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Web Analytics Roadmap 2018


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Analytics vs. Measurement: A topic near every marketer's heart - and its rate. Some love it, some hate it, but we all know measuring success is the only way to improve your changes at it.

But too often, big enterprise falls short. KPIs reporting and tactical optimization become the primary focus when that should just be the beginning of the roadmap.

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Web Analytics Roadmap 2018

  1. 1. “Analytics without plans for decisionmaking is a waste of time.” - Tom Davenport WEB ANALYTICS ROADMAP Optimization + Speed + Alignment
  2. 2. The Roadmap – a Macro View
  3. 3. New Reporting Opportunities Previous Platforms New Platforms Data Points Limited Metrics Over 100 Metrics Available Speed 24 hr lapse in time Real-time Data Goal Tracking 4 goals (contact, donation, buy, etc.) 100s of goals, events and variables Cookies 30 days 15 years! Advanced Data Segmentation Limited to a few of the most common segments Unlimited options Mobile Analytics iPhone only Multiple devices, screen sizes & mobile A/B testing
  4. 4. Analytical Maturity of the Enterprise
  5. 5. “World-Class” Metrics Defined Unaware Aspiring World-Class Metrics Tracking None Sporadic Comprehensive breadth & depth Analysis None Ad hoc Recurring Testing & Optimization None Some A/B tests Automated Multivariate & A/B Tests Organization Lack of Ownership Partial Ownership Clear, dedicated owners Culture Intuition based Data driven Continuous improvement
  6. 6. Analytics Roadmap to Being “World-Class” Overall Business Strategy • Based on development partner business goals • Positive customer online experience Goals and Objectives • Short Term: Training, Alerts, Actionable Dashboards • Long Term: Forecasting and Predictive Modeling Key Business Drivers • Clear goals and objectives, cross-division teamwork • Campaign tagging standards and templates Key Performance Indicators • Consistent and proactive metric reporting with targets • Daily web site monitoring and quarterly analysis Supporting Metrics • All other awareness, engagement and conversion KPIs
  7. 7. Team Goals & Metrics Alignment
  8. 8. What can We Optimize? Business Value of your Product Value of the Overall Customer Experience KPIs Questions • • • • • • • Conversion Rates Visit-to-Lead % New vs. Repeat Visitors Social Shares Paid & Organic Visitors Lead-to-Customer % Donations by Segment • • • • • • • How easy is the site to use? Does functionality meet my needs? Does the functionality work? Do the pages load fast enough? Is the site up when I want to use it? Did they respond to my feedback? How did they find the site? Is it relevant?
  9. 9. Dashboards – Best Practices 1. Iterative Development Process –Take small, repetitious steps 2. Maintain Control – Web analyst group oversees, creates standards and analysis 3. Keep it Simple – High-level charts and graphs and drill-down to see more detail 4. Set and Measure Goals – Define the goals and add them to the dashboard 5. Integrate Financial Information – Include the spend and expected return 6. Start with the End in Mind – Create dashboard on paper first - then find the data 7. Use Alerts to Push info to Peers – People are busy, keep it top of mind!
  10. 10. QUESTIONS?