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Digital Revenue Engine [Free Chapter]


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From beginner to seasoned pro — we are all looking to get better at what we do — always looking for an edge. It’s our defining characteristic.

This book will help you locate the resources you need to master this “agile startup” marketing stuff. And by stuff we mean … The Engine.

It’s the engine powering Starbucks and McDonald’s to corner the coffee and hamburger markets. It’s the same system Amazon uses to dominate eCommerce. It’s how Best Buy, P90X and Sports Illustrated have become household names.

But Most of All, See How Joey Barker Used It To Grow the Last 5 Businesses That Hired Him - And How a $3.2 Million Dollar Boost in Revenue Generated Online ... Was The LOWEST Impact He's Had on A Company's Online Sales in 3 Years!

We will present follow-up sessions to walk you through the complete process, step by step.

This system works whether you sell traditional products, digital products or business services. This system works because it exploits each and every aspect of the irrefutable law of business growth …

There are only three ways to grow a business:

1 - Increase the number of customers
2 - Increase the average transaction value per customer
3 - Increase the number of transactions per customer

This is the stuff they don’t teach you in business school.
- How to find the best niche markets for easy passive income, or build a startup / small business model – instead of paying for ads
- Why to focus on one person rather than targeting a group, and why it will ALWAYS scale easier –group targets assume people stay within one persona
- Using pain points via social listening, Keyword Planner secrets and audience feedback to build a network of products with buyers committed before a product launches
- How to bring in partners to help you launch more than one product at once to quadruple your efficiency and reach your audience that is begging to buy – power in number over competitive egos
- Using Agile SEO hacks and inbound methodology to scale your online reach, convert visitors to Leads, triple your number of customers, and maximize the revenue from each – traditional media will never get you anywhere near the ROI
- Why your early adopting customers are the best sales team you'll ever have... If you employ this influencer referral system

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Digital Revenue Engine [Free Chapter]

