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Disciplined Agile Delivery


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On behalf of Lean and Agile Middle East (Dubai Chapter), we are excited to welcome you to a new Meetup session.

The votes are in ( and there is no doubt about the result - you want to hear more about SCALING WITH AGILE, so that will be the topic of this session.

Let's have breakfast with us during Ramadan and have agile session after.

In this session we will discus general concept of scaling and discuss some famous approaches. Following are the topics will be covered.

Intro to Scaling with Agile
LeSS, Spotify, DAD, Scaling with Kanban, SAFe and Nexus
Closing Note and Question and Answers

Speakers: Rasmus Runberg, Wajih Aslam, Swarn Singhvi, Basharat Ahmed and Zayne.

We will make sure the session will be equally benefit to new as well as experts.

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Disciplined Agile Delivery

  1. 1. DISCIPLINED AGILE DELIVERY Presenter: Swarn Singhvi
  2. 2. The key characteristics of DAD: • People-first • Goal-driven • Hybrid agile • Learning-oriented • Full delivery lifecycle • Solution focused • Risk-value lifecycle • Enterprise aware 2 Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD)- Process Decision Framework
  3. 3. Scrum Extreme Programming LeanKanban DAD is a Hybrid Framework Unified Process Agile Modeling Agile Data“Traditional”Outside In Dev. DevOps …and more DAD leverages proven strategies from several sources, providing a decision framework to guide your adoption and tailoring of them in a context-driven manner. SAFe
  4. 4. A High Level Lifecycle
  5. 5. Disciplined Agile Delivery: Basic Lifecycle …so there’s a fair bit to the agile delivery lifecycle.
  6. 6. Disciplined Agile Delivery: Lean Lifecycle DAD doesn’t prescribe a single lifecycle…
  7. 7. The Phases Disappear Over Time First release: Inception Construction Transition Second release: I Construction T Third release: I Construction T Nth+ releases: C CT C C TT T . . . …and promotes continuous learning and improvement.
  8. 8. DAD: Lean Continuous Delivery Lifecycle A good end goal
  9. 9. DAD Exploratory “Lean Startup” Lifecycle © Disciplined Agile Consortium Sometimes it takes time to identify what your stakeholders actually need
  10. 10. DAD supports a robust set of roles • Team Lead • Agile process expert, keeps team focused on achievement of goals, removes impediments • Product Owner • Owns the product vision, scope and priorities of the solution • Architecture Owner • Owns the architecture decisions and technical priorities, mitigates key technical risks • Team Member • Cross-functional team members that deliver the solution • Stakeholder • Includes the customer but also other stakeholders such as Project Sponsor, DevOps, architecture, database groups, governance bodies © Disciplined Agile Consortium
  11. 11. DAD Teams Are Enterprise Aware Disciplined agilists: • Work closely with enterprise groups • Follow existing roadmap(s) where appropriate • Leverage existing assets • Enhance existing assets
  12. 12. Context Counts – Tailoring and Scaling Agile Agile Disciplined Agile Delivery Agility at Scale  Construction focus  Value driven lifecycle  Self-organizing teams  Prescriptive  Project team aware  Delivery focus  Risk-value driven lifecycle  Self-organization with appropriate governance  Goal driven  Enterprise aware DAD provides the foundation from which to scale:  Large teams  Geographically distributed teams  Compliance  Domain complexity  Technical complexity  Organizational distribution
  13. 13. THANK YOU SWARNSINGHVI AgileConsultant +971529959942