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The 4 Types of NON-BUYER Persona (and How to Convert Each One)


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In today's inbound marketing mind hack, I’m going to show you The 4 Reasons Why Your Prospects Don’t Buy — And How to Overcome Them.

Regardless of your niche or what type of offer you provide, NON-BUYER PERSONAS that are so-called “INACTIVES” will always come in one of four types - we call the way we deal with these prospect the “ACID” conversion model…

I'm covering the 4 major types of INACTIVE Prospect in detail HERE...



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The 4 Types of NON-BUYER Persona (and How to Convert Each One)

  1. 1. 4 Types of Prospects Who Don’t BUY (...and How To SELL Each One Of Them.) by Joey Barker Co-Founder of Creater of “The Engine”
  2. 2. 3 types of visitors to your website… 1. Instant buyers 2. Instant non-buyers 3. The INACTIVES INACTIVES are people who can buy, should buy, but for some reason, haven’t bought yet. Introducing The “INACTIVES” Calls-to-Action Landing Pages Forms Contacts CONVERT Visitor or Lead Customer
  4. 4. OBJECTIONS: ● "Does this really matter to me?” ● “Do I really need this?" The REAL reason they feel this way is because they don't understand what you're offering and how it could help them. YOUR JOB = SHOW THEM THE APATHETIC
  5. 5. 2 THE CYNIC
  6. 6. OBJECTIONS: ● "Who TF are you?” ● “Why should I trust you?" Cynics have trust problems. They also may not be familiar with your products and services. YOUR JOB = BUILD TRUST THE CYNIC
  7. 7. 3 THE INSECURE
  8. 8. OBJECTIONS: ● “Am I the type of person for this?” ● “Can this benefit MY COMPANY?” The INSECURE’s biggest barrier to buying is themselves. Whereas THE CYNIC questions you, the worrier questions themselves. YOUR JOB = OVERCOME FEAR THE INSECURE
  9. 9. 4 THE DRAGGER
  10. 10. Their biggest barrier is, as you might have guessed, procrastination. They “drag on and on” with decisions and delay MOST OR ALL of the important decisions they face in life… Your job = Give a reason to act now (instead of later) THE DRAGGER
  11. 11. Now, Here’s What I Want You To Do Next...
  12. 12. I WANT YOU TO GET SPECIFIC. …and it’s NOT about being salesy. It’s about “tweaking” your message so they understand your product and services. There are ways to overcome the objections each type of INACTIVE persona has with you...
  13. 13. 1. What are the EXACT concerns INACTIVES say about you? 2. Write them down (next page) 3. Write down the exact things you think they’re saying verbatim… BUT FIRST… GET SPECIFIC. OBJECTIONS LISTENING RETHINK SOLUTIONS
  14. 14. APATHETIC CYNIC INSECURE DRAGGER Objection #1 Objection #2 Objection #3 Objection #4 Objection #5 The “ACID” Conversion Model
  15. 15. OBJECTION • Non-Buyer: Trust Now You Know Their Concerns… SOLUTION • Buyer: Case Studies
  16. 16. APATHETIC CYNIC INSECURE DRAGGER Campaign #1 Campaign #2 Campaign #3 The “ACID” Conversion Model (pt 2)
  17. 17. The average company that blogs and offers by objection will generate: • 55% more website visitors. • 97% more inbound links. • 434% more indexed pages. SERIOUSLY. THIS WORKS. Source: HubSpot
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