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION The Engine Learn the Cycles Of The Digital Revenue Engine How do I know that? CHAPTER 5 Buyers, Influencers & Big Conversion Hacks If You Struggle with Getting Website Traffic (or Converting It) Offline versus Online Sales The Hidden Secret To The Online Sale Step 1: Find Your Customer Step 2: The Conversion Ladder LIKE THE FREE CHAPTER?
  2. 2. 1 ​INTRODUCTION “You are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase your income, power, influence and success. The problem is, you just don’t see them.” – Jay Abraham, America’s highest paid marketing consultant You’ve finally found it… This book is for both those unfamiliar with unfunnel — and for those salty UFOs (unfunnel family of startups) that want a refresher course on the foundational principles of niche market research, traffic generation, conversion psychology, partnership models or all of the above. It’s also a roadmap of sorts. From the first year newb to seasoned "guru" — we are all looking to get better at what we do — always looking for an edge. It’s our defining characteristic. You see — all marketers and entrepreneurs are at various levels of STUCK. There’s just so much to learn... Or is there?
  3. 3. I mean, surely, no one could have figured out how to win at all 3 phases of the "marketing funnel" - or is it "sales funnel" maybe? Umm... Conversion Funnel for $200, Alex? Wrong again... There is no funnel - much like the waterfall methodology was proven to be equally the mythical a model, so too is the one that sales and marketing mediocrity decided to rip from it years later (they're safe - I'm agile). But since the days of the first sign of man, there's been war. And to win a war - any smart general knows you need a campaign. A funnel makes a host of miscues in marketing arrogance that campaign strategies cannot afford to make, including: ● A heavy top-end (tofu) that's not targeted, but ironically follows... ● A presumed control of the entire customer experience (and within it...conversion psychology), but the worst mistake of them all... ● A belief that once a sale is made - the relationship is over
  4. 4. Don't get me wrong, some blind funnels find an acorn, then immediately launch a downward spiral of misinformation to those 90 percent who saw failure, thus creating a digital ONE PERCENT...'s time I help you take back what's rightfully yours as a professional - armed with a better model that even facing near defeat, pivots and steers your business back into the winner's circle of profitability in the modern economy. Ready? This book is here to help you master what you’ve been told is “marketing” or “inbound marketing” or anything that I’m about to show is little more than what we call “ACS” (advanced common sense) stuff. And by “stuff” we mean… The Engine It’s the same model fast growing B2B tech companies like Hubspot, Leadpages, KISSmetrics and even Best Buy use to corner market niches so diverse that it’s hard to believe a commonality exists in methodology. It’s the engine that, as it began to evolve, was used by Amazon to dominate ecommerce.
  5. 5. It’s how P90X, Oprah Winfrey, 37signals and Dropbox became legends in business history - even while they still have yet to peak. This “Engine” works for local small business, digital media companies, tech startups, nonprofits and (if silos and politics allow)... enterprise level players. It works for the local mom-and-pop, the butcher shop and the billion dollar retailers. It works whether you sell traditional brick-and-mortar goods, tech software, digital products, services as a thought leader, or even something as simple as an idea... What we call “The Engine” is effective because, even before you go-to-market, seeks to capture each and every aspect of the irrefutable law of business growth: According to the legendary Jay Abraham, there are only three ways to grow a business. These are as follows: ❖ Increase the number of customers ❖ Increase the average transaction per customer ❖ Increase the number of transactions per customer We call it the Digital Revenue Engine.
  6. 6. Read the next session very carefully. Read it multiple times and commit it to memory. This is the stuff they didn’t teach you in business school... Learn the Cycles Of The Digital Revenue Engine The following roadmap outlines the Engine’s “conversion cycles” - or the phases every campaign needs to succeed in the modern era, so-to-speak. You can download a PDF version of the flowchart here: Print this PDF version and tack it to the wall next to your desk or work station. If you plan to execute this plan, you’ll need to reference it often. When you’re learning new tactics like Facebook Advertising, Google Analytics or SEO you’ll need to constantly remind yourself of the CVO process. Otherwise, you’re wasting time and money. Consider this a warning:​There is little to no profit in understanding, for example, Pinterest advertising or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in and of itself.
  7. 7. The era of the tactical specialist is over. There is, however, enormous revenue and a big payday of profit in understanding how to apply these traffic strategies to "The Engine"... ...both its process for maintaining survival and the tactical capabilities it enables with one central thesis... Agility, both in business and in life, is THE ONLY proven characteristic of maintaining one's survival. Part of being agile is making sure you learn from others, which I've taken the time to make sure you need only learn the models from which mine was born, the experts in each respective niche of marketing, and most important… Agility why NONE of the companies mentioned (and certainly not your soon-to-be unemployed consultant)... … NONE of them have a better model, toolkit, revenue model, or even a better conversion flow than YOU WILL at the end of this book. How do I know that? Simple - "The Engine" forgoes ego for the higher purpose of defeat from any single tactic, campaign or business model.
