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SAFe Rollout: Patterns for success in Retail by Ashwinee Kalkura


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During this talk, Ashwinee will go through his SAFe transformation experience at Target and share few patterns that contributed to the successful Value Delivery. The talk will explore and traverse through these patterns and provide few quick tips and tricks for the audience trying to implement agility at Scale.

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SAFe Rollout: Patterns for success in Retail by Ashwinee Kalkura

  1. 1. SAFe Rollout Patterns for Success in Retail Ashwinee Kalkura Principal Consultant, KnowledgeHut
  2. 2. Conway’s Law is the Limit Constrained to produce designs which are copies of the Communication Structure Clarity from Portfolio Competence at Team/Program Decentralizing the Decision Making
  3. 3. But, It’s not just IT Involve Business Profit is when there is customer/(s) ”buying” Market Connect is non-negotiable
  4. 4. And, Alignment is the Key Align to a common mission Co-ordinated PI planning across Programs Empower to make decisions Minimum Constraints
  5. 5. Thinking like a Customer Who is my Customer? Customer base is US System Development is spread across Description of the Customer
  6. 6. Quality is Built-in Not Tested at the END Engineering Practices Right Metrics and Measurements Dashboards Available transparently
  7. 7. Working with Value Stream Concept to Cash From We “Sell” Items To We “Create” experience
  8. 8. Thank You Ashwinee Kalkura @ashwineekalkura