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Online Business Vendor Evaluation Matrix


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Formal RFPs are a waste of time. This common sense driven excel sheet will help you navigate through the difficult decisions that come with deciding on development and design partners.

We all know it is not about their chops. They wouldn’t be in business if they couldn’t execute. What is more important is what added value they bring to the relationship and partner synergy. Are they fun to work with, will they make your life easier or harder?
Cut your vendor search time in half with an objective look and rating system that levels the playing field. Fully adaptable in excel format with built-in calculations.

Make the right choice by asking the right questions.

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Online Business Vendor Evaluation Matrix

  1. 1. VENDOR  EVALUATION  MATRIX Vendor Name Platform or Service Rating* (1-5) Dollar Amount Notes Hosting Costs Overall Cost Platform Cost Planning/Strategy Cost Design/GUI Cost Dev/API/Testing Project Management Maintenance TOTAL Rating* (1-5) Methodology and Experience Business methodology alignment Proven experience with similar businesses Ability to deliver solutions in targeted areas Integration with similar platforms and database structures Security Practices Member Only Customization Mobile Readiness Creative & Wireframing Project Management Team Channel Promotion Experience A/B testing Experience Social Media integration Web Analytics & Analysis Team talent & synergy, depth of marketing & strategy knowledge Synergy with Tech Team Synergy with Creative Team Location of Vendor Staff Total # of Clients & Annual Revenue # of staff in-house vs. partners Plan, cost and confidence to meet timeline Ability to address requirements clearly and succinctly Notes CONVERTING TO AN AGILE STARTUP Use this template to compare ad agencies, web design firms or dev houses.
  2. 2. Ability to deliver innovative solutions and options when faced with a loose set of requirements Additional Value-Add Free media, partner agreement, strategic relationships etc. * 1 is poor and 5 is excellent