT: Website Description Submit page Additionl Information Mailer Lite Send a newsletter to your subscribers Send it Read More Facebook Share post on Facebook Share Read More Twitter Share post on Twitter Tweet Read More Pinterest Share your visuals for almost anything here Pin it Read More Linkedin Business orientated social networking site Share Read More Community of inbound marketers with 160 000+ members Submit Read More Growth Hackers Growth hacking community with 70 000+ members Submit Read More Hacker News Community of ech and business professionals Submit Read More Firespotting Community similar to Hacker News but orientated into more general topics Submit Voat A communit platform where you can have your say without censorship Submit Manage WP A good place to post Wordpress relate articles Submit Design Float Community to place design related articles Submit Stumble Upon One of the biggest content discovery platform in the world Submit Read More Digg Curated news site Submit Delicious Popular bookmarking site Submit SaaS Community Submit content related to SaaS growth, marketing, customer success, sales and business Submit Boot Strappers An online resource for boostrapping an online business Submit Closing Call A community of sales professionals Submit Slashdot Source for technology related news Submit Biz Sugar Community of small business owners and entrepneurs Submit Read More Do Splash Targeted traffic splash for your website Submit Dzone Community dedicated for developers Submit Blog Engage Blogging community and social network Submit Blokube Submit your articles and it be reviewed by the community Submit Flipboard Social magazine Submit Read More Triberr Community of influencers and bloggers Submit Read More Heard Social exchange that matches user content to the perfect audience Submit Kingged Internet marketing social networking site Submit Read More A content curation tool Submit Read More Collect relevant content easily Submit Quibb Professional network to share industry news and analysis Submit Read More Snapzu A Community of web communities Submit Read More Quora Extremely popular crouwdsourced Q&A site Submit Read More CoPromote Free co-marketing platform that helps people connect with new audiences Submit Read More Flauntt Get more people sharing your stuff Submit Viral Content Buzz Social sharing platform that works off earned credits Submit Read More
  3. 3. Action Plan JustReweet Twitter related site that rewards users for following each other Submit Read More Linkedin Publishing Expand your reach to business professionals Submit Read More Medium Community of serious readers who like to read briliant stuff Submit Read More Medium - The Mission Submit your stories about accelerated learning, tech, antifragility, and definite optimism Submit Medium - The Startup Submit Your stories about business, marketing, design, and technology. Submit Buzzfeed Republish your content for 200+ millions monthly visitors Submit Read More Bored Panda A leading art, design and photography community for creative people Submit >> Go to the List of Featured Influencers Write to Influencers Featured in the Post Read More >> Go to the List of Linkedin Groups Share Blog Post to Linkedin Groups Read More >> Go to the List of Curated Newsletters Submit Post to Curated Newsletter Sites Read More >> Go to the List of Link Roundups Submit Post to Link Roundup Sites Read More >> Go to the List of Google+ Communities Share Post on Google+ communities Read More >> Go to the List of Influencers Contact Influencers Who Shared Similar Content Read More >> Go to the List of Top Forums Promote Blog Posts on Forums Read More >> Go to the List of Top Publications Republish to High Profile Media Sites Read More Brought to you by UNFUNNEL Got a useful resource to Add To Our List? Contact us to get it Featured
  4. 4. Featured Influencers First Name Website URL Last Name Contact Link Article Name Name Last Name XX SEO Tips NOTE: I can't provide you a list of contact here, since for every article this list should be different. You have to pull out all the influencers you have mentioned in this article and contact them one by one then. OR: There is an easier way to do so, with... Ninja Outrach Tool! Here's what you have to do: Create a Ninja Outreach account (free for the first 14 days) and download their Chrome extension Next: Go to your article, highlight the content from where you want to extract the links and with right-click on the selected area press "Load Links to Ninja Outreach"
  5. 5. Featured Influencers Then: Click on Ninja Outreach icon in your Chrome extension and start reviewing your links:
  6. 6. Featured Influencers From here you can skip any unwanted links and add the right ones into your list. Everything what is left to do is to open Ninja Outreach "Outreach Mode" and send an email to every blogger you've mentioned in your post >> Click here to get Ninja Outreach Tool <<
  7. 7. Linkedin Groups Linkedin Group Name Members URL Social Media Marketing 1,300,000 Digital Marketing 958,000 eMarketing Association Network 710,000 Marketing Communication 526,000 Innovators Community of Marketing, PR, Sales & Social Media Innovators 450,000 Innovative Marketing, PR, Sales & Social Media Innovators Innovation Network by Gerald Haman 440,000 Digital Marketing: Social Media, Search, Mobile & more 243,000 Marketing - Digital SEO SEM Social Mobile App Internet PR RTB 206,000 Social Media Today 184,000 Sales and Marketing Alignemt 151,300 Inbound Marketers - For Marketing Professionals 143,000 Small Business Network: Startups & Entrepreneurs talk Social Media Marketing Startup Jobs Sales PR 116,000 Social Media Marketing 2.1 113,000 B2B Technology Marketing Community 92,300 Ecommerce and Online Marketing Experts 83,200 Technology Sales professionals 73,100 B2B Marketing 69,000 B2B Sales, Marketing, Social Media & Lead Generation 41,500 InternetRetailing - for leaders in ecommerce and multichannel retail 41,500 Sales - Marketing - eMarketing 37,500 Content Strategy 27,700 Content Marketing Group 16,000 Ecommerce UK 10,000 100% E-commerce Conversion Optimization 4,500 Total: 6,036,600
  8. 8. Curated Newsletters Site Niche Submit / Contact Saas Bottom of the page Startups/Entrepreneurship Startups/Tech Startups/Business/Tech Startups Product Marketing Tech/Entrepreneurship Product Marketing Startups Startups/Business Personal Improvement Growth Startups/Entrepreneurship SaaS/Startups Startups/Growth Hacking Online Business Online business Entrepreneurship Online Business CSS Wordpress Startups/Entrepreneurship
  9. 9. Curated Newsletters Startups/Tools Analytics/Online Marketing
  10. 10. Link Roundups Roundup Website Niche URL Contact Matthew Woodward: Best of Internet Online business/Affiliate Marketing/SEO Upcity Weekly Roundup Inbound Marketing ProBlogger Reading Roundup Blogging Vertical Measures: Weekly Measure Online Marketing Blondish #Monday Mashup Online Marketing Nortcutt Monthly Roundup Inbound Marketing Everengage Marketer's Monday Online Marketing Cloudswave’s Monday Mashup Online Marketing Spiralytics Link Roundup Online Marketing Speedlink Weekly Online Marketing Tips Tuesday Online Marketing The Weekly Measure Online Marketing Welcome to the Week Link Roundup Online Marketing Link Roundup Online Marketing Weekly Marketing Skinny Online Marketing/SEO Blogger Week in Review Blogging The Weekly Optimiser Online Marketing Digital Weekly Online Marketing Video Content Marketing Roundup Video Marketing Sery Content Development Wednesday Roundup Online Marketing Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup Online Marketing Digital Marketing Roundup Online Marketing Friday Fund Marketing Roundup Online Marketing Weekly Recap Online Marketing AdHawk Blog Online Marketing
  11. 11. Google+ Communities Community Name Niche Members URL Youtubers! Youtube 5,220,000 Youtube Youtube 3,518,000 Google Small Business Community Small Business 970,000 Funny Facts Funny 314,000 Social Media Strategy Social media 270,000 SEO+ - Search Engine Optimization / Web Design SEO/Web Design 220,000 Web Developers, Web Designers, Web Coding Web Developers 208,000 Graphic Design Web Design 204,000 JavaScript JavaScript 153,000 Online Marketing Online Marketing 130,000 Internet Marketing Online Marketing 240,500 Marketing+ Online Marketing 117,200 Web Development Web Development 100,000 Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed & Small Business Entrepreneurs,Small Business 85,000 Wordpress Wordpress 79,000 Social Media Professionals Social Media 79,000 Good Business Small Business 69,000 Small Business Small Business 64,000 Social Media Mentors Social Media 25,000 Plus Your Business! Small Business 22,000 UI Design Web Design 21,000 Social Media 4 Good Community Social Media 13,000 Total: 12,121,700
  12. 12. Influencers Who Shared Similar Posts First Name Last Name Contact Website URL Page URL Name Last Name NOTE: I can't provide you a list of contact here, since for every article this list should be different. You can pull out all the influencers you have shared similar articles by doing a simple search on Twitter Search OR: There is an easier way to do it with... Ninja Outrach Tool! Here's what you have to do: Create a Ninja Outreach account(free for the first 14 days) Next: 1. Go to your Ninja Outreach Content Prospecting Dashboard and put a related article url into search bar (I'll be using my own article url in this example) 2. Click the search button 3. Once you'll be loaded by a list of similar articles sort them by "Social Shares Per Post" 4. Click on "View Sharers"
  13. 13. Influencers Who Shared Similar Posts Then: 1. Sort your list by "Twitter Followers" or "Facebook likes" 2. Review your list and remove them from here or add them to your contact list
  14. 14. Influencers Who Shared Similar Posts Finally: Open an "Outreach Mode" and email everybody who were included in your target list. >> Click here to get Ninja Outreach Tool <<
  15. 15. Forums Forum Name Members Niche Major League Gaming 10,105,000 Games The Students Room Forum 2,170,000 Students Money Saving Experts 1,566,000 Finance Warrior Forum 1,125,000 Internet Marketing Bitcoin Talk 881,000 Bitcoin Digital Point Forums 797,000 Internet Marketing Flyer Talk Forum 654,000 Traveling Web Hosting Talk 501,000 Hosting Black Hat World 500,000 Internet Marketing Two Plus Two Poker Forum 443,000 Poker Just Mommies 343,000 Moms V7N Forum 266,000 Internet Marketing Wicked Fire 197,000 Internet Marketing Uk Business Forum 160,000 Small Business Traffic Planet 72,000 Internet Marketing Total: 19,780,000
  16. 16. Top Publications Publication Niche Other Contact Information Entrepreneur Business Web Form List of Editors VentureJoy Business Submit Contact Swipes Blog Business - Business Insider Business FAQ Business2Community Business Web Form - Social Media Today Business Web Form AllBusiness Business Web Form - Freelancer's Union Business Web Form - Fast Company Business - Venture Beat Business Guidelines Geek Wire Business - Contact Form Back Channel Business - Elite Daily Lifestyle Web Form - Mashable Lifestyle Web Form - Inquisitr Lifestyle - Application Form Viral Nova Lifestyle - Kiplinger Money - Huffington Post News Web Form List of Editors Salon News - List of Editors Examiner News Web Form - The Atlantic News - Quartz News - List of Editors Lifehacker Productivity
  17. 17. Top Publications The Next Web Productivity - Contact Form High Existance Science Web Form - Elephant Journal Self Improvement Web Form Rebelle Society Self Improvement - The Good Men Project Self Improvement - List of Editors Early to Rise Self Improvement - BuzzFeed Self Republishing - - The Verge Tech - Tech Crunch Tech - Read Write Tech Guidelines Ars Technica Tech - Contact Form The Verge Tech - Contact Form Tech Sparkle Tech Guidelines Tech in Asia Tech - Submit Article