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Digital Revenue Engine - Offer Segmentation Campaign Flow


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If you want to build a Digital Revenue Engine that turn prospects into raving fans and clients, you’ll need to know how to:

1. Make the Apathetics care
2. Make the Cynics trust
3. Make the Insecure stop worrying
4. Make the Dragger act now

When you’re first getting started, we get excited about what we offer to the world. We think people care about the things we care about.

But that simply isn’t true…

People care about what THEY care about and that’s it. And that’s why today, I want to show you how to address the concerns of each of the inactives.

Because I believe, if you can get these INACTIVES to buy, you will be able to build that six or seven figure business.

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Digital Revenue Engine - Offer Segmentation Campaign Flow

  1. 1. VDIGITAL REVENUE —ENoINE— Revenue MAX sales Pg Thank You Page Lead Gen offer Return Path Downsell (optional) Downsell (optional) Customer Hits Peak Engagement Certification / Partnership / Rev Share