  8. 8. All so it can survive. All so YOU can survive as a scrappy startup, a small business or even an enterprise-level player seeking a shift in your company's direction to ensure its success. So without further adieu, I give you the roadmap for building a Digital Revenue Engine. any market niche. Strap in... Here’s a map of The Digital Revenue Engine conversion flow… Here are the steps:
  9. 9. 1. Find 1-3 Niches Where You Can Win 2. Buyer, Influencers and Domain Hacks 3. Find Your Product-Market Fit 4. Google+Social For Pre-Launch Prospecting 5. Choose Your Traction Channels 6. Create Lead Magnets 7. Create Tripwire Sales Offers 8. Offer Core Products 9. Create a Revenue Maximizer 10. Create the Partner Return Path Lean in and pay close attention — I’ll reveal the exact process we use to sell - and ​SELL BIG​- in multiple niche markets and mainstream verticals including… ■ Aviation Products ■ Home Improvement ■ Healthcare & Nutrition ■ Philanthropic Giving ■ Sports Equipment & Sporting Goods ■ Wedding Photography ■ Business Consulting Services … just to name a few.
  10. 10. CHAPTER 5 Buyers, Influencers & Big Conversion Hacks If You Struggle with Getting Website Traffic (or Converting It) …you may think you have a traffic or conversion problem.
  11. 11. In my experience, after working with hundreds of businesses – from startup to enterprise, philanthropy to retail – I’ve found that’s rarely the case. Low traffic and poor conversion rates are symptoms of a much bigger problem… a problem that’s much harder to see (the bad news), but much easier to fix (the upside). Every client I’ve acquired to-date calls me because they want help with one of two things (or both)… With each call, the presumption is the same… They assume that I will simply tweak a headline or change their paid media targeting efforts, and instantly solve their pain points. But the need to increase traffic or improve conversion tactics are rarely the problem. More often than not, it’s a campaign problem. The problem with 99% of my new clients is that they can’t spend enough to acquire new customers, and the way you fix that problem is to fix your conversion paths via inbound campaign planning. As marketing legend Dan Kennedy says, “Ultimately, the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins.”
  12. 12. If we can fix your sales process so that instead of making $197 for every $216 you spend, you’ll begin to make double or triple the revenue for each new customer acquired – and then your whole game changes. Suddenly, you can afford to buy more traffic from more places… 1. You can outbid your competitors 2. You can spend 2-3x what they’re spending now 3. You can be exponentially more profitable at the same time So what changes do I make to boost my client’s business online? How do we take a sales process that’s losing money and transform it into a tool that allows you to spend more than your competition? All while… 1. Generating more traffic 2. Acquiring more customers 3. Generating more revenue per customer acquired THAT is what this chapter is about.
  13. 13. In this post, I will help you understand how to structure your products and services in a way that allows you to make double or triple the revenue from the same website traffic you’re already generating now. …and when you follow the steps of my Digital Revenue Engine, you’ll open the floodgates. “The Engine” allows you to spend a lot more money to acquire a lot more new customers. It also shows you how to communicate with prospects and new customers in a way that makes them want to ascend up your conversion ladder – and generate you more revenue as you provide them with more value.
  14. 14. Offline versus Online Sales Content marketing, podcasts, social media channels and online video are little more than newer versions of traditional offline media channels. ● Direct Mail = Email ● Networking = Social Media ● TV = Online Video ● Radio = Podcast ● Newspaper = Blogs Instead of using mail, inbound marketers use email campaigns. Instead of newspapers and magazines, internet marketers use blogs. Instead of using radio ads, internet marketers use podcasts. rketing/id997237153?mt=2
  15. 15. The Hidden Secret To The Online Sale While in my earlier years as a consultant, I tried modeling landing pages​, sales copy, emails and content marketing tactics off the best in the biz. But the real money is in what I couldn’t see on the surface – it’s why every marketer you benchmark makes 10-20x the revenue you do… …even if you copy their online marketing tactics verbatim. Step 1: Find Your Customer The “secret sauce” to selling anything online consists of 4 simple questions that I ask anyone who ​hires me for consultations​. Here are those 4 questions… 1. Who Is Your Ideal Customer / Donor / Client? 2. Where Can You Find Them Online? 3. What Offer Type Attracts Them? 4. What Objective Do You Want To Help Them Achieve?
  16. 16. Believe it or not, these 4 questions are THE ONLY things you need to know to ​create effective buyer personas​, find social influencers​and create user stories that help you build inbound marketing campaigns that convert. Step 2: The Conversion Ladder One of the first things I explain to clients when I begin working with them is the concept of a ​Conversion Ladder​– and how to create an ​Offer Fragmentation Map​, and it’s the first two things you have to build out before you can start working on any marketing campaign or product launch. The BIG SALE is where you want to take your customers eventually – but should NEVER be your first offer.  
  17. 17. To find out how to structure this conversion flow and build a killer product launch campaign... …in any niche... Check out this ​3-PART VIDEO TRAINING​SERIES FREE: