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2018 Inbound Marketing Agency and SEO Services Overview


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Unfunnel is a network of smart entrepreneurs and technologists or "UFOs" (Unfunnel Family of Startups) doing all the work of organizing and planning the future success of your online startup or small business.

As a Hubspot Certified Partner Consultant, we also provide everything you need to get started with marketing automation - from strategies and dashboards, to conversion-focused design and storytelling that sells.

OUR MISSION FOR YOU IS SIMPLE: Launch a new product, website or business idea that makes money online in 30 days or less.

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2018 Inbound Marketing Agency and SEO Services Overview

  1. 1. TRAFFIC + LEADS + ACQUISITION Unfunnel Capabilities Snapshot
  2. 2. AGENDA 1 Who we are 2 What we do 3 Who we have done it for 4 How we’re going to do it
  4. 4. Joey Barker Marketing Technology + SEO Consultant • Hubspot Partner Since Aug 2013 • 40+ Hubspot Customers • Originally from High Point, NC • SEO + Lead Generation Expert • Hubspot Lead & MarTech Coach
  5. 5. 2 WHAT WE DO...
  6. 6. WHAT WE DO 1) SEO & social integration for increased relevant web traffic 2) Wordpress site development that turns your online business hub into a lead generator and sales machine 3) Marketing automation and lead management services 4) Product Launch Campaigns 5) Training
  7. 7. 3 WHO WE’VE DONE IT FOR...
  8. 8. Keyword Trends (High Traffic, Low Competition) 1)Measuring ROI 2)Social Campaign Examples by Specific Company or Niche 3)Market Entry and Feasibility 4) Strategies For Targeted Markets
  9. 9. 4HOW WE DO IT...
  10. 10. 5 Key Elements of Success 1)Centralized Blog & Email / Social Distribution ○More Pages = Keyword Rankings + Higher Engagement ○Engagement = Social Backlinks + Non-Brand Keywords 2)Lead Generation via Landing Pages w/ Offers ○Creates more pages + ranking opps 3)Optimizing Images + Multimedia Integration 4)YouTube/SlideShare/G+ = Content Diversity 5)Mobile Site Speed & Text-To-HTML Ratio
  12. 12. Additional SEO Quick Wins 1 Unique Page Descriptions •75% of users never go further than the first page of search results. 2 Spread Your Content Further • Just One Blog Post = Checklist or Case Study + Video + Slideshare + Social Lead Gen 3 Use Non-BRANDED Keywords In Title Tags • Your URL already ranks your for your brand name - diversify for quick wins per web page and/or blog post 4 Segment Your Blog & Portfolio • With Hubspot lists and personas builder, there’s no need to send the same content to Travel & Tourism as you would to other niche markets 5 Enhance Lead Gen via Adwords Campaigns •Game your Adwords Quality Score via Organic Ranking boosts. This causes increasingly higher keyword rankings for your Landing Pages at MUCH LOWER cost.
  14. 14. Secret Formula = Test + Teamwork 1) Who are your dream clients? 2) Where can you find them?? 3) What will you use to attract them? 4) What result do you want to give them?
  15. 15. Start educating new hires on your target personas from Day 1.
  17. 17. WHAT IS PIXEL THEORY? More Pages = Higher Conversion Rates For Example… 1) If the AVG # of touches needed to sell in B2B = 12 to 14... 2) Send Google Adwords Campaign To Blog Post FIRST 3) Lead Gen Offer In Blog Post ○ Versus Sending Directly To Offer Requesting Email 4) Retarget Users Who Leave The Website (GDN) 5) More Pixels = More Pages + Rankings + Conversions ALL from just ONE piece of content! Let me show you a tactical example of this concept...
  18. 18. Blogging For SEO + Leads [CLICK]
  19. 19. ❑ LinkedIn –Due to Slideshare, Pulse and Groups ❑ Google+ –Few people know hashtags rank you for keywords ❑ Twitter –Namely since the addition of Periscope ❑ Facebook –Raw Power of Backlinks From #1 social website SOCIAL PROSPECTING
  20. 20. ❑ Increase total web traffic & engagement by 40% in 90 days ❑ Increase total number of targeted leads by at least 50% in 2018 ❑ Generate minimum 3 new clients in Year One SMART Goals + Objectives
  21. 21. QUESTIONS? Click Here For Work Samples...