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Individuals & Interaction: How to Maximise Your Scrum by Putting People First by Ade Shokoya


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The pace of change will never be as slow as it is today. In fact, it’s predicted that over the next two years, converging technologies will cause change to happen at a rate exponentially faster than ever before. And when that happens, today’s disruption will seem relatively tame in comparison. Great news for ‘disrupters’; bad news for the ‘disrupted’.

In this interactive and thought-provoking session Enterprise Agile Consultant, Coach and Trainer Ade Shokoya will be sharing some simple but powerful strategies for getting maximum value out of Scrum.

You will leave this highly informative and engaging session knowing how to:
Reduce the risk, cost and time associated with taking innovative products and services to market in today’s highly competitive business world.
Identify and maximise the returns from your company’s most valuable asset.
Organise teams to effectively deal with the uncertain and disruptive nature of the digital age.

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