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Good things come to those who innovate by Marita Mitschein


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We all have witnessed companies that seem to effortlessly turn innovation into value. What do these companies have in common? They innovate! But how? Innovation comes with high complexity, cost and inherent risk. Embracing innovation demands that products, services and processes are reimagined. So how do you mitigate the risk of boldly going where no man has gone before? How do you structure innovation projects and apply proven methodologies and practices to unchartered territory? How do you establish an innovation culture? There is not one holy grail of innovation, the right and unique blend of various techniques will drastically improve the chance of success of one’s innovation journey. We will look into examples of companies that disappeared due to the lack of innovation and into companies that demonstrated how their biggest setbacks have become realized opportunities.

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Good things come to those who innovate by Marita Mitschein

  1. 1. Good Things Come to Those Who Innovate Marita Mitschein Winnovate Visionary Matriarch SVP, Managing Director, SAP Training and Development Institute
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  4. 4. “Uber yourself before you get Kodak’ed!” Unknown
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  7. 7. human desirability business viability technical feasibility innovation starts here
  8. 8. “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs
  9. 9. confidence to innovate
  10. 10. Design Thinking is a human centered and collaborative approach with a designed mindset to solve complex problems. TIM BROWN
  11. 11. Design Thinking Game Changer: Innovation Methodologies Business Model Innovation Lean Startup Blue Ocean Strategy …….
  12. 12. W innovate m ethodologies The Winnovate offerings reflect the methods of successful companies that have outperformed the S&P-500 index by over 200%.
  13. 13. in 2020 (compared to 2015) 1. Complex Problem Solving (1) 2. Complex Problem Solving Critical Thinking (4) 3. Critical Thinking Creativity (10) 4. People Management (3) 5. Coordinating with others (2) 6. Emotional Intelligence (-) 7. Judgement & Decision Making (8) 8. Service Orientation (7) 9. Negotiation (5) 10. Cognitive Flexibility (-) Source: Future of Jobs Report, World Economic Forum Top 10 Skills
  14. 14. Everyone can be a Winnovator Let us design a tailormade innovation program for your organization
  15. 15. “It’s Day 1 forever because Day 2 is death.” Jeff Bezos CEO Amazon
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