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Mobile App Store SEO Checklist for iOS & Android Market


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Breaks down the SEO process for mobile apps, creating a step-by-step guide for optimization meta data, imagery, linking strategy and compares how you'll rank in the iOS or Android stores - as well as your ranking in SERPs.

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Mobile App Store SEO Checklist for iOS & Android Market

  1. 1. Ranking Factors Comparison - Mobile Apps SERPs App Store Title of the App Title of the App URL Keywords submitted App Description User Reviews Inbound links to the app's page Number of Downloads Classifications / Category App listed
  2. 2. App Store SEO Checklist - iOS & Android STEP 1: META DATA 1) Define target audience keywords Use plural forms whenever possible Longer phrase vs. many keywords Avoid articles and prepositions, if possible ("a" "the" "and" are ignored, but content too SPAMMY will cause Apple to reject) 2) Mobile App Title Longer phrase beats one-off keyword here, but iOS search visibility is now much smaller 3) App Description Above the fold, 2 sentences w/ consistency in keywords, don't forget plurals 4) Optimize URL 5) Create Keyword Field (max 100 characters) When choosing your keywords, just like on the web, focus on relevancy, search volume, and difficulty. Don't use multiple word phrases; break out to individual words (Apple can combine them for you). Don't repeat keywords that are already in your title (put the most important ones in your title, leaving the keyword field for your secondary keywords). Separate keywords with commas, and don't use spaces anywhere. 6) Avoid mixing publisher name (unfunnel) with keywords (rewards) User who searches "unfunnel rewards" will not see a result for your app 7) Choose the Right App Category 8) Separate Keywords with commas
  3. 3. STEP 2: OFF-STORE SEO 1) Rating Quality (esp in iOS) 2) Build inbound links to the App's URL 3) Encourage User Reviews 4) External Review sites
  4. 4. App Store Optimization - Imagery & UX 1) Screenshot in SERP: Does the visual tell the user what the mobile app does? Readable when scaled down to ~200pt? Social sharing functionality - i.e., Facebook "Like" Button 2) Include multiple screenshots & Video Trailer (when possible) 3) Icon - scale, simplicity, brand consistency